Welcome back to the Live adventures of Pixelmon Island Season 2!


  • Mason Rackley 6 months ago

    48:34 there was a shiny in the water

  • Mallu king111 6 months ago

    Incense in the pkmn games sell for 4800 check in the shop how much it is here

  • Timelord Guardian 6 months ago


  • Xi3 Jr 6 months ago

    What version of pixelmon is that

  • Melissa Gardner 6 months ago

    What time did he miss shimy mewtwo

  • waleed elgendi 6 months ago

    Get a chancy with an eviolite it does the defences give it max hp and regular defence

  • Deadly Dragon105 6 months ago

    I love Pokemon and minecraft so much and your so good at them both love your vids keep it up

  • Khym Warren 6 months ago

    Get gamma

  • Daniel Saloumi 6 months ago


  • dueter groenwals 6 months ago

    How do I download Pixelmon

  • ICE and FIRE COOL HD 6 months ago

    How do you get pixelmon does it coast any thing

  • turn down the spawn rates, that will fix the lag for 80% of the time if not 100% because you have way too many pokemon spawning xD nohate

  • D3st70y37 6 months ago

    the eevee’s spawn in birch forest and rooftop forest not forest hills

  • Kalen Chetty 6 months ago

    What are b IV’s

  • Kidwolf Is a beast 6 months ago

    I bet he won’t pin this comment

  • B4n8X 6 months ago

    He actually missed an Ash-hat Pikachu

  • LawlessTHEislander ___ 6 months ago

    Power furnace with lava buckets ….

  • Leo Ciolli 6 months ago

    He should catch snorlax

  • Ziggy Conijn 6 months ago

    Eevee spawns at night

  • Destiny__Beast123 Destiny__Beast123 6 months ago

    I’ve always loved this series

  • Itsmikey 6 months ago

    There was a pikachu with ashs hat

  • Yunus Hussain 6 months ago


  • Nour Alzoubi 6 months ago

    Lachlan you missed a temple there could of bin a dimond

  • Nour Alzoubi 6 months ago

    A SHINY A SHINY A SHINY and is evee

  • Fanatic Fulcrum 6 months ago

    Lachlan desert temple at 1:13:39 loot it

  • Dead Hive 6 months ago

    #Lachtimus Prime

  • Razor_JUICE 6 months ago

    Does anyone know how the season is gonna be

  • Reid Pettijohn 6 months ago

    He found another dragon Ute dang

  • Louis Barrett 6 months ago

    I love vik and Lachlan together

  • Michael Ilowski 6 months ago

    You past an ever pigmy size

  • Gardenzombie5 6 months ago

    Get a dodrio with tri attack

  • Youtube Free Subscribers 6 months ago



  • Electric 23 6 months ago

    Who got triggered when he said espeon is lit

  • Dominic Vasquez 6 months ago


  • Jack Stam 6 months ago

    Dognapping not kidnapping

  • SCBrayden 6 months ago


  • Jack Stam 6 months ago

    1:39:20 u say my thumbnails don’t lie so that means the next episode I’m going to watch you will have to catch a shiny eevee!!!!!

  • BrandonDoesMC 6 months ago

    anyone know when the streams are pacific standard time

  • Jack Heywood 6 months ago

    Get the shiny cloister then use the move relearner the get the move

  • Matthew Claridge 6 months ago

    Do a sleep talk snorlax u need rest, sleep talk and kinda watev u want but I suggest hyperbeam and body slam so u can rest and atack while asleep

  • Meetusingh Singh 6 months ago

    you should use the shaders

  • Phoenix Bowers 6 months ago

    bro you need to get a fire type to couter magnezone

  • Tyler Feist 6 months ago

    All my frames are dead, push me to the edge

  • Julian Swartz 6 months ago

    You can use a ability capsule on shellder to get skill link

  • Ler Wolf 6 months ago

    Hou mist shiny magikarp 1:08:07

  • Abdiel Rosario 6 months ago

    When you saw ivysaur there was a Pikachu with ashes hat no lie look level 47

  • Joe Macchione 6 months ago

    oh ok thx

  • Thunder Tyrone 6 months ago

    I was late to the pixlemon s so ive been binge watching since ep 1

  • Jaceuscus O' Mania 6 months ago

    He missed a pikachu with a ash hat

  • The Poke Gamer 6 months ago

    there wasn’t actuly a mewtwo i double checked i think it was photo shopped

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