• Mitchell Bailey 4 weeks ago

    make the chicken farm into a hot air balloon and have the button in the carriage part.

  • The Orange Cactus 4 weeks ago

    Tip for everyone reading this: Use /sell all to sell everthing sellable in your inventory!

  • SilentEcho1181 4 weeks ago

    You were knocking the blaze further away when you hit it, to always reach them with your sword you’ll have to extend out the bridge by 2 blocks

  • siah dahle 4 weeks ago

    i would love it if you played more life in the woods renaissance plz

  • Kids Gault 4 weeks ago

    hi vantage beef if the mobs are not killed by a player they count as one mob instead of two or how ever many the number says. 🙂

  • DECOY 4 weeks ago

    You can lock your island so no one can come on it and give you items

  • Aerrow Kill 4 weeks ago

    good job beef. but I will say you probably only needed 4 blocks of water on a 8×8 floor. just saying

  • ZenSicarius 4 weeks ago

    Beef the sword knock the blaze back, that makes you can’t reach them on your second hit.

  • andrewwhaddad 4 weeks ago

    You’ve got me laughing my aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaasssssssss off.

  • Macherie Valentine 4 weeks ago

    Him not using the 17 Mil. hurts my soul……..you don’t have to keep it all. By gifts for random fans. Be Santa. Show some love.

  • Just Rez 4 weeks ago

    Did Beef just used MacDonalds slogan in his MineSaga promo 😂😂

  • Anthony Hoang 4 weeks ago

    You can probably use arrows to activate the chicken thing if you used a mono stable circuit

  • Symbro 4 weeks ago

    my question is… who can get to his island… without him allowing them to?
    are the mods giving him things?

  • Pickett22 4 weeks ago

    I laugh out loud every time you fall off the island and yell and then go back to normal talking. SO funny

  • Alejandro Mer 4 weeks ago

    23:07 You punched him once and that made him move slightly back…

  • Josh Rasof 4 weeks ago

    If u want to AFK the chicken spawner use a minecart that activates a activator rail in the amount of time you desire, then just go back and forth on the cart

  • August0405 4 weeks ago

    Keep up the good conan exiles work. Also being busy at 3 videos a day

  • August0405 4 weeks ago

    Use an arrow to activate a button line them up perfectly and cobstruct a redstone contraption that activates the arrow automaticaly

  • Nolan Rehl 4 weeks ago

    Use arrows to activate the chicken farm

  • Isaiah Crock 4 weeks ago

    Beef you should use a fishing rod and a wooden pressure plate for the chicken spawner!

  • JoeShmizo 4 weeks ago

    I dont know if it was mentioned but with the slime launchers your first one is near an anvil and walking on anvils is bugged.

  • Roderick Howe 4 weeks ago

    Hey beef, you should make the blaze spawner island look like a diamond and build it out of diamond blocks

  • Peter Tam 4 weeks ago

    Just put a timer on the chicken spawner!!

  • Spectre 6 4 weeks ago

    Kinda gettin fed up of the minsaga promo every single fuckin video. WE GET IT!

  • Peter Tam 4 weeks ago

    Put a pressure plate on the other side!!!!!! You’re activating the piston that is behind you!

  • Dazmarose 4 weeks ago

    It cracks me up every time you fall off an island!

  • I don’t think it would make a difference, but since you don’t have the back corner blocks in where the blaze are dropped in to..As you hit them, the game registers them as more to the left or the right of where you aim? probably wrong on that idea though lol

  • TheGamerFiles101 4 weeks ago

    Beef I think the snowballs are meant to activate a tripwire not a button

  • Laqutis 4 weeks ago

    Why would you not use the 17mil they already took it out of their account it would be wasteful to not use it, plus it was a gift and it’s rude to not accept gifts haha

  • AGARIO GAMER 4 weeks ago

    I think arrows will work

  • NumberIs8 4 weeks ago

    Hello Daniel. I have been watching your videos since the castle on the minecrack server and the red dead redemption series. Your the first YouTuber I ever watched. But, my interests have moved on from the same old Minecraft videos and I wanted your permission to unsubscribe?

  • Jenn/Jaclyn Nguyen 4 weeks ago

    does he not know he has /fly erm xD

  • Angished One 4 weeks ago

    beef you if your set on the whole ranged chicken cooker thing then you can set up a minecart on a slope with a switch at the bottom invert the signal and stick a stand in the cart you can shoot that with the bow and when it slides off the switch it will activate it

  • Knut Smith 4 weeks ago

    Yo, buy megacharge on minesaga shop, and do a crazy Crate opening

  • Nick Nagl 4 weeks ago

    you could maybe do a nether theme thingy with the blaze spawner and use all that nether brick funky stuff to make it all cool looking and have all these fires around the place

  • Liam Harkin 4 weeks ago

    You should put a piston and a lever just above the blazes in the killing area so you can push a block above them to stop them jumping up when you hit them

  • Pranay Singh 4 weeks ago

    Beef Make Ice Tracks To Each Island And Travel Through Boats As A Different Mean Of Transportation. Make it so like the track loops around the island.

    PLS Like So That Beef See’s It And It doesn’t get mixed with the other comments

  • Devin Gleason 4 weeks ago


  • Dayle Hunt 4 weeks ago

    Why the fuck does he keep screaming when he falls. Fucking annoying

  • Dayle Hunt 4 weeks ago

    Dis liked before you love to screech your face off every time you fall

  • epicdragon03 4 weeks ago

    Arrows activate buttons

  • killroy42 4 weeks ago

    @vintagebeef: You’re welcome!

  • Mc Brocke 4 weeks ago

    a tip for you for xp you have to do this :
    put enchanting table on the hopper you will recieve more xp .
    And if you see this plz give me a shoutout .
    Like if you agree . ANd like to make vintage see this

  • DSA Girl 4 weeks ago

    Use the money note, the. You can always pay him back, think of it as an investment.

  • videofan77 -Louise 4 weeks ago

    8:37 makes me laugh every time! :’D

  • videofan77 -Louise 4 weeks ago

    10:15 ever gets old ;D

  • sam bogaert 4 weeks ago

    Isnt killing the pigmen with a looting sword more profitable ? And u get the xp

  • Oscar Souza Te 4 weeks ago


    my poor ears and headphones, and i did turn it down to the minimum so i could still ear the rest of the video

  • Sebastian 4 weeks ago

    Guess i’ll avoid these if i have a headache from here on, not saying i won’t watch it, just that i will wait until i feel better.

  • The screaming and shouting when you fall is a tad bit too loud compared to the rest of the audio and your normal voice, maybe you could adjust something in your settings so it isn’t that extreme of a difference.

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