• Sweetsiecola 2 weeks ago

    You missed the waterfall in Repunzels tower

  • Amber Roach 2 weeks ago

    Add me in roblox plz my roblox name is FunkyNicole10

  • Melissa Mckinnon 2 weeks ago

    I’d rather never use a computer cause I still got my phone

  • Melissa Mckinnon 2 weeks ago

    And BTW jessie m I’d rather kiss a dirt block I’m only 9

  • Karen Kays 2 weeks ago

    I wish I could join you but I can unlock Minecraft I don’t think you can play it on computers watch out for John though he might come on Minecraft there’s something I have to tell you funny there’s a guy that has his daughter named psycho girl his name is Entity 303 and his friends 404 they were working as a team on Minecraft but then one of the people that works for Minecraft and make them work fired him for his job he got really mad and every time he got mad he killed people and even destroyed their servers watch out for him he might get angry and then destroy yours and then kill you the be careful he always gets away with everything he does

  • Jason Lowe 2 weeks ago

    you should do Wool and the endstone and obsidian

  • keon ronald 2 weeks ago

    That should be like crazy bed wars beacause they build crazy

  • Fendy Novento 2 weeks ago

    Would you rather be a heghog or sonic

  • Deya Alba 2 weeks ago

    They stream at 7 or 8 even9 for me

  • Coleen Danielle Natividad 2 weeks ago

    team ketchup

  • ShadowKnightGirl ._. 2 weeks ago

    Who else is only subscribed because sometimes she posts Mincraft videos?

  • Puppy Pupples 2 weeks ago

    Sneezy 🙂

  • Coleen Danielle Natividad 2 weeks ago

    like musterde and ketchup

  • Jhoana Macandog 2 weeks ago

    Your team name should be blood streamer’s

  • nyala lee 2 weeks ago

    I love u!!

  • Jessie M 2 weeks ago

    Would u rather kiss a cookie or a dad

  • Ann Nayra 2 weeks ago

    Omg! My moms birthday was on the day you posted it! So many birthdays on 2 feb.Even My mom

  • Jessie M 2 weeks ago

    Funneh every body in the comment are being mean to me

  • LittleLoi MonkeyingAround 2 weeks ago

    Great video! Super funny!

  • Tiffany Kicherer 2 weeks ago

    Btw i would pick no computer because sneezing every 3 seconds would be annoying and you can use a tablet, phone, T.V, and they said ” computer ” so that means maybe you could use like a macbook or a chromebook

  • Puppy Pupples 2 weeks ago

    Omg!! The fire eyeball was actually that eye from the Batman movie..
    LEGO Batman Movie

  • Pamela Sanchez 2 weeks ago


  • Puppy Pupples 2 weeks ago

    Bootiful:) Bootiful bootiful bootiful:)

  • bored darleen 2 weeks ago

    Any1 know what’s the title of funneh’s song??

  • Taylor Galloway 2 weeks ago

    Funnehcake is a savage plebbbbbb😎🤑

  • Ana Maria Salazar 2 weeks ago

    team blood

  • Puppy Pupples 2 weeks ago

    slendereight user lol NO xD

  • Basari Mapupuno 2 weeks ago

    Funneh I’m your biggest fan I can sing very well but you can’t hear me , your the very very best

  • ItsXxDabzer 2 weeks ago

    Bread wars Funneh I Harv a question for you how do you join hypixel server

  • Deshawn Legaspi 2 weeks ago

    team laser of lava

  • Deshawn Legaspi 2 weeks ago

    red team laser of lava,blue team blueberry,green team green olive,yellow team Goldie,

  • StarLegend PhineGamer 2 weeks ago

    :D😁😀😃😄☺🙂:);) what smile for Funneh?

  • myrla violanda 2 weeks ago

    be use I gusse wear in philipins because I am

  • Isabella Hanify 2 weeks ago

    I would choose to never go on the computer again because PHONE, IPAD WITH KEYBOARDDDDDDDDD

  • Galxy_Unicorn 2 weeks ago

    I MISSED IT i live in australia so ya oh and please!!!!!! bring back Yandere High School PLEASE!!!!

  • kaey wolf 2 weeks ago

    hey funneh wanted to say I’ve watched you since i was a little plebby.

  • Reyanna Thompson 2 weeks ago

    play Bildbatl

  • Reyanna Thompson 2 weeks ago

    yesssss BilbatL

  • Amy Tapang 2 weeks ago

    Dont Use Computer LoL I Dont Have Computer love you funneh so much my Class mates Know about you and im gonna tell them to sub to your channel and the krew

  • Funneh Cake 2 weeks ago

    I love you funneh when I’m sad you brighten up my day

  • Jdjddjjd Djdjjf 2 weeks ago

    Funneh your the funniest!!!😂

  • potato life 2 weeks ago

    Late potatoe nooooooo!!!

  • Hadlie Trahan 2 weeks ago

    Jump off a cliff

  • kayela Hudson 2 weeks ago

    Lol I got on it and I heard funneh clicking sound.funneh was in Minecraft doing something and achvments I heard

  • Grace Adesiji 2 weeks ago


  • Catherine Gianna Natividad 2 weeks ago

    hai funneh i love your vids but I KEEP MISSING YOU LIVE VIDS it is not yuor fault it is the worlds fault because in philippens

  • Catherine Gianna Natividad 2 weeks ago


  • Catherine Gianna Natividad 2 weeks ago


  • Caitlin Flint 2 weeks ago

    Face ravel

  • Rob Biddulph 2 weeks ago

    the eye tower was from lord of the rings

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