How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Cian A 8 months ago

    build battle event with like an external judge?

  • Ali Playz 8 months ago

    who dis and screw minecrap #ballislife

  • Ryan Hammond 8 months ago

    So they wanted 100k each player for winning ( thats what the mods said in the chat ) so really vikk should be given 600k anyless and they havent done as they said

  • J Bruh 8 months ago

    bruh…vikk being so unproductive

  • joshua bautista 8 months ago

    do a bed wars event winner gets a 100k

  • Buddy Trex 8 months ago

    i thoght it was funny how vikk chose the best people on the server and even tryed leaving his own teammate behind

  • victor thais n.o. læbel 8 months ago

    U missed slime

  • JerryPlayz _MC 8 months ago

    VR Skywars

  • davinder purewal 8 months ago

    Next Stream he probarly will have 200K

  • ads o2well 8 months ago

    omfg dimond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassie Lund 8 months ago


  • Addie Phillips 8 months ago

    Preston needs to join for some Preston banter!

  • Nick Mittmann 8 months ago

    Do money wars next time

  • Alyssa Olver 8 months ago

    you should have a lucky block challenge

  • Topicerino Kripperino 8 months ago

    Why isnt this episode called diaaaaamooonnnndssaaAzashzhdha

  • LatinoJesus6 8 months ago

    for the final episode you should kill all the admins

  • ricky's channel 8 months ago

    new videos n shoutout series please come support me on my journey

  • ItsFxbric 8 months ago

    They did a Fenerbahce 6 – 0 Galatasaray😂😂😂😂😭

  • Topicerino Kripperino 8 months ago

    This is like achievement hunters shopping list

  • idontwannakilly 8 months ago

    who did vikk troll with obisidian, Coblestone, and water ?

  • CxmboX 8 months ago

    How to Minecraft turns into How to Ruin A Bingo Game.

    10/10 Yellow Cheats Again 👌🏽👌🏽

  • Hamilton Gaming 8 months ago

    The mob spawner vikk found was OP as anything

  • Victini59 __ 8 months ago


  • Bilal Ejaz 8 months ago

    Best episode by far

  • ALEX ALLNO 8 months ago

    6:56 theres a diamond

  • Samahitha Murthy 8 months ago

    This episode is LEGIT

  • aditya ashok 8 months ago

    Wait,Why did they get the win in the end?Didnt Yellow win?Someone please explain?

  • H4rdcoreIcon 8 months ago

    X run rage mapsssss

  • AJORDAN1234 8 months ago

    who else legit was whispering let’s go, Pete, when he found the spider eyes

  • MuzzyTB Plays 8 months ago

    BOIIII, YA BOI just guessed right that it was gonna be a stack 💯💯

  • Sean Plays 8 months ago



  • abdullah hassouneh 8 months ago

    Why does Vikk sell diamond

  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago


  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago


  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    #Diamond Hype

  • Zelda Blob 8 months ago


  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    3 Stacks of diamonds

  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    or 2 stacks and a bit.

  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    nvm lol

  • epicman_ no1 8 months ago

    lol nvm 1 stack lol xD haha xDDDDD lol xD haha nvm lol 1 stack

  • TOxic ScOpes 8 months ago

    a treat? Did i say you could spend the money? you wanna treat? now where’s my dinner?

  • WhyShouldINot 8 months ago

    When Nooch said “Winner takes all?” The song winner takes it all by Abba started playing

  • MegaXImpact 8 months ago

    53 diamonds

  • Shinobi Coelmont 8 months ago

    Like for an elytra event

  • ShadowBlahh 8 months ago

    When I’m not lucky, 2 days ago, I’m rewatching because his luck is brighter than my future

  • Anand Rajan 8 months ago

    Another wrong thumbnail?

  • Bella Terp 8 months ago

    summatori event

  • Quinton Cajigas 8 months ago

    red nametag at 7:23

  • Compilation King 8 months ago

    Polar bears drop fish

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