• Noah Kemmerer 1 month ago

    *Python calls pest control*
    Python: Hello, is this the pest control?
    Pest control guy: Yes sir, what can we do for you today?
    Python: I’d like for you guys to assess some damage done by pests
    Pest control guy: Right away sir
    *Pest control guy arrives at Python’s house, chickens literally everywhere*
    Pest control guy: ?????????

  • CrazySaxon 1 month ago

    That tree infront of your house you could use those new wood log and make it like its going over one side so its not blocking the door

  • Drewlord 1 month ago

    That new area looks amazing. I am also playing on that seed, and from where I have been so far, it looks great! Wherever you found this seed, it was a good place. Thanks for making this video, and I hope you enjoy your week.

  • FrOsT BiTE 1 month ago

    Yess I’ve been waiting for this all day I’m loving this series and can’t wait for episode 4

  • Cereura L 1 month ago

    Do you have this many flower pots in your house irl?

  • DabNation 1 month ago

    Love your vids, keep it up🙂

  • Abby F 1 month ago

    Python, you always say ‘ahhhh boys’ or ‘alrighty boys’ but what about us girls 🙁

  • Little-known Gamer 1 month ago

    Python you could make the waterfall fountain deeper and go down to a secret grotto of yours. Bet you could make it look awesome =)

  • cthulhuhead 1 month ago

    Bringing the energy as always. Great show. But I have to ask you a serious question that maybe I could have asked in the Raw Uncut explanation video. If I’m understanding, being subscribed to your GB channel but not watching the non-Minecraft videos is actually worse than unsubscribing to that channel? I tried to get into Terreria, I can’t, but what’s going to be best for your channels between straight unsubscribe or subscribed but never watched? I DO watch the Minecraft videos (and love them).

  • VenomPanther 22 1 month ago

    so I’m currently in New Mexico/Arizona for vacation, and I’ve realized that the savanna biome looks a lot more like a desert than the desert biome

  • PinkieGamer Sim1 1 month ago

    Wow your world is amazing

    Make a kawaii animal farm

  • iii MaxMidnight 1 month ago

    I know you probably wont see this, but I used to watch you Allot but school got in the way and recently I was scrolling through YouTube and your video was there and now I regret for not watching you for so long even tho I didn’t forget you. ♥️

  • Kelly Green 1 month ago

    Hey python how about making a cool chicken coop tjat will match you area

  • Chris Hart 1 month ago

    Please keep this up. I love this series.

  • Chris Hart 1 month ago

    Please answer this in your next video.

    Do you think that you will be doing any BIG builds in this world?

  • TBNRniner 1 month ago

    Your really good

  • TBNRniner 1 month ago

    Hey python I was thinking if you could add my comment in the video I’ve been thinking what if you could make a nice cozy village

  • Djent - God 1 month ago

    Really love what your doing with your career! Keep pushing through the hard times and low views.

  • Jason Clark 1 month ago

    Hey Python. Love the videos. Watching this I came up with an idea. What if you connect the waterfall area with the pond with a little stream and put a bridge over it.

  • DaCh33ze 1 month ago

    There’s an air bubble in the fountain! FIX IT PLZ!

  • Raghav Gupta 1 month ago

    Looks like someone has taken initiative to replicate mumbos chicken explosion.

  • TheShadowKnight 1 month ago

    Fun drinking game: take a shot everytime python says “guys”

  • GainesGaming 1 month ago


  • littelfox gamez 1 month ago

    Hi python I love what u did with the base it looks 10x better good job and I mean it!. I have a build idea the path near the portal should go to a fishing hut. Then another idea you should start on another build like maybe a armorer,library/town hall with the enchanting area set up. Anyways once again I love your videos and those are just a few suggestions I have in mind. Can’t wait for next episode!!

  • TankerPRO 1 month ago

    Love it!

  • buddy gameing 1 month ago

    Python r you going to make a home on that overhang? PS love the new Minecraft vids :+)

  • THE ENCHANTED APPLE 1 month ago

    can i play this seed on mcpe?

  • Kusum Lata 1 month ago


  • slime squishy123 1 month ago

    Python you are enchanted already you are the fastest youtuber who got enchanted in minecraft omg!!

  • Adit Saini 1 month ago

    Question for episode 4: What is your favorite feature in 1.13 snapshots?

  • Harry Manoj 1 month ago

    Your so creative!!! I just love the ways you converted the the waterfall into something cooler😁😁

  • slime squishy123 1 month ago

    Dude thanks for liking my comment

  • Jerome Rulz 1 month ago

    tip: 1 block in the nether is equal to 8 blocks in the overworld(in pe im not sure in pc)

  • Wilben CHua 1 month ago

    nice video!

  • Ultimate LifeHacker 1 month ago

    maybe you should remove some of the trees around there.

  • Ben_Turbo 1 month ago

    For the pond lighting put the leaves in your off hand and the torch in your main and place the torch then the leaves (may take a few tries)

  • JaguarBrickFilms 1 month ago

    I’m loving the series Python! Keep up the good work!

  • RakeArmageddon 1 month ago

    Absolutely loving this series so far. I was looking for a new Survival LP to watch. Keep up the fantastic work 😀

  • Kool Kyurem25 1 month ago

    what happened to the other survival world?

  • Teen Salvage 1 month ago

    World download please

  • Geddydog The Gamer 1 month ago

    Python, will you build in the nether? I think it would be cool having a modern city in the nether!!!

  • ItzYaBoi Oggy 1 month ago

    Python you are my favourite YouTuber please Ep 4 <3

  • Bisyari Bisyari 1 month ago

    I very like this series

  • Bob Jonston 1 month ago

    I just started watching this and it asked me to watch ep 4

  • Mervanya 1 month ago

    Wow, under an hour and you have an enchanting table

  • Olly Moors 1 month ago

    You’re a legend my man

  • Rylee Fry 1 month ago

    i love this serie

  • julia58161 1 month ago

    Such a nice feel to your starter house! I am afraid that I might never want to leave and explore anywhere else. Ummm except for the chickens…you know they might make me a bit anxious to leave actually. LOL

  • David Mahon 1 month ago

    he’s doing good in survivel getting diamonds once when I dig far down in grond or find a cave I mostly find two diamonds

  • Fanalama 1 month ago

    An explosion of episodes!

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