Using a few scoreboard operations, I made tropical fish rotate


  • LeggoJoe 1 week ago

    Bruh here I am thinking, I should try and collect all the new fish.

  • Ross Roo 1 week ago

    Rainbow fish

  • Davi van den Berg 1 week ago

    Noooo, it will take forever to catch em all!

  • FrappyTex 1 week ago

    I saw nemo

  • KaedeLanyo 1 week ago

    Is this what happens when you drop a starman into the sea?

  • Astrocore C 1 week ago

    This fish is gay.

  • Cody Brice 1 week ago

    They put way too much effort into this……GREATEST THING EVER

  • Cody Brice 1 week ago

    Honestly, even before the aquatic update, the ocean floors should have been sand I mean come on, what country has gravel shores?

  • Hardcoded UT 1 week ago

    HOW MANY VARIANTS?!?!?!??! 😱😱 How’s that even possible?

  • nolarify 1 week ago

    Hey not related to the video but, how do I turn PvP off on my server? Is there a way?

  • fireballJJ1 1 week ago

    Phoenix I have an idea for a video. Try and make it so when you place an item frame in an item frame it does show the item, instead it places a smaller or same sized item frame in the frame.

  • Eyal Levy 1 week ago

    In your small “aquarium” you missed the sea grass

  • Ryver C 1 week ago

    How did they add so many???

  • Random deslime 1 week ago

    *invincibility mario music plays*

  • Brownski Kuca 1 week ago

    They should add that if you name it _jeb it would cycle throught colors like sheep

  • Eagle Force Leader 1 week ago

    time to get a colourful riding fish on the riding fish on the riding fish etc…

  • DJ PLAT 1 week ago

    Thats what should happen when you name them jeb

  • Pijo 1 week ago

    Starting to think the ocean is more exciting than above ground!

  • //RGSM// 1 week ago

    wait…3072?! VARIANTS ONLY?!

  • Hugo The Dog 1 week ago

    I love these new fishes. Those three fishes weren’t enough. So I like them

  • DO 87 1 week ago

    *Mario’s Invisible/starman music play*

  • Starshowed Nightdown 1 week ago

    i love this video. <3

  • Killkor 1 week ago

    This should be a secret feature, if you use a special renamed name tag on a fish.

  • Ned M 1 week ago

    You would only need 66 of these fish (randomly) for the chance of 2 being identical to be greater than 50%
    (given that there are 3072 varients)

    The maths if anyone wants it:
    Number of pairs —————————- 2145 = (66 * 65)/2
    Chance of a unique pair —————- 99.9674% = 3071/3072
    Chance of 2145 unique pairs ——– 49.74% = (99.9674%)^2145
    *Chance of some match* —————– *50.26%* = 1 – 49.74%

  • PlayCraft39 1 week ago

    Is it possible to make custom generated structures? If so, how?

  • Sam Teinert 1 week ago

    I want a name tag like Jeb_ to do this to the fish…

  • euanpc 1 week ago

    how do you access the snapshots from the old client?

  • ThePC007 1 week ago

    Phoenix SC doesn’t know much about bit shifting? Well, that’s surprising, to be honest…

  • T Minus 1 week ago

    In the top left corner of your next snapshot video, have a noAI color changing tropical fish for 2 mins to show us all the varients 🙂

  • Stupid Potato 1 week ago

    I thought it was from the book

  • M. Masaber 1 week ago

    put the over world under bedrock

  • AshGamezAlot :3 1 week ago

    Somebody gotta make a command website to make your own designed fish! (No not a texture, more of your own.. varient?)

  • Tyler Thunder 1 week ago

    Is this coming to PS4? The Aquatic update

  • Lőrinc Ottó 1 week ago

    Umm, ey, Phoenix! Can you make a treasure map that locates to a stronghold? (I tried to do it myself but i’ve failed 🙁 )

  • Timothy Lei 1 week ago

    This will kinda be a cool light decoration that maybe you put a light source above a water block and then stuff a ton of these fish in the water block

  • Es_Stinkt_Puh Felix 1 week ago

    key detection and chat(word) detection should be possible with commands pls😢 idk why i say dis now but i cant be the only one who is waiting for such feature 😁😜

  • Lo Pikachu 1 week ago

    jeb_ fish!

  • FindableFlyer 1 week ago

    3000 variants of fish? Holy shit

  • The voice J 1 week ago

    Hey Phoenix? Have you noticed that resource packs using damage overrides have stopped working and if so, do you know of a fix?

  • Lapis Septo Flufftail 1 week ago

    But how many fish MODELS are there for these tropical fish?

  • Thla Thang 1 week ago

    Make a video about making Air Block that allows red stone signal to pass through like any solid block

  • Ace Athor 1 week ago

    ►When are they remove the flowing water on the glass block… It’s orrible if if you want to do an aquarium. (sorry for bad english i’m a french guy)

  • rixterz 1 week ago

    Running those commands on a server are sure to cause horrendous lag with multiple players because of the mass of entity update packets needing to be broadcast 😂

  • Maldeuce 1 week ago

    hey there
    i just saw your Breathing in Minecraft Video…
    I thoght it would be cool if you can VAPE in Minecraft. Like you Pull on your Vape and shoot a massive Cloud man… I Hope its a good Idea.

  • Droid779 1 week ago

    StickyPiston123 is a case of a decade

  • ahmed kadmiri 1 week ago

    These fishs are so flashy

  • Chris Walker 1 week ago

    “the color update was a long time ago” (+_+) I remember 1.5 like it wasn’t that long ago..

  • Zer0 Bl4aze playz 1 week ago

    Just as suggestion in the title you might want to put seizure warning cause all the fish flashing those colors

  • AnimeAngel - Minecraft 1 week ago

    I thought there were only 12 variants! 😮

  • Andres E. Gomez M. 1 week ago

    So, they added 3072 fish. Why not add 3072 birds as well?

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