• James jr1111 3 weeks ago

    I bet you won’t pin this and also gg on 1k likes

  • 3Gaming Team 3 weeks ago

    I cant join at all D:

  • James jr1111 3 weeks ago

    mengl i really hope you go a far way in youtube you are going to get over 25k by the end of the year REMEMBER ME WHEN YOU DO xD

  • Kirsty Taylor 3 weeks ago

    I subscribed

  • James jr1111 3 weeks ago

    and how did your sub count jump up to 9k like that?

  • Sam Jade roblox 3 weeks ago


  • Frano Berk 3 weeks ago

    YOU HIT 9K!!! OMG

  • christine hao 3 weeks ago

    I played kahoot in my class and i was learning and one time i was with my partner and we were the only one who was winning and got on point

  • isamar1992 3 weeks ago


  • Carolina And More 3 weeks ago

    Could you please do another one I really want to join!

    Edit: with the hamburger dosnt it say
    Yum yum yum
    Num mum num
    Can I have a chez burger too?
    Mmmm ham burger

    I’m not sure playing that’s only for a cheese burger

  • gabriela santiago 3 weeks ago


  • Jocelyn Lizaola AJ 3 weeks ago

    Notice meh :3

  • Olivia Kim 3 weeks ago

    Yas i was in this vid 😀

  • Time To Hijra Singapura 3 weeks ago


  • LPS KittyNugget 3 weeks ago

    Hi, it’s me KK Kitty cat, you know, the girl who always says “I live in Victoria” good job for almost being at 10k! :3

  • AshleyDoodles 3 weeks ago

    Hi, Sorry I had to leave earlier than usual yesterday!
    Congrats on 6k!- WAIT A MINUTE 9k?!?!? WHAT DID I MISS HOLY-

  • Teh Epik Noob 3 weeks ago

    The first player to play roblox is Admin

  • Rigel Greenwood 3 weeks ago

    I watched this live! 😀

  • Lena Saed 3 weeks ago


  • Lena Saed 3 weeks ago

    You’re the best youtuber 😀

  • Little Crystal 3 weeks ago


  • Gaming with kevin 3 weeks ago


  • Gaming with kevin 3 weeks ago

    BFF hyjgfjhjfhghghhghhhhhhhhiiiiibut

  • Gaming with kevin 3 weeks ago


  • Erika4LyfeYT 3 weeks ago

    it doesnt work please help

  • Erika4LyfeYT 3 weeks ago


  • Bertch :3 3 weeks ago

    hello mengl I forgot to say good morning Australia so.there

  • galaxy. _ . tras 3 weeks ago

    🙁 I didn’t went to it

  • Lit Winger 3 weeks ago

    How do I join?

  • samfamcute girl 3 weeks ago

    KA HO T

  • ARIA'S gaming and vlogging channel 3 weeks ago

    Oh yeah I was part of this stream last night!! We helped you to 6K

  • Cat world 3 weeks ago

    I joined this last night!

  • random gamer r2 3 weeks ago


  • Mystical ViVi 3 weeks ago

    Hello… ^ – ^

  • Wapplez 3 weeks ago


  • Lucia Escobar 3 weeks ago


  • AlexCookie 3 weeks ago

    Almost to 10k subs :O 10K COOKIES FOR YOU! 😀

  • AmgerPlayzRBLX 3 weeks ago

    Bro Your Almost to 10k subs :O

  • Sophie C 3 weeks ago

    Hey Mengl my man do um is it ok if i can make a gift speedpaint for ya?

  • xalwaysherex 3 weeks ago

    dang, i need to start streaming kahoots during the day in the U.S.

  • Game Right 3 weeks ago

    Teach me your streaming ways my master xD

  • ArtTickWolfLove 86 3 weeks ago

    aww i didn’t make it again but i watched it and loved it

  • Pichu /girl/ 3 weeks ago

    Hiiii remember me I was in on the stream

  • Shelley K 3 weeks ago

    the codes not working

  • Crystal Dulmes 3 weeks ago

    i tried to get in but it didn’t work😫

  • Noice 3 weeks ago

    Lmao this nigga playing kahoot

  • SimplyMAYA 3 weeks ago

    I saw me in there!!

  • SimplyMAYA 3 weeks ago

    21:42 Thats me! Im Toilette! I won yayysss

  • CocoLoco Nicole 3 weeks ago

    pls do another one like this like if you agree

  • Themastergamer 3 weeks ago

    Wow! you have gained over 2k Subs! That is Insane!! Congratulations!

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