• DisGirl Pink 6 days ago

    Whens the short ep of Psycho Girl 12 coming out?

  • Owen _ Da _ SaVage 6 days ago

    The smile…

    Sow weird…

  • Elenice Ferreira 6 days ago

    E muito Top amei

  • Shelby Miller 6 days ago

    do haker vs girls

  • Areli Padilla 6 days ago


  • haker haker 6 days ago

    If she’s real i want to be vs her so we can see boys can play

  • haker haker 6 days ago


  • haker haker 6 days ago


  • haker haker 6 days ago

    And weird danceing

  • saad ibrahim 6 days ago

    Psycho girl I love you the so fantastic video 😍😍😍

  • Bear Hill 6 days ago

    all of these are so wrong like it’s Minecraft all because boys are punching/killing girls doesn’t mean you can kill them it’s Minecraft they have unlimited lives so yeah psycho girl if you’re reading this(I know she’s not real) but stop killing only boys just kill the people that break the rules

  • Ed Vinit 0,0 6 days ago

    ● ●

  • LiamandEthan gaming 6 days ago

    I’m phsyco boy

  • Hypah Dokkan 6 days ago

    so cool! its so cool to see a mary sue never losing!

  • cheer boy19 6 days ago

    At my school we are doing a lip sink performance and I am one of the background dancers what psycho girl song should we do?

  • lucie bérét 6 days ago


  • Maria games pro 6 days ago

    Sou a unica br?

  • Entiti 303 6 days ago

    Sunt Hacker

  • Mayra Soto 6 days ago

    Yay 😈😈😈 good

  • Cindy Elgersma 6 days ago

    MC jams tell psycho girl shes right don’t let boys push u around fight back and tell her shes me fav youtuber 😉

  • Fun with jason and ThomasPeanut and wolfielover574 6 days ago

    Psycho girl 12 please

  • Fun with jason and ThomasPeanut and wolfielover574 6 days ago

    Big fan

  • Selma Dahlström 6 days ago


  • Ellen Carvalho 6 days ago


  • Amber Stroud 6 days ago

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  • Саша Неволин 6 days ago

    very cool you are very cool cool

  • Leon _Cool YT 6 days ago

    On the TheSkindex application it looks for the NickManStyle skin for the next animator.Pleaseeeeeee! =))

  • Master at Cod 6 days ago

    I love this song I am a boy

  • Lets Go FreZzy 6 days ago


  • Liliana Alvarez 6 days ago

    1 like=Physcho girl will win every boy +the hackers

  • Binky Boy 6 days ago

    These videos have a lot of problems for example some people’s body go through blocks or others

  • Nightlight Code 6 days ago

    Minecraft james was on your next video

  • Hover Mcpaws 6 days ago

    I want Captainsparklez to sue you so bad.

  • Kassi Burton 5 days ago

    SO COOL!!!!!!!

  • 10X Gaming 5 days ago

    A group of YOUTUBERS could beat her(popular YOUTUBERS)

  • Samantha McDonnell 5 days ago

    If you loved this as much as me leave a like.

  • D.C vids 5 days ago

    6 year old me would get mad horny over some of these

  • Derion DePriest 5 days ago

    Why is hero brine trying to kill her so much

  • lil broomstick 5 days ago

    T H I S I S C A N C E R

  • Billy Tacobinks 5 days ago

    Psycho girl is a little twat

  • Billy Tacobinks 5 days ago

    Saiko (SMG4) is better

  • Little Carly Gonzalez 5 days ago

    I love all the songs but my skin is the rainbow girl that dances in psyco girl 11

  • Coconutsquirrel Moosensquirrel 5 days ago

    Mc jams it would make my day if you used my skin in psycho girl 12 my Minecraft username is moosensquirrel

  • freedom pal mysterion 5 days ago

    his eyes should be open and her face is ugly and she is not pretty

  • Munifah Mazidatul 5 days ago

    Music goooddddd

  • Д_хакер 6666 5 days ago

    Да иди ты нах

  • Ischan Lane 5 days ago

    Psycho Girl, I’m a very big fan of yours! I even memorized ALMOST ALL of your songs! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  • Hunter x Hunter fan 5 days ago


  • Александр Лавренко 5 days ago

    я тут один украйнцкий

  • kağan melenk 5 days ago

    Do you cut off my heat

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