How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Owen Hutton 6 months ago


  • Syed Abdullah 6 months ago

    where is today’s episode ep 32???

  • carter bss 6 months ago

    Quiff is hacking to TROLL !!!!!!!!!!!

  • WestPut Setanta 6 months ago


  • WestPut Setanta 6 months ago

    1000th comment!?

  • KrazyGaming 6 months ago

    Sort out chests please it is killing me. The admins are killing the server, please just get them to stop

  • Ruben Galvez 6 months ago

    Good job everyone tweeting vikk we got his attention and in his stream demand a long stream since he didn’t let us know anything

  • wasabi pros 6 months ago

    where the new stream at tho?

  • Thomas Crowley 6 months ago

    is vikk streaming today

  • Abimen Thusyanthan 6 months ago

    to all those people who are complaining about the villagers I agree however if/when people find emeralds when mining they want to sell them unless they have villagers. villagers are a big part of the game but it’s a choice between villagers and Emerald ores and the selling

  • ahmed alobaydi 6 months ago

    what happend to the stream?

  • giel swinkels 6 months ago

    you can find emeraldez the easiest in xtreme hills

  • Preston Mayfield 6 months ago

    Where is the stream for today??

  • IllegalZero 6 months ago

    No stream?

  • ExOtIc-_- T.S.N 6 months ago

    No stream today?

  • giel swinkels 6 months ago

    vikk warzone gold》nuggets 》normal gold (maybe)?

  • Mahesh Sritharan 6 months ago

    Why hasnt vikk streamed h4m today?

  • Okeydokey1243 6 months ago

    Vikk a new game you can start playing on one of your other channels it’s called

  • Noah Coutinho 6 months ago

    When vikk buys a helmet for 4 emeralds which would have been worth 4k and an iron helmet costs 2k

  • Cole YT 6 months ago

    Vikk should do a normal survival world with the sidemen or the pack.

  • MaxtheMonkey11 6 months ago

    what version is the server?

  • XxPopularGamersxX 6 months ago


  • Luis Contreras 6 months ago

    Where’s the stream man

  • justin paige 6 months ago

    Ayyyo Vik where the stream at?

  • Derek Espejo 6 months ago

    whatever happened to the hunger games

  • Oliver Alvarez 6 months ago

    wheres the episode for today

  • Jaspreet 6 months ago

    Look into a pigman grinder like Choco did in the previous series. I believe you can break the bedrock with a jungle tree. If not, open plain will do.

  • lloyd witt 6 months ago


  • Jammer King 6 months ago

    Guys don’t worry he doesn’t need the “protection 1 tools” 😴 vik?

  • Rushana Shlemin 6 months ago

    10 k

  • Ioannis Bado 6 months ago

    great now we get a stupid amount of rules like last season. That was horrible pls return emeralds.

  • xXForeverXx 6 months ago

    i clicked on the add for you vikk, :), so you get some $$$, i love your vids

  • Matthew 6 months ago

    These admins are straight fucking trash sorry but they ruin the game you cant do what u want without it being patched. All the other htms are way way better

  • Sky gray 6 months ago

    Naw not fair admins should just make them unsellable because you can’t find emeralds easy in the over world if they wanna stop villager emeralds then at least make over world emeralds less rare like gold rare

  • MorganMayhem 6 months ago


  • Lily Gledhill 6 months ago

    Uuuhhhhhh when he don’t sell the lapis in his inventory

  • London Leung 6 months ago

    Vikk can u try to turn warzone emeralds to blocks and turn back to emeralds it might turn to normal emeralds and u will be rich

  • Ethan Bryant 6 months ago


  • Manrohit Singh 6 months ago

    It’s every day bro with the vikkstar channel flow

  • Swag Lord 6 months ago


  • TheGamerPlayz - Random Games 6 months ago

    You cant craft armor or tools. You cant trade for emeralds. You have to buy the ability to MINE ORES?????? Honestly its not HTM anymore they have t change this. ITS ALMOST BORING NOW!!!

  • Bob Bobby 6 months ago

    It fucking triggers me so fucking much when Vikk doesn’t mine overworked iron that he is literally a fucking block away from!!! if he mined all the iron he saw it probably would have taken, in total, 2 minutes and would have been over $10k!

  • ethan ott 6 months ago

    Vikk, the admins should pay you for all your work on the villager farm. Stupid Rob ended up getting his way.

  • ethan ott 6 months ago

    Rob basically took thousands from you with taking away your trade with villagers, you mine as well tell him to give back YOUR money!

  • Battsooj Demberel 6 months ago


  • Battsooj Demberel 6 months ago

    you guys are all nerds who plays computer always

  • Battsooj Demberel 6 months ago

    why suck a nerds

  • Rjmcrutt2 Rutherford 6 months ago


  • Redas Budrys 6 months ago


  • taeyaaa 6 months ago

    So this server is suppose to be vanilla minecraft, right? Then why did they take away trading: a major part of Minecraft? 😂

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