Minecraft Building with BdoubleO is my minecraft lets play series


  • Olivia P 1 month ago

    I think a well would be pretty in that spot 😄

  • Tiffany Henry 1 month ago

    maybe use levers as little baby dragon hands

  • Nathan Owens 1 month ago

    There’s gotta be a source of power for the farm entrance, maybe a windmill on the outside of the wall beside the forest?

  • Hanna Mansford 1 month ago

    Thats a beautiful stupid draygon! Love it!

  • Me3stR 1 month ago

    After watching 17 minutes of struggle, at 17:11 I LOL’d hard.

  • Ian Chamblee 1 month ago

    Wyrven, I think it is? Flying serpent. Still applies to the world you have. 🤓

  • Souly0ne 1 month ago

    looks cool all of it. gg brother gg

  • Kees Hovinga 1 month ago

    Hey Bdubs, maybe you should add more mythical creatures like a big water snake near the elvish jungle city, or maybe a big beetles in the dessert collecting balls of dirt. I think you could come up with much more ideas ; )

  • CausticSauce 1 month ago

    Bdubs back in the saddle, baby!

  • Malcolm Mee 1 month ago

    it’s a martin.

  • Kids Gault 1 month ago

    Hay bdubbs great job on the vids love em

  • Tricky Piston 1 month ago

    Good point about the immersion, big ol’ spooky dragon shadow looming over buildings hahah

  • Kids Gault 1 month ago

    soo funny the Dergon looks like a shrimp

  • Malcolm Mee 1 month ago

    dude i fkn love you dude, my boy bdubs. Some of your jokes had me dying. I know im dropping a like on all these damn videos because I feel like I wanna support the cause, man.

  • Zinthonianlord 1 month ago

    Can’t wait for the new texture pack. It’s really hard to look at the regular game anymore, I’ve been using yours for so long. While not too different, it just adds a nice feel to everything and makes some of those more weird combinations work.

  • Simon Green 1 month ago

    Don’t dragons have hands on their wings?

  • Sean Savoy 1 month ago

    There’s a genuine enthusiasm in your voice that’s palpable. It was what brought my son and I to your channel years ago. It’s a feeling that made watching your channel so enjoyable. I hear that again and muscle memory is kicking in. Best of luck on setting up a clean canvas again Bdubs and we’ll be watching.

  • The smoke transition needs a fade out animation (‘ / ‘ )

  • Connor You don’t need to know my last name 1 month ago

    Love ya Bdubs, your videos are amazing!

  • beatles 1 month ago

    When I saw the second Dragon it reminded me of the film reign of fire.

  • Connor You don’t need to know my last name 1 month ago

    Does he know the dragon isn’t red? 😂

  • Connor You don’t need to know my last name 1 month ago

    You should make a fire, ice, and nature wyvern

    Fire: orange/ yellow breathing fire(use ed/orange/yellow glass and wool

    Ice: light blue/ dark blue/ purple breathing frostbreath/ice(use blue glass and ice)

    Nature: green/brown breathing leaves/grass/flowers

    Oh, and maybe a water wyvern which I think is pretty self explanatory

  • Zontik 1 month ago

    Amphitheater! for the empty space near the church

    Also, when I see a predator like a dragon, and hear that you want five, I wonder what the heck they eat! It would make them feel more real to me if you built some of their prey in the wilderness, or maybe showed signs that they eat zombies and spiders. Awesome potential lore for the city!

    Thanks for reading the suggestion!

  • Anything 1 month ago

    Bdubs, about the whole “other minecraft-series-projects-stuff” … it’s all good. You’ve read the comments, you know we love ya! Take all the time you need to do YOU. I myself had a little sister with trisomi 13, and she didn’t live for more than 24 hours … I remember my parents talking and all, and I know it isn’t fun. Life isn’t always a smooth as one could hope for, but time goes by, stuff happens and – knowing you – things will get better. It’ll take a while for the smoke to clear, but you know both you and Nicole will be as happy and goofy as ever! And, regarding what you said about “letting go”, I think you’re doing the smart thing. Remembering it, and recognising it as a horrible thing that happened is good, as long as you remember to breathe and take care of yourself and your gorgeous family. This might sound kinda dumb, coming from some dude on the interwebs, but I’m just saying: you can live a healthy, happy life and still respect the memory of Ivy, which I know for a fact you do … now please don’t come to my house and kick my butt after reading this, I have no say in this, this is just my opinion.

    Again, we’re all here for you in the sidelines, cheering you on. As Richard Marx sang: “Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.” And we will be. So happy to see you back, man <3

  • kill Myself 1 month ago

    Always love seeing your nature builds

  • Brian 1 month ago

    14:50 Unless you’re Etho… *cough cough*

  • dauber6 1 month ago

    So glad your back bdubs. Missed you man.

  • Aria Shanks 1 month ago

    You did exactly what I wanted to see with the back area ✌🏼

  • ninjamonkey2251 1 month ago

    But what about dragons?

  • Anthony Oliverio 1 month ago

    Bdubs, no arms. The hands are supposed to be attached to the wings. I suggest looking at smaog from the hobbit.

  • Will Bennett 1 month ago

    Great video!

  • SMH SMH 1 month ago

    Hey, it doesn’t need arms to be a dragon. Hell, Chinese dragons don’t even have wings.

  • ReonicGamer 1 month ago

    Hey Budbs Make a meteoroid Falling From the sky!!!

  • factus wing 1 month ago

    It’s amazing you take one day for rest! Keep up Bdubs!

  • Lifter92 1 month ago

    you should check out Janseys Dragon

  • jimlabruno 1 month ago

    In that empty space in between the buildings I think it would look really nice to have some sort of water structure like a small pond with maybe a small waterfall. I think a little blue in that area would be beneficial

  • XoPhantom 1 month ago

    You could of done a dragon at each different kingdom but I’ll let you ease in bdubs ;3

  • Za-Rappa Reincarnated 1 month ago

    You and H3 look like you’d be brothers lol

  • Kryllic R. 1 month ago

    wyverns are the bat-like dragons

    Dragons are the quadrupedal dragons with wings out its back

    Drakes are mini dragons

    Wyrms are the snake like dragons (no arms or legs)

  • Chic Gamer 1 month ago

    if you rotated the dragon another 180, wouldn’t it be facing the right direction?

  • Henard Van Vuren 1 month ago

    I love your draygons i wish you could build me some to

  • Henard Van Vuren 1 month ago

    You should make building tutorials

  • thebagelbomb 1 month ago

    The dragons are great, but I feel like 1 or 2 dragons is enough. Maybe even just one.

  • Yukl27 1 month ago

    Ur amazing Bdubs!! Keep up the great work!! You do you!!!

  • juan trejo 1 month ago

    we need more b-team

  • jordan smith 1 month ago

    smaug from the hobbit.. his arms are his wings. and he looks badass af so dont worrry

  • Oh, are you really not going to turn around the dragon now? D: Then structure blocks might be really bad for your world, I think. You should do what you want to do or try multiple things, not just go with whatever.
    But oh well. You’ll be fine.

  • MrJackalope15 1 month ago

    Guard: The city’s being attacked by a dragon!
    Me (as the city burns): Does it have hands?

  • Chris Roush 1 month ago

    Just went back and tried watching the Old FTB videos and I definitely don’t remember them being so cringey 😂
    Man has it been a long time and great to see your work has grown so much over the years with great quality. Couldn’t imagine being able to do what you do at the level you do it for as long as you’ve done it. Will always love watching you no matter what.

  • about:blank 1 month ago

    Khaleesi’s dragon was killed and revived as undead dragon by night king

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