a Craftronix Minecraft Life Animation about the pro from the bandit


  • Black Man 6 months ago

    In pro life 8, you should make noob become a pro and save his master (another pro) who agree ?

  • Fire Boy Chris 6 months ago

    Here what I don’t like about this video the intire video is him walking and I was excited for this make it better we don’t won’t to see prisoners just get to the part already don’t waist time like that

  • Luca Keanu 6 months ago

    have to say worst episode ever

  • Zlozienka Kowalska 6 months ago


  • Hero Man 6 months ago

    Like for green boy and noob

  • MyWonderful999 6 months ago

    Pro Life 8

  • Max Gravity 6 months ago


  • Эндер Дракон 6 months ago


  • Asia Fateeva 6 months ago

    Craftronix…. I understand…. it is pretty hard to make videos but you know people were complaining be cuz they wanted to see this episode soooo bad! And Craftronix I am a kind of person who CAN wait a long time… I love your videos, all of them! And I loved absolutely LOVED this video!!! Keep up the job!!! I LOVE UR VIDEOS!!! And I will always tell u to GO GO GOOOOO!!!!! Gud luck with da next video!! We are waiting!!

  • CienWie Xtreme 6 months ago


  • Folsom Gaming 6 months ago

    The heck this kinda looks like suicide squad

  • MIALY You 6 months ago

    i like All you Videos/Animation that longer video like

  • Ikhsan Ikhsan297gamer 6 months ago

    PRO LEIR 8

  • Nabilla Auria 6 months ago


  • Nabilla Auria 6 months ago


  • Dimitrele Junior 6 months ago


  • Wajiha Ghausi 6 months ago

    Whoever maked this video I love it I love it l love it your the best you tubers I have ever seen

  • Варя Головко 6 months ago

    Super sezon

  • Ádám Kovács 6 months ago

    I like pro life please pro life 8

  • Lucas Mariani Lourenço 6 months ago

    pro Life 8 😃

  • Çakma Reyiz 6 months ago

    Adam gibi animasyon Türkler de burda 😂

  • Sabrina Maisha 6 months ago

    U sure bruh next week??

  • Puma HD 6 months ago

    Dont die archer!!

  • Massimiliano Iacona 6 months ago

    I want action!!!

  • Vitor Emanuell gamer 6 months ago

    Vou da deslaik no vídeo se não laça o pro life 8

  • Alicja Steinborn 6 months ago

    Biedny xd

  • bill Bachtis 6 months ago

    come on that was a small video :/ the hole video was just about 1 thing …. walking and a noob crying about his friend’s death -.-‘

  • bill Bachtis 6 months ago

    plz make fast the episode 8 plzzz i am getting bored of youtube xD you are the only reason for me to watch youtube xD

  • Sophie Tandel 6 months ago

    Omg craftronix this is very very cool can you please make pro life 8 please you are the best

  • M MOHARAM 6 months ago

    Hello craftronix

  • Livia Weaver 6 months ago

    Can you make the noon help blue bandit but he is still injured

  • Pirate peets adventures 6 months ago

    I love these animactions

  • Ryan Chiles 6 months ago

    What a show of video

  • Fizz The FizzyHopper 6 months ago


  • Armando Macias 6 months ago


  • Bui Tien Anh 6 months ago

    cho mot tr like luon

  • furby drive 6 months ago

    Pro life 8 plz I luv him

  • Vitor Emanuell gamer 6 months ago

    pro life 8

  • Vitor Emanuell gamer 6 months ago

    pro life 8 ??????,?,

  • Vitor Emanuell gamer 6 months ago

    vou se descrever do seu canal 8

  • Vitor Emanuell gamer 6 months ago

    chá se descrevi

  • Vitor Emanuell gamer 6 months ago

    entao laça o pro life 8 ok ae eu não se descrevo no seu canal ok amanhã eu quero vem pro life 8 ok

  • David777 Ally 6 months ago


  • Valerie O 6 months ago

    That was short and it seemed like it took a long time to animate it

  • pvpfight 123 6 months ago

    Where is baby zombie life

  • Charlize Elliot 6 months ago

    I think you should make longer videos

  • Kaan Enes Ülkü 6 months ago

    kac like ?

  • Magic Gamer 6 months ago

    Kann wer deutsch?

  • Anas Games 6 months ago


  • Haibu MøønLight 6 months ago


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