• LeeThePurpleDino 1 month ago

    “It took like 5 hours to upload this video”

    BOI, it takes me a day to upload a 5 minutes video.

  • Smokie Bear 1 month ago

    Hey there woodles21

  • Chad Arceo 1 month ago

    This was great XD

  • Catherine 4993 1 month ago

    Lol! I’m laughing 😂😂😂

  • Noah Gill 1 month ago

    U have to upload more of these please.

  • ThyCactus King 1 month ago

    I’m watching all of them

  • Bart Witherow 1 month ago

    Bring back 2012 Kenny # bestkenny

  • Aura Games 1 month ago

    Kenny acting like me back in the day hahaha but then again I made my channel when I was like 13 hens my name

  • Powerslayer 1 month ago

    Straight up. Exactly how sidearms and speedy are in their videos.

  • PotatoKen 1 month ago

    Nothing change

  • Brimmy21 1 month ago

    I’d like to see more

  • Weird Nerd 1 month ago

    Do another youtube channel and you react at things loll.

  • go_press_ It 1 month ago

    That old Kenny was funny

  • Sionyde 1 month ago

    Did anyone notice kenny using internet explorer ugh

  • ImSpen 1 month ago

    With my internet I get 700 ping to hypixel

  • Shannon 1 month ago

    When are you going to put a ring on Kory’s finger? Get married!!

  • Shannon 1 month ago

    This is amazing!! I love this so much I’m going to watch Ken Craft!!

  • Mark Walker 1 month ago

    more skywars

  • ethandaprogamer 2112 1 month ago

    Im the same as you. My mom always is outside my door when trying to make a video

  • George Kremasmenos 1 month ago


  • grim420 blaze it 1 month ago


  • Alfred Padolina 1 month ago

    WAIT! Ken uses internet explorer XD

  • Megadwarf 47 1 month ago

    “I’m going black ops 2 on this” *Starts humming James Bond theme*

  • n1njasause 1 month ago

    When are you getting over puberty Kenny?

  • Benjamin Fraeyman 1 month ago

    first sentence says its his second -_-

  • Anime Abnomaly 1 month ago

    Bring back old Kenny.

  • AAR_BAR 1 month ago

    You look so uncomfortable watching this ken 😂

  • Im so shy and thats kinda the only reason i dont want to really record videos with voice, also i hate my parents because they dont understand that you cant just press pause to stop playing video games for 10 minutes and then get back and you will be where you finished

  • Dewey - 1 month ago

    Dat diamond say WHATTTTT?!

  • Dalton Morris 1 month ago

    I would watch a whole series of you reacting to old videos. MORE PLEASE!!!

  • StfuSandra 1 month ago

    This is so hilarious but I feel like nothing changed except as you said the energy. I love it tho

  • iSlushie 1 month ago

  • Lui Rodriguez 1 month ago

    Bru please more I laughed so hard while eating cereal I almost died

  • jazzlyn Lazan 1 month ago

    Lol why is he using microsoft edge?

  • N00bly2003 .-. 1 month ago

    Loved the video it was hilarious

  • Top 10 World 1 month ago

    Great video! Always keep making excellent content and you are going to expand quickly! Subscribe to our channel and also we shall subscribe to your channel!

  • Mr. TBNRcubone 1 month ago

    Yesterday was my b-day 🙂

  • What changed?

  • Amanda L. 1 month ago

    TBNRCringeWorth 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Amanda L. 1 month ago

    Chop chop chop chop chop…

  • November James 1 month ago


  • DuckTuberPvp 1 month ago

    Your mom!!! AHAHHAHA

  • GamerKate293 1 month ago

    This video was hilarious xD react to your videos more often

  • EpicGamerHD H 1 month ago

    Pls check out my crazy party vids

  • JaxPlayz 1 month ago

    lol this was great! Yes I wanna see more of these, especially that one with Preston

  • Shreyas Bundhoo 1 month ago

    He had epic games launcher open haha

  • Football Editz 1 month ago


  • TBNR snipez 1 month ago

    Kenny said bastard like the reacting kenny

  • Aubrey Segars 1 month ago

    total cring

  • Dark Beast231 1 month ago


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