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  • Aaven Hearn 1 week ago

    You missed like 3 buckets of water 😠😠😠😠😠

  • MysticalCrew 1 week ago

    I liked on all your viodoes and subscribed

  • Andrew Leonardo 1 week ago

    Unspeakable is red,
    Minecraft is blue,
    This makes no sense,
    I need to go pooo

  • Nick 1 week ago

    Who else got mad when he didn’t pick up the water.

  • Benja Vd Broek 1 week ago

    No i not line de skywars update

  • Spiker64 1 week ago


  • Miguel Van Genechten 1 week ago


  • Taylor xoxo 1 week ago

    unspeakable u need to do more camo trolling like if u agree

  • Cheesy Guy 1 week ago

    Can u do hair reveal for 3,500,000

  • Selin Notin 1 week ago

    Love it

  • Daniel Soriano 1 week ago

    What is this server unspeakble gaming

  • Mihai Homorozan 1 week ago

    The stairs can’t decay

  • Mihai Homorozan 1 week ago


  • Joshua Beck 1 week ago


  • Orlando Deleon 1 week ago

    is that a new intro? cause it is cool

  • Eline Østergaard Henriksen 07X Stjernevejskolen 1 week ago

    Uhh! I love that skywars!

  • Adadm Mcfarland 1 week ago

    Hi I love skarwars

  • JS GT 1 week ago

    I like

  • Daniel Xiao 1 week ago

    did you guys see the fire that was breaking at 9:11 ???

  • Comment IXD 1 week ago

    Who remember the invisible stairs on that map!

  • Its Me Tornado 1 week ago

    I dont like the new update its the worst

  • Samantha Sierra 1 week ago

    I thought there were water buckets in the chests

  • OMGItz Jay13 1 week ago

    how do you guys get camo skins ??

  • Lizzy Antunez 1 week ago

    I dont like the new skywars update… I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • lavalev 1 week ago

    Can u do normal skywars trolling?

  • StrawBerry CC 1 week ago

    It hurt my hands -_-

  • Mahdiyyah Adam 1 week ago

    I love your videos i love it i love love it mooses to pls annonce my name in your next video

  • Maya Ishmael 1 week ago

    I love Unspeakable

  • Hugh Wright 1 week ago

    it is hard

  • Cody Lowe 1 week ago

    Do more camo trolling

  • GamerA Productions 1 week ago

    I dont love mooses i dont love frogz i dont love sharkz but i love goats. Im jking 😂😅😶😋

  • Wessly Steed 1 week ago

    ladders don’t break?

  • Anastasia Theys 1 week ago

    you should camo troll as obsidian in this gamemode

  • luna_ wolf 1 week ago

    Yk when your hideing or “trolling” next to lava DON’T HOLD IRON BLOKS!!! NOOB MISTAKE NATHAN

  • Cassandra Rodberg 1 week ago

    Don’t they realize that the ladders don’t turn into lava, they could just keep climbing up and down, shooting people, and they wouldn’t die

  • Tony Pan 1 week ago

    The odds of that happening is 1in INFINITYYYYYYY

  • luna_ wolf 1 week ago

    Yeah coz standing in front of lava in a lava skin on fire is not noticeable now that is unspeakable

  • Looser Lopez 1 week ago

    Unspeakablegaming you had a bucket of water in your chest

  • Niall Lover882 1 week ago

    Around 6:00 did I just hear Moose?😂

  • Baldo Vazquez 1 week ago

    stop moving and scream😯

  • Jonathan Alexx 1 week ago

    I dont like the update because you cant go camo trolling anymore and usually,thats the fun in your videos;)

  • Jman Fire 1 week ago

    The first time u died there was water next to u. 😂😂😂😂

  • Derypy Sims07 1 week ago

    Great vid keep up the great work bra 😃 I liked my own comment cause nobody else while

  • Little Joe 1 week ago

    There was a two buckets of water in the chests that you looked at

  • Jeff Castellano 1 week ago

    when skin trolling try to not have anything on your hand
    cuz it sells you out

  • cute cupcake 1 week ago



    I honestly like the new update

  • Andrea Nycole 1 week ago

    very good love it

  • Katy Herrick 1 week ago

    I think tnt madness is more fun.

  • Shan Ash Bolton 1 week ago

    Did anyone else’s video keep stopping or is my WiFi just terrible? Also the audio was terrible… I need a new phone…..

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