• Abby Reason 8 months ago

    Can u guys play murder again with an au? Or is it gonna be forever wut ur doing now
    I don’t mind this but u know
    I like the old times

  • While watching the video, keep pressing the 0 key (PC).

  • Aashis Singh 8 months ago

    cory why don’t you do enderfell the aftermath of underfell 🖒 like if u agree and i don’t mind if u don’t want to do it

  • Yoloswag Guy Lol 8 months ago

    cory plz check out my first roleplay ! plz it’s not good but it’s funny !

  • LittleFox 8 months ago

    What happened to bendy origins

  • Tatum Pacheco 8 months ago

    Cory can you do Quantumtale plz

  • chara the amino user 8 months ago

    can you do storyswap if you did do underlust X3

  • fallout gamer31 8 months ago

    did any one see the cheats that that showed up on Cory screen that went to Unicomics

  • Troy Kittelson 8 months ago

    do lite tale

  • Hope Jenkins 8 months ago

    Can you do Undernovela?

  • RickNick12 8 months ago

    Please do more mafiatale!!!

  • Andrew tricardo 8 months ago

    We’res tommy

  • bendy killer 8 months ago

    Play rolblox

  • TheRedstone_Wolf 8 months ago

    Mr NewScapePro, on the Undertale Amino I made a quiz about Idahotale

  • Pedro Cortes 8 months ago

    Em em em em em em em cory i I I I I I I get over there

  • Savannah Garcia 8 months ago

    Cory do Genderswap where every one is opisite gender so then I get to see sans look like girl.

  • Lake Richardson 8 months ago

    Hey Cory keep up the great work u da best

  • MOIRA VALENCIA 8 months ago

    Hey Cory why is a endo at the title page?

  • Musical Wolf 8 months ago

    hi cory, can u plz do SansTale, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  • Samantha Lane 8 months ago

    so monster kid is the one that has the bleeding oil…

  • Isaiahlongtail 8 months ago


  • FableFoxon 8 months ago

    Cory can you do underknown? It’s where sans is a girl and her name is sansie and her brother who avoids her but when they were younger they were really close. Tori and asgore (who tori calls fluffybuns) are king and queen and there still married chara asriel and frisk are like siblings and mettaton is really shy and she is married to papy and nicecream guy is dating burgerpants and alphys is dating undyne also the bad person in this au isn’t chara it’s Betty and that should be all

  • Shane Wells 8 months ago

    Did anyone else have trouble with the video

  • Inky Mon 7 months ago

    Predatortale please

  • Icefang, Frost&Hawk 7 months ago

    Can you do my au? Wolftale:sans is edgy about Echo. Cody is a skeletal wolf and he has a yellow hoodie, orange snout , belly , and dipped tail. his little sister, Echo is a skeletal cat, light blue snout , dipped tail , and belly.
    P.S. my bday ,in 3 days (7-25-2017 is my bday)
    P.S.S. Echo’s personality: Quiet, stays away from some people. Cody’s personality: Brave, Caring, friendly.

  • Butterman77878 aws 7 months ago


  • Tactical Toad 7 months ago

    That video was so fancy

  • Endr Lunk 7 months ago

    Stop making undertale videos, its dead. Or at least it should be dead, but with its on going obsessed fan base, it wont stop, which is annoying.

  • TomsterTheComic 7 months ago

    Okay undertale is over i honestly just watch these for the comedy not for undertale

  • xXFrainaXx 7 months ago

    Hey hey Corry! Can you play Outertale!!!! PLZ!!!

  • Pine Twin 7 months ago

    happy birst day

  • Belle Estrada 7 months ago

    do # echotale wed gaster sans and frisk

  • Lauren Wilhere 7 months ago

    Bring back bendy and the ink Machine please

  • Scarlett Carey 7 months ago

    Then…. What again…?

  • Xavier Pratt 7 months ago


  • Marcial Marinas 7 months ago


  • Marcial Marinas 7 months ago

    Tell me if I spelled something wrong

  • cookie kingdom 7 months ago

    You know, Flowey’s not getting infected either. If he’s ok with needles, then maybe there IS hope for the AUs.

  • Nikki Sumner 7 months ago

    wtf robos wth wtf

  • Dihn Tv 7 months ago

    Doctor: i have bad news
    Patient: what is it
    Doctor: you have a bad case of mc ceffe

  • Vaughn Dayen 7 months ago

    how long have I been gone cause I remember newscapepro’s voice was different then it i now 😛

  • S90_ X 7 months ago

    !do overwatchtale

  • peach2733s 7 months ago

    What about having cory go back to undertale, but here doesn’t have his memories.

  • InsaneCarpet Insane CRAFT 7 months ago


  • eva loves manolo 7 months ago

    plz do undertoad

  • GamerGirl0897 7 months ago

    Can’t the y just drill out to the surface? 😆🤔 Wait. Ain’t they say they are smart? 😬

  • Jonkea The Gamer 7 months ago

    You don’t know everything

    We’re robots

    Divide by 0

  • Bethany Whitehead 7 months ago


  • que foi? 7 months ago


  • Crystella 7 months ago

    9:09 omg they all turned around in sync XD

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