Today we play Lucky Block Race and troll each other with world edit


  • mike herrmann 1 month ago

    jeromeive been subscribed for 3 years and love your content

  • Justin Fan 1 month ago


  • December Disciple 1 month ago

    You’ve been playing minecraft for like 6 or 7 years now.
    How are you still sane?

  • Jennifer Lowry 1 month ago


  • TheGamingBadger /////-///// 1 month ago

    Wassa duuuuude

  • X Flames X Gamer 1 month ago

    When does chew Bacca use a light saber

  • Fluffyvader 1 month ago

    Why aren’t tbe comments loading

  • Marques Paden 1 month ago

    youtube needs to fix there notifications i did not get one from anybody that i subscribed to

  • Leocoy 1 month ago

    33:10 Austin without a monocle

  • thomasfamilyfarm 1 month ago

    What happened to PixArk?

  • Rik 2016 1 month ago


  • Rik 2016 1 month ago


  • April Butler 1 month ago

    … wassup to be honest i have never seen your face before..i was like WOAH

  • shady dragon 1 month ago

    do this with hack clients or could you do god mod batledome

  • Emma Jensen 1 month ago

    I love these videos!

  • kyros Solomon 1 month ago


  • Preston Taylor 1 month ago

    Guys I found this funny thing to do when your bored 😑

    Just press on one of Jerome’s vids, listen to it for 2 secs then click on another video.
    All you hear is
    Oh buddy! What’s going on
    Oh buddy! What’s going on
    Oh buddy! What’s going on
    Oh buddy! What’s going on
    Oh buddy! What’s going on

    Oh buddy! What’s going on
    Oh buddy! What’s going on
    Oh buddy! What’s going on

  • tom greenall 1 month ago

    check out doublepuppy6!its a great and fast growing chanel that i think everyone here would enjoy

  • HydraPlayz - MineCraft & More 1 month ago

    Why dont you guys use the OMEGA lucky blocks??? Pls use em cause people seem to have forgotten about them

  • Mnstrman06 1 month ago

    I missed it 🙁

  • Freedcomb403501 0 1 month ago

    i used to love peaches but then the peach merchant came with his pocket dimension full of peaches and let me only eat peaches (anyone get the reference just me ok 🙁 )

  • CCooper Pair 1 month ago

    Jeromes reaction when he rocket mans to the moon

  • Artis Birze 1 month ago

    The thing i like the best is the Cactus Bombs

  • WILLIAM CLACK 1 month ago

    pls do more of this

  • JogdenGaming 1 month ago

    check out my channel

  • Eric Lee 1 month ago

    Jerome’s so dumb, because he could’ve just skipped the block that Blade was on, and come back to it………………………..

  • frikkie playz 1 month ago


  • Eric Lee 1 month ago

    It’s like Jerome thinks that sneaking doesn’t exist when he has super speed on…………………….

  • sean bradley 1 month ago

    What are fries are they like chips like cheese chips ???

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