Today we prank eachother with World Edit on a Minecraft Modded Lucky


  • Hunter Densmore 7 months ago

    it hit 10000 likes

  • Alex Tompkins 7 months ago

    Cactus Bomb!!!!!!!

  • Canadian Jason 7 months ago

    Do this again

  • Alex Tompkins 7 months ago

    I’m dead of laughter

  • Alex Tompkins 7 months ago

    Wow. Just wow not a surprise. Really who would trust Jerome with FIREBALL COMMANDS

  • Julio Antonio Michelen 7 months ago

    Best stream ever!!!!!!!

  • Julio Antonio Michelen 7 months ago

    this is tarnation amazing

  • Gage Morgan 7 months ago


  • Evante Niehaus 7 months ago

    Whats poppin ever9dy

  • Pyrosans21 Gaming warrior 7 months ago


  • clay gordon 7 months ago

    JEROME WHY. JUST WHY. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Hernandez 7 months ago

    Omg no viiddds he brok minecraft lollllll he brok it alllll lollololololololololololllolomololololllolo

  • Mack Merdinger 7 months ago

    Jerome cannot be trusted with this power why blade why ben #blamejerome

  • Sheni 7 months ago

    where’s ark

  • Ryan Gantley 7 months ago

    F to pay respect

  • Mason Allen 7 months ago

    This is amazing do more of this please

  • Houston Gault 7 months ago

    Um sooooooo blame Ben Am I right

  • Bswarm 7 months ago

    tango sends his love back

  • kyle kuklaw 7 months ago

    what is the coincidence that Jerome said all there names in alphabetical order?

    Alex, Ben, Blade, and Steve

  • Er0sTh30lympian , 7 months ago

    It’s me Mineaholic my old channel locked me out so this is my new channel

  • emil malmberg 7 months ago


  • cris cadayona 7 months ago

    i love thissssss series plssss make a searies 1 and 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  • MadPlaysGames Yt 7 months ago

    why dont you have a list of commands before hand so u can use them

  • MadPlaysGames Yt 7 months ago

    add a punishing plugin /punish hole
    /punish potato (thats a real one XD watch doni bobes)

  • Sam Britton 7 months ago

    How to get him
    Step 1: throw level 10000 fireball

  • Noah Christiansen 7 months ago

    13:05 anyone else see that ocelot on top of the creeper?
    That creeper was helping the cat

  • hendro kayak 7 months ago

    do more plz more

  • Camden Swan 7 months ago

    I have no words for that ending by Jerome but I have to say the was fucken AWSOME!!!!!!!!

  • David Bridges 7 months ago

    I’m crying and laughing at the same time, Jerome finally crashed all of beans hard work and we didn’t even get to see frizzleandpopstar
    great job Jerome you did something good

  • Andrew Learney 7 months ago

    That is exactly what I would do

  • Katie Blackwell 7 months ago


  • Cayden Winkle 7 months ago

    is /shart a thing in this

  • Jacob Oakes 7 months ago


  • chris sezook 7 months ago

    While watching my mum had guests over. When Jerome did the TNT with the fireball I bursted out with laughter. The guest stared at me for 10 seconds. After that I liked the video and it was the funniest thing I had ever seen! 🙂

  • chris sezook 7 months ago

    Jerome please do another one of these. When u start the video dont tell Ben its another WorldEdit video. Then out of nowhere “CACTUS BOMB!!!!!!!”

  • FPS Sniper 7 months ago

    Bean got so mad xD

  • theomegawaffle 999 7 months ago

    “Clap clap clap”

  • TherealGamer51 Gaming legend 7 months ago

    This just went from #BlameBen to #BlameSteve

  • Blue Gaming 7 months ago

    When Jerome fired the fireball the first time my mind went to HOLY F***

  • Yoshybro Gaming 7 months ago

    Nice one Steve

  • MRAWESOMFUL 7 months ago

    Do more please this is hilarious

  • Devin Simzyk 7 months ago

    R.I.P server made people very happy

  • K Teo 7 months ago


  • Daxele3 7 months ago

    congratulations on your personal achievement

  • Joshua Ward 7 months ago

    ****** yea it’s back

  • Robert Belknap 7 months ago

    ez come the command ez go the entire box

  • CAMERON MINER 7 months ago

    Bens falt

  • Damon G 7 months ago

    Best Lucky Block Race Ever

  • Piercen Jones 7 months ago

    Wow Jerome wowser duders

  • Cole Smith 7 months ago

    this was the funniest thing and had me laughing constantly

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