• WHALEBORG098 GAMING 5 months ago

    Wow master builder also rlly epic I mean wow look so awesome u never fail too impress me also mine craft is vocal I mean wow it looks so.REAL

  • Dung Dinh 5 months ago

    It is wonderful. Great video, great music.

  • mlg Face 5 months ago

    good lord NICE JOB AND GOOD MAP I ALWAYS DOWNLOAD YOUR MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Jabo 자유 대시 5 months ago

    Great video as always! I love how you’re using shaders or it would look like crap! I subbed and pressed the bell button! Hope you continue this great series!

    Love from Poland!

  • SilentFrost 5 months ago

    OMG how did I not see this until now?!

  • ZontioX 5 months ago

    Shannooty please make a tutorial with all the commands you use beacause on YouTube it’s very hard to find a video like that. Like if you agree!

  • Green Summers 5 months ago


  • Emma Lyse Vognsen 5 months ago


  • Walking War Robot Player 5 months ago

    This is what minecraft should look like
    Great job!

  • Fantastic Luigi 5 months ago

    You people must a been born to use blocks in your life like every detail is just Wow

  • Knight170 5 months ago

    oh my..

  • باسل خان 5 months ago

    .Could you please give us a tutorial on how to use worldedit
    Voxel Sniper

  • ÑĮGHTÇØRË - ÇÅRŁ 5 months ago


  • DanMCmuffin 5 months ago

    your creations are great!!

  • Giorgi Gamer 5 months ago


  • Patras 5 months ago


  • Steel in a Nutshell 5 months ago

    *EPIC* , Please tell me. How much does it take?

  • AMIR BUSTAMANTE 5 months ago

    Download to map??

  • ZER0 17 5 months ago

    I see youre a real beast at minecraft terrain building or should i call it terraforming i dont really know my point: youre amazing at what you do keep up the amazing work

  • PRAISED 5 months ago

    Is there a download?

  • Angel Animations 5 months ago

    To the people who disliked this—

    _you_ try doing this!

  • LeaMaraAmyMC 5 months ago

    Do you have a life?

    Ok JK😂

  • MrHouck 5 months ago

    seems legit

  • Faravus Gaming 5 months ago

    You’re really skilled!

  • Tio Master Sam 5 months ago


  • iZero559 5 months ago

    Hello, sorry if this is a FAQ, but could I use these builds in custom maps/trailers? It will be 100% non-profitable (no adfly or things like that) and you will be credited.
    If yes, could I submit the project to Minecraft realms? (Not the Minecraft Marketplace).
    If I work on this project alone, you will of course be listed as a “main creator”.
    Thanks in advance, Zero.

  • Smart Zombie 5 months ago

    Wow! Awesome.
    How many blocks you need to make this.

  • emsss ;-; 5 months ago


  • Nicolas Billaut 5 months ago

    it’s a funny way to use saplings as leaves, never thinked of that :O

  • Jimyson Catibog 5 months ago

    Holy moly it is so awesome so realistic

  • JAROD MILLER 5 months ago

    I thought I was a good builder……then I watched the video.

  • TheMilton4171 5 months ago

    Man u should do world edit tutorials, nice work!

  • Too Many Edits 5 months ago

    Awesome build! I love the detail and effort you put into all of your works. Just one question, is this meant to be on a large scale?

  • RANBIR DHATT 5 months ago

    *I* *N* *S* *A* *N* *E*

  • Jyro10 #zlab 5 months ago

    straight out a final fantasy map!
    this is AWESOME dude! keep up the good work

  • Unseen Comedy 5 months ago

    By far your best build. I support everything that you do!
    By the way, I think I first saw you on Reddit.

  • Da Dispenser 5 months ago

    Wow i love ur video 😀

  • Arjunandrey Cakrawala 5 months ago

    Can I download plz I need them 🙁

  • eliza5ever 5 months ago

    Impressiiiveee :O

  • I am a Llama 5 months ago

    I really love everything you build! They all look so beautifully stunning!

  • Wolfy young 5 months ago

    Is this world edit? Noice use of it

  • Airsoft Master 5 months ago

    Disliked, not enough Butts.

  • Affrotite 5 months ago

    And here I am, can’t even build a basic house.. Epic work nonetheless man, keep it up!

  • BARN GM 5 months ago


  • Lightof f. 5 months ago

    Its actually pretty realistic! =)
    How did you color the mountains at 0:59 ?

  • Burnt plays 5 months ago

    This must have taken more than a week to complete. We’ll done!

  • Master Sword 5 months ago

    3rd command? Please

  • TREVYT 5 months ago


  • M0nst3r Hunt3r 5 months ago


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