• ItsFunneh 7 months ago

    Thank you guys so much for sharing your stories with us! Have a great weekend! 😀

  • Itsfunneh fan lover And Goldenglare lover Lol 7 months ago

    Itsfunneh I watch your vids for 3 years they are amazing I wish I saw u are the best youtuber ever I hope u make it to 10M u are the best can I have a shout out

  • Mia_lol Lol hello 7 months ago

    It’sfunneh rules like if you think she rules

  • Skinny Legend 7 months ago

    And tbh the teacher doesn’t want 2 at a time to go so they won’t play and take for ever so that why they only let 1 student go at a time:)

  • Sophie Apthorp 7 months ago

    mY STORY IS that i was In my bed bc i just got out of the batjroo mand went back in then my mom said to get up so when i got up I like dripped 2 drops of pee i had to pee so bad AGAIN!!!!!

  • Sophie Apthorp 7 months ago


  • Sophie Apthorp 7 months ago

    I watched this 2 days after it was posted ;-;

  • Shahine Saunders 7 months ago

    face cam

  • Baby Girl 7 months ago

    I have watched the emoji movie

  • ♥MrsMoustacheLovex♥ 7 months ago

    If ender is a black dog won’t he be black in rl or is ender just a dog

  • ♥MrsMoustacheLovex♥ 7 months ago

    Her real name is Kat or Cat

  • Kadence Hoose 7 months ago

    I farted and told it was my dad

  • Ireece Young 7 months ago


  • Leah Kirk 7 months ago

    I know you all are sis and brother

  • Kadence Hoose 7 months ago

    I was in class and I farted and I said it was my teacher and she blamed her insistent

  • Gavin Iles 7 months ago

    my embarasing story is when i was at school i was suposed to leave because brekfast was over i dint relize and i was still eating

  • Kadence Hoose 7 months ago

    Funneh I made you some thing and I don’t no how to show you

  • Gavin Iles 7 months ago

    another embarasing one i didnt know i was in the girls bathroom and then 4 girls walked in im like this is the boys btroom get out i go to leave the sign siad ladys powder room

  • GlowingGirl1243 CTW 7 months ago


  • Jordyn Barkley 7 months ago

    I love you channel funny

  • Jordyn Barkley 7 months ago

    Hash tag love fun teen

  • Shazia Gul 7 months ago

    Me sad 🙁

  • Andy Johns 7 months ago

    I farted at school XD and was just like it was not me XD XD XD XD

  • Mystical Bats 7 months ago

    The first story: that happened to me I was so embarrassed i was like ummmmmm and then I looked at my note book or something it was a while ago

  • Nia Hernandez 7 months ago

    My embarrassing story was I kept farting in front of my Dad and he kept on saying oi

  • Nia Hernandez 7 months ago

    And I peed in my pants at wetinwild water park

  • Lightning Kitty 7 months ago

    My embarrassing story is that I was at an ice cream stand with my friend and it was in the evening so there were mosquitos and there was one my forehead and she slapped me and everyone was staring.

  • DjNoobOfDerp 7 months ago

    What about 100,0000

  • DjNoobOfDerp 7 months ago

    Show face reveal and a house tour

  • Sue oo 7 months ago

    Funneh one time when I was eating I fell asleep and I woke up and my mom said “are you going to eat or what” hehe

  • Julie B 7 months ago

    Hi! funnel u dah best ❤️

  • Yang Xiao long 7 months ago

    wow using death for like wow

  • Harley Burg 7 months ago


  • Kay Ly 7 months ago

    My story is one time I was eating dinner and then I was watching its’funneh bedwars and then I turn up the volume by accident and everyone HARD Dracos warcry 😚😚😏😏😏

  • sis vlogs 7 months ago

    you too!!!! love you guys

  • Samantha Downie 7 months ago


  • da aphmau fan named misty or mist 7 months ago

    *_____* HURRY UP

  • Alexis D. 7 months ago

    U guys are siblings with luner

  • zion Thomas 7 months ago

    Your welcome

  • nico dogma dog 7 months ago

    My funy stories is that I farted in a big crowd and they stared at me the hole time while i was there

  • Lottie Wilson 7 months ago

    Once when I was little I riped up my beanbag and made it snow in my room then I tried to Hoover it up!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Amit Walia 7 months ago


  • Shakima Fields 7 months ago

    hashtag my inbarising story was when i was in a store and i forgotten to pay and then when the guy said hey😡i was soooooo inbaris that i peed in my panch was driping

  • Veronika Safi 7 months ago

    When you did not talk on the mic

  • Maeza Huertas 7 months ago

    My story is I was in school then I farted then I got detention for no reason
    Lol so that’s so annoying everyone laugh then I got beat up😂😂😃😂

  • Maeza Huertas 7 months ago

    My other story is it’s gonna be scary ok once we gone in a haunted house then someone said I’m coming
    Then every now night it stares at me

  • Gabbie Plays Minecraft 7 months ago


  • Mariah Acosta 7 months ago

    I went to my grandpas house and then san felipe it was fun

  • Gabriella Pinto 7 months ago

    I was drinking my coke and it flew out because of the bathroom 🚽 thing

  • Wei Bheng Loo 7 months ago

    funneh ur vids are the beeeeeest

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