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  • Bindog 24 3 months ago

    You know the drill……

    BUT do you know the screwdriver

  • boewevil6811 3 months ago


  • MysteriousGaming HG 3 months ago


  • Epic. Killing a man 2-3 times but I would have been very Very bad as with me he would have died 9000000

  • Times

  • Michelle Choin 3 months ago

    Hi man this is my mom

  • Yechezkel Levy 3 months ago

    You rock

  • Eula Dekeyzer 3 months ago

    Pick me

  • I am Kylark 3 months ago

    Oh, I will join you on thE DAB POLICE!

  • Homie Aquamarine 3 months ago

    You know the drill

    do you know me?

  • Dylan 25s 3 months ago


  • Mr.MineCrafterYT 3 months ago

    YAY Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Septicview 3 months ago

    Is that supposed to be jacksepticeye?

  • swag denis 3 months ago

    hi Dan

  • Rowan Benefield 3 months ago

    Do more minecraft

  • Shivani Rao 3 months ago

    i learned that Dan can do surgery in minecraft and should consider a different job

  • Valerie Fletcher 3 months ago

    React to I’m dead I’m dead plz

  • Valerie Fletcher 3 months ago

    Hi DanTDM💎! Me and Tara are your 2 biggest fan!! Ok my name is juju and you know my friend’s name is Tara your so awesome!!

  • BigGeezie81 3 months ago

    Dan hi She Trap and fun time mangel out we know all kinds of things that they use to save a man now we are out

  • Rosie Puppykisses 3 months ago

    im glad your not a dr. :)LOL

  • Kenny Palma 3 months ago

    You Are my hero

  • ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΣ ΨΑΡΡΑΚΗΣ 3 months ago

    deleted your channel

  • Sam McDougall 3 months ago

    😃😃😃😃 you are awesome Dan

  • Tommy Buckley 3 months ago

    there dabbing in plants vs zombies garden warfare 2!

  • Steven Gorczynski 3 months ago

    Is the patient jacksepticeye?!

  • Amanda Pennington 3 months ago

    dan where is tomdachi life and miitopia!!

  • Gavin Myron 3 months ago

    Good job Dan😐

  • Dina Flakus 3 months ago

    If your still wondering yes i am still a potato

  • CringeMasterBoi 3 months ago

    Dan why do you say team tdm I know it’s catch but doesn’t tdm mean the diamond minecart so team the diamond minecart sorry just wanting to know why

  • Sanit tukey 3 months ago


  • Amanda Schroeder 3 months ago

    react to I’m dead remix please

  • Amanda Schroeder 3 months ago

    also smashing

  • Denniel 0210 XD 3 months ago

    Hey Dan I have a Request For you pls. Play Sword Art Online .

  • Dominic Falkenborg 3 months ago


  • Allen Jaidenquincy 3 months ago

    Play pokemon tournament for the wiiu

  • Kevin Torres 3 months ago

    I,m a 6 yere old my dad let me use his pone I LOVE your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Torres 3 months ago

    I do not now wate to say hfhfsvxhvhnsncnxj nfn m

  • Kevin Torres 3 months ago

    I,m you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww help me!!

  • R Smyth 3 months ago

    Your Savage,Dan!? :T

  • Braiden Sides 3 months ago

    dye your hair green

  • minion lord 3 months ago

    The white thing is probably body fat

  • JoshGetGamingYouTube 3 months ago

    This looks cool / havent watched in just started

  • Fenny Nic 3 months ago

    Dantdm is the best

  • Julia Ganda 3 months ago

    Please post another hello neighbor

  • PartyQueen 3 months ago

    wait so why was the laser there tho…?

  • Amy Fleming 3 months ago

    It is your spinal cord in your body

  • Jacky Jonah192 3 months ago

    Who remembers doosh bag

  • Leo Peralta 3 months ago

    dan plsss play roblox plssssss😆😊😁😁😁😀😀😀😖

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