• inflataic luis 3 months ago

    Royal guardian armour and sword are the best Jerome XD

  • Mr Umbreon 3 months ago

    I missed it

  • Andrew Buenrostro 3 months ago

    They are still making new vids like one is coming out in Friday I think plus you can game a price and a princess you need to give them I solid block of ice so they can stop breathing fire and they can’t stop growing

  • Daisuke 1999 3 months ago

    pls make the “HIgh energy Pellet laucher” you can check on menu item and it need red stone to work,it a block that shoot bubble that can bound back if there is a wall in front of it and it Can “INSTANT KILL” everthing,including queen,king,and player,you can make a farm kill system from it

  • Seamour Butts 3 months ago

    Chipmunks are my spirit animal cause my real name is Alvin.I guess you can tell why.

  • Paul Chen 3 months ago

    I like when Dasha is in the stream

  • King T1800 3 months ago

    bees are dieing but then why the are making there house outside my window

  • random guy 3 months ago

    Ok good I didn’t mention this but you did it anyway, Good!!!!

  • Paul Chen 3 months ago

    Dasha can be th equine and the princess because she was a princess

  • Paul Chen 3 months ago

    Now she is da queen

  • fergus mchardy 3 months ago

    hey when can we expect some crafting dead up in this joint

  • Luyi Jiang 3 months ago

    JEROME! Although Queen scale armor has higher defense, Royal Guardian Armor has Protection 10, Projectile protection 10, Fire Protection 10 so that you don’t die from fire as I did once in Queen Scale Armor.

  • The Virus 3 months ago

    Cant he duel wield?

  • Isaac Burbidge 3 months ago

    Do more fear the crafting dead

  • Isabelo Holgado 3 months ago

    dual wield jerome

  • Jamie Sutton 3 months ago

    They could of just got the silver fish pets and cheated but its not as fun

  • Tylin Nolin 3 months ago

    Now for the real question. What happened to the tewtles?

  • Shaun Tyler 3 months ago

    What computer do you used to play crazy craft please

  • alex hope 3 months ago

    the prince only grows up if you feed him a ton of diamond blocks so don’t feed him diamond blocks

  • marcus matel 3 months ago

    you should call the title the most op set

  • Energy The Fox Productions 3 months ago

    I think the way to stop them from growing is giving them either a diamond or a diamond block

  • chi hian tan 3 months ago

    do queen scale armor is better than mobzila scale armor ?

  • Ash Greninja 3 months ago


  • Jason King 3 months ago

    the wand ben had wen there were building the floor to the houes

  • Roblox™ 3 months ago

    Queen scale is a good armor but royal guardian is OP or the superhero armor

  • DAVID Hernandez Cruz 3 months ago

    0:01 Ben crash

  • Endercontroller Beware 3 months ago

    D a

  • Dragongamer543 3 months ago


  • YouTube Fan 3 months ago

    But the enchants make it better

  • MysticGamer OnlinePlayer 3 months ago

    I want someone to make a collection of “OH BUDDY!” from Jerome.
    Edit: (He sounds like a rocket)

  • Jonathan Goldfeder 3 months ago

    Jerome hit FN+F3+B to see where you can hit the mobs. Also try the mod Avaritia.

  • Gwendy Landman 3 months ago

    ASF you are the BEST😎😎

  • GuopMaster 3 months ago

    The queen scale battle axe ignores defence making it to be better. Like Jerome can see

  • LamboBRUH__G G 3 months ago

    Ben doesn’t have boots

  • Christina Kinkade 3 months ago

    What about gem armor huh

  • Vanessa Zombie 3 months ago

    Did anyone else have buffing issues

  • Fireball18 3 months ago

    con you play capture the wool

  • Zachary Salemi 3 months ago

    Put slime pet and cloud pet in emc table so everyone can use them

  • Super Nova 3 months ago

    Nickelodeon Confirms SpongeBob Squarepants is NOT Getting Cancelled. You won’t be seeing the last of our beloved Sponge on October 17, because Nickelodeon has renewed the series for two more seasons. So how did Nickelodeon go about this monster of a rumor?

  • Baron Hendricks 3 months ago

    orespawn battledome

  • vadim gaynaliy 3 months ago


  • vadim gaynaliy 3 months ago

    you are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samuel Lime 3 months ago

    Jerome duel wield the weaons

  • Skyler Terzin 3 months ago

    At 12:46 i was thinking of going one derechon

  • NizNiz nizzy niz S 3 months ago

    Plz listen there is battle gear u can use 2 swords at the same time

  • Just Careless 3 months ago

    Jerome dual wield your royal guardian sword and big Bertha

  • cameron hinds 3 months ago


  • Troxx - Gaming 3 months ago

    “4 x 800 = 2,4000”
    – Jerome 2018

  • Creative.Cubs 3 months ago

    The bees r dying at a alarming rate

  • James Espinosa 3 months ago

    At 32:15 when daysh said “Not It” 😂😂

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