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  • Zhyria Savanna 6 months ago

    I want a creeper as a pet

  • Classic Boy 6 months ago

    I’m protesting :3 CREEPER LIFES MATTER!

  • HECTOR FLORES 6 months ago

    i love initial d

  • Luo Li 6 months ago

    Who say tofuu is cool 😎 I do a lot 😂

  • Luo Li 6 months ago

    I want a creeper pet

  • Slimecraft 777 6 months ago

    Tofuu why don’t you play fornite instead of too much roblox I mean you can be much better in other games because you only play roblox.What I’m saying is that you have to play different games

  • Estella Molina 6 months ago

    I like turtles

  • The unknown name - Roblox & More 6 months ago

    You should get a pet turtle

  • IronNinjavsGaming 6 months ago

    I sent you a friends request Tofuu. Please accept it ! My user is AliviaAmanda.

  • Bryson Hoppes 6 months ago


  • STG Gaming 6 months ago

    Llamas are in mc

  • Salma Toualeb 6 months ago


  • Ka'Mari Perry 6 months ago

    I DO!!!

  • Peter GUTIERREZ 6 months ago

    i would want you as a pet… 🙂

  • Owen Hao 6 months ago


  • Chris Gaming 04 6 months ago

    The last videos sounded disturbing I already know what they were and that’s just straight up disturbing

  • Daniel Hernandez 6 months ago

    At least Ernie The Robot isn’t here.

  • PvPParasite 6 months ago

    Hold on, this isn’t a ROBLOX video at all and lets just recap that intro: “Alright hey everyone, my name is Joe and WEL-COME BACK to another ROBLOX video joined with your favorite yellow man and your favorite turt-le.”

  • Daniel Hernandez 6 months ago


  • Holden Martin 6 months ago

    I would like to have a creeper as a pet

  • Dragosh 6 months ago


  • Bravocompany119 6 months ago

    Face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal we are reacting to ur face

  • Jake Le 6 months ago

    I Want a creeper

  • Zeke Bridges 6 months ago


  • Oy Han 6 months ago


  • Chęl_Bøp 6 months ago

    “Who would want to keep a creeper as a pet? I mean it’s ugly,” LOLLLLLLL

  • Mr. Sandvich Man 6 months ago

    stop being mean to creepers

  • EliteFoxGaming 6 months ago


  • Hannah Lee 6 months ago

    Creeper is not ugly it’s is cool and it can explode super big

  • Parcker Duplon 6 months ago

    React to The Last Guest Pls By ObliviousHD

  • Diane Dransfield 6 months ago

    No Yellow man or turtle? (▪.¤)

  • Paul Theophilus 6 months ago

    I do i want a creeper as a pet

  • Paul Theophilus 6 months ago

    I love tofu cheels

  • Ali Ahmed 6 months ago

    I want a creeper as a pet

  • ToxicTrix 6 months ago

    ummm jo ya know what i seen a video of that weight lifting simulator and when u talked about protein powder and yo said i dont use it and then u sid i do just fine at the gym wheres THE MUSCLE U IED TO US ALL BOOOIIIIII

  • Quite Bad Drawings :/ 6 months ago

    “Uh oh, it’s a old hobo”


    Read more

  • Myrth Asher Herrera 6 months ago

    I want a creeper cause my sister is a creeper magnet

  • John Waun 6 months ago

    I feel like no one see’s me

  • GamerDazer ROBLOX 6 months ago

    Why joe im in the -BLEEP-ing in the creeper sqaud

  • Cool Gamer757Playz 6 months ago

    Creeper are not ugly you know what’s ugly no I’m not going to say it it’s mean

  • Zamareyon Welch 6 months ago

    You have no heart

  • Zamareyon Welch 6 months ago

    That creeper looks better than you butt ugly loser

  • Mega Pikachu ex 6 months ago

    The only reason why you get views so quickly on the reaction videos because you mostly show your face

  • crazy bunny 6 months ago

    Do more reaction vids plz they r great!!!

  • Bradon Norega 6 months ago

    But mincraft came out first and its soo good and its the best and a creeper wold be a good pet

  • Angela Portis 6 months ago

    I would want a baby creeper unless it explodes

  • ashraoof 6 months ago

    Tofuu why dont u get a turtle and make a vid about it

  • John Walters 6 months ago


  • Buckers Vlogs 6 months ago


  • Trí Lê 6 months ago

    W8 Iron golem has blood>?

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