Today I hack in Minecraft Walls to troll my friends!
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  • Anaya Blanding 3 weeks ago


  • Andrew Bills 3 weeks ago

    Do a trolling video

  • RexArmy 3 weeks ago

    18:37 – 18:38 it shows the hacks

    What pisses me off is he insulted hackers befor now he’s trying to ride there viwers he also don’t want to say the name of the client so the maker don’t get any love. Every YouTube who used hacks even thecampingrussher showed the hacked client out of respect for the maker. Maby it’s because I know the time it takes to make a client needed to always look for a bypass and stuff but I think it’s low when you don’t even have the respect to say the name of the client.

  • Mohammad Breakdancing 3 weeks ago


  • CJ Hill 3 weeks ago

    So wolfram is back?

  • crystal clear3 3 weeks ago

    The ben call bean bean bean bean bean bean bean come help

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 3 weeks ago

    Bork 177

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 3 weeks ago

    It鈥檚 my cats birthday

  • Serperionator Da TRK Fan 3 weeks ago


  • Conan Tan 3 weeks ago

    If you want to use hacked clients again, use the jigsaw hacked client it’s more user-friendly and subtle.

  • bluewarrior 707 3 weeks ago

    bring back tewity

  • Nicholas Mason 3 weeks ago

    Im gon report you again

  • slime dude1222 3 weeks ago

    The hack client look lik matrix v5

  • Samsonpull27 Xrx 3 weeks ago


  • Mhark Andaya 3 weeks ago


  • Vorpal _Eye 3 weeks ago

    I Miss blade

  • 87 87 3 weeks ago

    When you are fighting you almost say you cheat

  • Lim Tomson 3 weeks ago

    Some of the luck potion is for attack player

  • FRITZ Evarola 3 weeks ago


  • THELAZY GAMER 3 weeks ago

    21:47 /ban bifflewiffle

  • gaming with brownie 3 weeks ago


  • CTC 2006 3 weeks ago

    oh no he is addicted

  • Sarvesh Ram 3 weeks ago

    Jerome you couldve just put a black box on top of the hax that appeared on the top right corner!!!!

  • rex grant 3 weeks ago

    I have hac I hypixel all the time

  • My Name 3 weeks ago

    Skillclient is the hack

  • Toch Molynet 3 weeks ago

    It ez to hack

  • Fotbolls Kungen 3 weeks ago

    More Hacking Please!!!!

  • progamer alhaidar 3 weeks ago

    Pause at 18:38 to see THE hacka he has

  • DanisDGK 3 weeks ago

    To everyone who’s saying it’s Wolfram or Jigsaw, It’s not… Look up Skillclient! Just look at the GUI. Compare it to Skillclient. It’s the same.

  • Ryan Hoenig 3 weeks ago

    18:38 you can see his hacks

  • Charli Alvey 3 weeks ago


  • GonnaRuinYoDay 88 3 weeks ago


  • CTC 2006 3 weeks ago

    21:45 did biffle cuss?

  • little twig 3 weeks ago

    at 18:36 he shows the hacks

  • immortal phoenix 3 weeks ago

    Jerome use the lucky sword and the

  • Beast Gamer 3 weeks ago

    I played monster Hunter it’s awesome and fun would recommend plz play it. Like if it’s a good idea.

  • CallMeSenpai YT 3 weeks ago

    this client is called skillclient i may have used this <3

  • Joshua coleman 3 weeks ago


  • Ian Alexander 3 weeks ago

    He shows hacks at 18:38

  • That Guy 3 weeks ago

    I suspected this video to come out

  • Austin Stone 3 weeks ago

    couldnt even hak right

  • Destroykoo 2 3 weeks ago


  • Digyboy 3 weeks ago

    Stop telling everyone what client he鈥檚 using he鈥檚 just doing it for the LOLs

  • Florina Jennefer 3 weeks ago

    monster hunter i am number one it easy

  • Foxy The gamer - spam reporter 3 weeks ago

    Jerome is drunk!

  • Jenny Quilty 3 weeks ago

    Plz don’t be a hacker

  • Andrew Wood 3 weeks ago


  • NyAnCaTbOy6 3 weeks ago

    8:95 alex said Papa bacca was in the chat so that means that Alex knew that Jerome was trolling… hmmm

  • Awesomeponylover 3 weeks ago

    JEROME! Get any payment for the bag and lunch box your selling at nice posture clothing from Australia?? If so it was probably me! THE BAG AND LUNCHBOX ARE THE BOMB!!! Get it??

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