• Could i have the link?

  • Ahmed Ahmed 1 month ago

    play pokemon ultra moon to end it up quick

  • omar ibrahim 1 month ago

    Yo ma duuude canya play real Minecraft 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • magmaboys gaming 1 month ago

    what is the game named?

  • Dynamic Ds 1 month ago

    Why the monkey it weird

  • The Sword Of Pancakes / 1 month ago

    i have nothing against the animoji facecams but they sometimes block part of the screen

  • Psychoflyco Boss 1 month ago


  • PRO KING 1 month ago


  • Thomas Newburg 1 month ago

    How do he do animojis I don’t think he’s useing the iPhone x unless he installed shady software to record for such a long time.

  • richard84830 1 month ago

    Think can u play flood escape 2 pls

  • darreners1 1 month ago

    You missed the biggest diamond stash

  • Fantasia Plays 1 month ago

    try to get lv 300

  • Subhas Gurung 1 month ago

    How to get robex I don’t have robux my robux name is subhas125

  • The Acorns/kid perfect ish 1 month ago


  • Emerald gamer 1 month ago

    For fan choice Friday play sonic heroes

  • Good good Cookie 1 month ago

    the monkey face emoji reminds me of the emoji movie

  • Andréa Smit-Jensen 1 month ago

    Can you send me friend request my name RobinOricJensen

  • Skeeterxx Gaming 1 month ago

    Pls do another thinks lab in Minecraft pls pls pls

  • Lily ROBLOX 1 month ago


  • Thinks Fan 1 month ago

    Hey Think! From the stream! Excited for this video! <333

  • password username 1 month ago


  • Bonham Wilson 1 month ago

    Your user name is imnotthinknoodles XD

  • Balto 1 month ago

    I haven’t watched his videos in a long time and the monkey caught me off guard XD

  • Zachery Mak 1 month ago

    i love you no matter what and i am from singapore so it was 4 am when you start

  • mathew ferruolo 1 month ago

    I got everything for the game

  • Love Pancakes 1 month ago

    think i love your vids and dantdms

  • Love Pancakes 1 month ago

    i subscribed when i got this computer

  • Wes Scott 1 month ago

    Play the last guest on roblox

  • Charlotte Sharpe 1 month ago


  • Love Pancakes 1 month ago

    thx i love this game

  • James Oates 1 month ago

    Use a poten bar

  • Matthew Slagle 1 month ago

    the animoji is kind of cancer

  • SylveonGaming Lol 1 month ago

    ;-; plz like the comment

  • Digits 1 month ago

    Im level 4,600+ :p

  • RobberCool YT 1 month ago

    The face came worning made a supwr big sound and it gave a me a hreat attack!

  • QwackyQwacker 1 month ago

    Checkout my channel for ps3 modding and jailbreak tutorials! 🙂 🔥👏

  • Andy Seagle 1 month ago

    Turn captions on for the intro and read them! LOL XD!

  • MimikyuPlays 1 month ago

    Part two please

  • laura ayala 1 month ago


  • Toottootmcgucket 1 month ago

    whats the link to the game i wanna p play

  • Dale Durbin 1 month ago

    what is the game called

  • TheMagnificentBearGuy 1 month ago

    Wow, you’re the one minecraft / roblox channel that hasn’t resorted to clickbait and/or became cancer. Good job

    Edit: with the flame pickaxe it’s 12.4 gold a second

  • Toottootmcgucket 1 month ago

    i wanna play that game so bad whats the link i can’t find it on roblox

  • Nuclear Manta 1 month ago

    Not bad.

  • leigh dawgiert Garrison 1 month ago

    no more monkey

  • Juicy Cow 1 month ago

    Who plays Minecraft in roblox?

  • sututcc st 1 month ago

    Im don’tlike thismap

  • Carson Marquette 1 month ago

    i think the monkey head was so cute

  • Caroline Sallis-Galvin 1 month ago

    Hey guys it takes a lot of time to rebirth in the game you need 500k to rebirth in the game

  • HTI Bolt 1 month ago

    Im rebirth 1200 and i get over 15k gold per click 😎

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