• Markus Muller 1 month ago

    nick what power ranger color are u

  • RACHAEL STARKEY 1 month ago

    No!!! No!!!! Where is my secret room

  • Ben 10th Square 1 month ago

    funtime freddys secret room like if you agree

  • Ben 10th Square 1 month ago

    green rangers secret room like if u agree

  • Frozen Crystal 1 month ago

    I love Hide and Seek! This is fun! 😀

  • Anisa hoti 1 month ago

    say hi to all the nice animantronicts i think they miss you

  • shy Owl 1 month ago

    Has Ross and Max left YouTube to like Adam and Barney

  • Hiero Daniel 1 month ago

    nick pls use ur green ranger costume plsss!!!

  • Brian Tena 1 month ago

    To see the room you must answer the riddle. What does the teacher hate and everyone loves? Hide and seek! Now lets play that for the room!

    Teacher: Why….

  • Bluespartan Beta 1 month ago

    Why did sgc just stop the crafting dead

  • Lazuli Animations 1 month ago

    cool nick like your video

  • Juan Benavidez 1 month ago

    your the best

  • Evelyn Tjandra 1 month ago

    Nick is back!!

  • James Smith 1 month ago

    Please make a new Minecraft walking dead season
    Ps love the video

  • Prince Francisco 1 month ago

    I love nick videos and is so so so so so so creepy videos

  • Star wars master11213 master of the sky 1 month ago

    Prop hunt

  • Ben 10th Square 1 month ago

    thank you keep up with the good work

  • Mike Keens 1 month ago

    weres crafting dead

  • Mike Keens 1 month ago

    im gonna unsub no crafting dead

  • Cayleigh Kelly 1 month ago

    I was born on Ground Hog day

  • Rosa Salas 1 month ago

    Nick you need to be replaced and preston should be the green ranger because nick you don’t keep any secrets

  • kittycat charm 1 month ago

    We love you nick! 💗😆 love the Vid

  • MrCoolguy905 1 month ago


  • Sandra Perez 1 month ago

    secrat room you selfe

  • Kid_ Muffins 1 month ago

    sorry to say but… you have gone downhill…

  • Blackcrow Gaming 1 month ago

    I was eating pizza when the video was playing

  • Mohtashim Mithi 1 month ago

    I love your videos nick!!!!!!!!!

  • Evo Johnrex Fetalbero 1 month ago

    do the avengers

  • Evo Johnrex Fetalbero 1 month ago

    Or justice League

  • Christopher Tran 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Nick forgot about the Walking Dead series?

  • flipSide team 1 month ago

    sg have you just stop your role-play stuff

  • Cath Temporado 1 month ago

    i love your vids and i always click the like button

  • colette smith 1 month ago

    Play hide and seek with puppet again

  • Mateusz Siwinski 1 month ago

    Sgc Barberian i love ur vids keep up the good work bro

  • Austin Hite 1 month ago

    Hey, are you done with the crafting dead series because it has been a long time since the last video

  • ChillinDYLAN9 1 month ago

    Hey Nick, you should see this YouTuber called VenturianTale.

  • Jigsaw 1 month ago

    Wow. First time see someone hearting every single comment

  • Ninja Killer 1 month ago

    what happen to the crafting dead series

  • Nicole Adamson 1 month ago

    I love nick playing hide and seek❣

  • Niccoleon 1 month ago

    it would be my dream if SGC Barbarian would reply to me I LOVE YOU AND YOUR VIDEOS BARBARIAN

  • sean nieto 1 month ago

    where is crafting dead

  • pokemon lover 1 month ago

    yay nick is back 😁😁😁😁😁

  • pokemon lover 1 month ago

    can u do power ranger prop hunt

  • NightShade 1 month ago

    He’s losing views i was there since walking dead I miss it 😢 i love his channel

  • sky rocket 1 month ago

    What happened to this channel?

  • command_ reddy 1 month ago

    guys if you want roleplays go to my channel and roleplays starting at IN AUGUST 10 2017 and plz sub and like the vid 🙂

  • Jay San 1 month ago

    Nick secret room

  • Just Play 1 month ago

    I really missed Crafting Dead

  • Hayvin Thornhill 1 month ago

    You should do murder mystery it si so much fun and I love your videos

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