FoolCraft 3 is a Minecraft 1.12.2 Modpack aimed at having as fun as


  • zutai1 2 weeks ago

    think his name should be “john smith”, due to his fez. he wears a fez now. 😛

  • erichamion 2 weeks ago

    Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener
    That is what I truly wish to be
    ‘Cause if I was an Oscar Mayer wiener
    Everyone would be in love with me

  • martinwm 2 weeks ago

    Name the cow: Vintage

  • Stephsaguudefan 2 weeks ago

    ROFL that ending.  I always disable sticky keys now that I play Minecraft.

  • dragonmaster1997719 2 weeks ago

    You are thinking of a crown on top of chickens’ head. Hens and rosters both have them just hens are less likely to have crowns

  • logan leone 2 weeks ago

    Cows name: dinner

  • Mathieu Soucy 2 weeks ago

    Called him Klondikael. No reason, he just like a Klondikael.

  • Budbutler 2 weeks ago

    should name the cow edger

  • TheMemeReviewer 2 weeks ago

    name the fez wearing cow Carl

  • zetsumeinaito 2 weeks ago

    Hey Guude, anyone every tell you that you sound like a less energetic Logdotzip?

  • marscapone of onar 2 weeks ago

    maybe name the cow Amoo (after Abu from Alladin), since he’s wearing a fez too? although I don’t know if the hats are persistent when the chunks are reloaded. btw, really enjoying these episodes 🙂

  • wandererblackmoon 2 weeks ago

    MisFortune Cookies?

  • Lunar Sovereign 2 weeks ago

    i wish i were an oscar mayer wiener
    that is what i’d truly love to be
    ’cause if i were an oscar mayer wiener
    everyone would be in love with me.

  • Lunar Sovereign 2 weeks ago

    you should name the cow phil because of its fez.

  • matthew harvey 2 weeks ago

    Hi just an fwi you can make name tags and rice is a good slime replacement

  • PhysocticJake 2 weeks ago

    Isn’t that a fezz and I think in accordance maybe name Moomuar

  • erio007 2 weeks ago

    hey guude, do more advanced stuff! you are way behind the others

  • LaFaJe 2 weeks ago

    You should have been making a fun statement by giving all a “potato-on-a-stick”.

  • Antony C 2 weeks ago

    Mmhmm I want me some guude cock.

  • BlinkY 2 weeks ago

    Name the Cow – dat boi

  • Dissa1 2 weeks ago

    None of the animals in Minecraft have genders

  • cameron whipple 2 weeks ago


  • TheBertjeT 2 weeks ago

    I wouldn’t mind if you uploaded more often. I like the concept of this series. (oh you were busy doing good things :), all good! )

  • boxxer81 2 weeks ago

    You should serve chicken and Meatballs…. and name it Guude’s house of Cock ‘n Balls

  • Simone Ghosh 2 weeks ago


  • Litl Daffodil 2 weeks ago

    The hat is a fez. Fez’s are cool, just like bow ties. 😀

  • Quattro 2 weeks ago

    Make a food shop named Guude’s Good Fuude

  • Qaz Wiz 2 weeks ago

    call him Fez

  • Qaz Wiz 2 weeks ago

    ….’cuz Oscar Meyer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A

    hot dogs not mentioned in THAT commercial but they also had competition:
    Hotdogs, ARMOR Hotdogs, what kind of kids eat armor hotdogs? (… THE dogs kids love to bite)

    so Oscar Meyer’s follow up was:(what you were thinking)
    Oh I wish i were an Oscar Meyer Wiener, that is what I’d really like to be…
    ‘Cuz if i were an Oscar Meyer Wiener, EVERYONE would be in love with me

    they followed that success up with
    Oh I’m glad I’m not an Oscar Meyer Wiener, that is what I really-wouldn’t-want to be…
    ‘Cuz if i were an Oscar Meyer Wiener, there would be nothing left… of,,, (me)….

    the last two words petering out as song leader glares and they all start the “wish i were” verse as commercial ends

    and YES i know all the lyrics to all of them (and more) but tried to cut down length of post

  • DutchDude#13 2 weeks ago

    Call the cow: Milenial. Just as retarded wearing that hat

  • musepsycho 2 weeks ago

    Baj has a fez, and he loves wheat – name the cow Baj!

  • jude1c9v 2 weeks ago

    Name cow: Mr. Beef Wellington or Future Whopper w/ Cheese

  • Josh Bell 2 weeks ago

    Sticky keys XD hehehe it’ll get ya! N00b Kappa

  • SW_CreeperKing 2 weeks ago

    make a talisman of repair, it is from project e, you can put it in your bauble slot (im sure), it repairs everything in your inventory for free at 1 durability per sec (unless they changed it)

  • jeeeeeeees 2 weeks ago

    Name him Mr Khau 😉

  • jeeeeeeees 2 weeks ago

    Or name him “Beef’s mom” 😉

  • Olaf Mertens 2 weeks ago

    The cows hat is called a fez and comes from a city in morocco by the same name.

  • SubtleSerpent 2 weeks ago

    Cancer Cow! Because Shriners help cows that have the cancer I think.

  • MW2366 2 weeks ago

    What, you can’t make potato salad and cobb salad?
    … It’s a fez, Guude.

  • KollinsPlays 2 weeks ago

    The white structure with water is Astral Sorcery. Maybe there’s treasure in there somewhere….

  • Nurse Lucy 2 weeks ago

    You can do boiled eggs for protein I think

  • Shovel 2 weeks ago

    Authentic Guude’s Cock.

  • Daniel Thatcher 2 weeks ago

    call him moostafa (Austin powers reference)

  • Heath Cliff 2 weeks ago

    COW NAME – The Grand Poobah

  • einyen1 2 weeks ago

    You can call the cow “George”.
    Old Looney Tunes references: “… I’m gonna hug him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George.”

  • o boi 2 weeks ago

    watching guude manage his inventory is so frustrating lol

  • Victor Yu 2 weeks ago

    I’d have named the fortune cookies: Guude ol Fortune Cookie

  • Jibbacraft Teamplays 2 weeks ago

    Guude, the Random Taco is a completely OP food source considering how easily it can be made. Name the cow Random and then breed your beef offspring from her and then make the random tacos from her offspring.

  • Fanalama 2 weeks ago

    That outro was brilliant.

  • PlacentaManXXVII 2 weeks ago

    25:30 I dunno Guude, getting surrounded by a flock of cocks doesn’t sound half bad.

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