• jake colanero 1 month ago

    They aren’t brats she is lol

  • Daiomand pug tato 1 month ago

    I know which power rangers series the white girl power ranger is from “power rangers mystic force”

  • Sisi Pasahol 1 month ago

    little kelly why are you not doing love story with raven do more💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

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    I love you guys my Nana is going to neworlends love you

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    it was glitchy

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    Can you make a Spongebob episode

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    love it Kelly!

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    kochana ty jestec ładna

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    i want a video including the POWER RANGERS VS MINEVENGERS click the like button if u support me

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    I’ve been watching way too much Power Rangers episodes.

  • Jose Cruz 1 month ago

    I know I am late but I LOVE YOU GUYS

  • Jose Angulo 1 month ago

    you used lost Galaxy megazord for might morfing power ranger

  • Jose Angulo 1 month ago

    your are thinking of samurai with the red female ranger

  • Maria C 1 month ago

    i love little kelly

  • Tiny Lizrd 1 month ago

    In LL vids I said do power rangers

  • cute so cute cat 1 month ago

    first saw the power rangers and 7 my mom dad let me at home and dont know why

  • stan lougheed 1 month ago

    this video was awesome

  • Zahra Kamila 1 month ago

    Little kelly power rangers Pink is Kimberly and power rangers yelow

  • Lacey Haines 1 month ago

    pink is Mia yellow is Emily

  • Justin fang 1 month ago


  • Denisse Melendez 1 month ago

    Yay i’m early

  • Des Smyth 1 month ago

    i love power ranger

  • Fidel Ontiveros 1 month ago

    you said my name

  • Tim Tye 1 month ago

    Rita was a power ranger the green one. And she was on zordons team but she wanted more power so she betrayed them. And now she wants to rip the life crystal from the ground.

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    hey guys I’m a big Legend of Zelda fan and I’d be more than happy to be like some sort of Zelda toy like-for-like link but I don’t know what you guys playing on I only have the Minecraft for the Pocket Edition I hope you don’t plan on the PC if you do I really can’t join you I wish I could I’d be more than willing to join you if you didn’t have PC I have Minecraft for the Pocket Edition but let me know I’ll be more than willing to be a toy with you guys

  • Olive Clouds 1 month ago

    i like your video

  • Best frends E.M 1 month ago

    The yellow one is called emilly

  • Melody Jackson 1 month ago

    I love this video

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    monsters need help

  • Danica Mollaneda 1 month ago

    little carly i think the yellow ranger is emma

  • Heleina Dash 1 month ago

    At first I thought it was poison ivy but then it’s rita i get confused with the mc skins

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    Ayden J

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  • Aggrey Wanyonyi 1 month ago

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    i loveyou

  • Brendan Moore 1 month ago

    The name of the yellow power ranger trini

  • Liam Mortenson 1 month ago

    The yellow ranger is Trini

  • SafiyahAmor Harrag 1 month ago

    Little Kelly your right the Pink one us Kimberly and the Yellow one is Trini Kwan

  • Carmelo Arabes 1 month ago

    hi little kelly nice to meet you little kelly and i love you so much littlr kelly

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