• Jonathan Scott 1 month ago

    Kid: If I make to much noise my neighbors will call my mom.
    Xbox: Really?
    Kid: Yeah they live next door.
    Xbox: Your neighbor lives next door? That’s unheard of.

  • yassmin sophea yussry 1 month ago

    9 yrs old learning to curse,WOW!our generation is fucked up

  • doodles226am 1 month ago

    I love his laugh in this

  • lil heartbreak 1 month ago


  • Fundead Gaming 1 month ago

    Love the new intro!

  • Bryant Benson 1 month ago

    Your like ratings are low please make them higher Xbox👍

  • lil heartbreak 1 month ago


  • doodles226am 1 month ago

    Face reveal

  • AyyItsEdenFlores 1 month ago

    Damn 18k likes lets get additonz to 2m subs

  • Cub ic 1 month ago

    The rock tooth fairy it’s Soo funy

  • Yes Yes 1 month ago

    I hope he trolls funpear again

  • Your O Playz 1 month ago


    Also your dog is cute :3

  • Lulu Mcdiggens 1 month ago


  • Landon Wooten 1 month ago

    8:09 tha5s what you call explosive diarrhea

  • TheClash Republic 1 month ago

    This kid sounds so retarted 😂😂😂

  • Declan O'Hare 1 month ago

    You still play Minecraft you crack monkey

  • Noah Albrecht 1 month ago

    I had respect for other people at 9 years old, I actually still do

  • Nova Deep 1 month ago

    12:19 the fuck….

  • Hunter Muñoz Vlogs, Gaming & More 1 month ago

    Xbox: Do you believe in the tooth fairy?
    Kid: idk
    Xbox: it’s the rock, haven’t you seen the movie?
    Lol 😂

  • Kaleah 1 month ago

    Xbox:guess how old I am and I’ll tell you
    Xbox:close 12

  • Mutton Man 1 month ago

    Can you troll my friend. His gamertag is BlakMum8a

  • not available at this time 1 month ago

    you can tell he’s scared as fart boy

  • BigBro Pedro 1 month ago

    Hahahhahaha i love this video

  • WidePoem 1 month ago

    Like his new intro? Well it is made by a youtuber called SkyMiner, go check him out he has only got 3k subs and he makes intros for a lot of you tubers, he deserves more subs.

  • haloawesomedude117 1 month ago

    What’s that sound at 6:22 (what does he say)

  • Jay fulton 1 month ago

    Aww your dog is so cute I stopped on the photo 😃

  • Benjamin Johnson 1 month ago

    Yeah your right minecraft isn’t the most manliest game ever its roblox😂😂😂😂😂

  • Benjamin Johnson 1 month ago

    Blows up dildo oh no your mom😂😂😂😂😂

  • Crazy lil' cookie 1 month ago

    Im 10 and in 6th grade

  • EaZyKhaos Gang 1 month ago

    What happened to you trolling you little brother those where gold lol

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    Hey can you troll this jerk you still have PS4 he have minecraft as well

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    But……. He I have one sister and one little brother and he loves the troll everybody will not roll but pick on everybody one time I was playing Terraria I worked on so hard getting the Terraria blade and he took it from me so hard I worked on and then he started a tea bag me right in front of me and I said you know what yeah I’ll get my revenge and guess what you won’t see it coming if you control this simple idiot kid I would like half right in front of him for taking my stuff without asking

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    Xbox if you can do one simple thing I’ll go my PS4 tell you it’s gamertag and tell him I think you’re really cool I want to join and play with you on Minecraft see if your O P but just keep messing with him

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    If Maya text don’t make sense to you my mic is so bad just to let you know

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    I’ll tell you his gamertag just a sec I’ll make that a minute because sex is take like a one second LOL

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    I meant second not the s word I didn’t mean to say that my mics messing up really bad I’ll text next time

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago


  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    You did it let me know I’ll you 😁+😡+🤣

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    I mean sub you

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    Also there a little kid that loves to lie happy304

  • creeperblow up971 1 month ago

    Frined me I got some thing to tell you

  • Iron Dino 1 month ago

    It should be 911 likes

  • TBNRProHunter Gamerz 1 month ago

    im addicted on this channel

  • Speaker knockerz Rico 1 month ago

    Yo xbox theres this one kid name meekequation he fucking funny troll him ill give u fhes full gamertag meekequation639 or 637

  • xX JDOGGRULES2 Xx 1 month ago

    if I get one more thank you for your service ad I’ll throw a bomb at their truck ffs yt the ads are getting annoying

  • Spookboy 05 1 month ago


  • Metal Sonic 1 month ago

    1:34 Lel “Squeakers only play on this game” then why is he playing it then?

  • Coyote Recon 1 month ago

    Minecraft, Black ops 3 and GTA 5 is the main central for annoying children.

  • hndrsn1000 1 month ago

    This is way better than Master of Luck. He clickbaits you and I’ve me his victims and they were nice people. Xboxaddictions does good vids because he only uploads videos with the person who he’s trolling consent unlike, Master of Luck. He ruins people.

  • PortableGamerYT 1 month ago

    Xbox, did Dr. Evil write ur description?

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