• Jasav TJC 6 months ago


  • cory Flores 6 months ago

    Been prank vikk with the death pit

  • Boog 'n Shoog 6 months ago

    WOW. Cool island. Thanks for sharing.

  • jordan 6 months ago

    mitch you use to be my favorite then u faded from his principles in ur vids but im slowly starting to watch u dailiy again but i wish u would mute urself when u do self plug or promo while others r talking with u they seem weirded by it

  • Revival Michael 6 months ago

    Get an electevire. They can beat a jolteon at their best and can beat ground types.

  • Turret Vlogs 6 months ago

    Mitch pls make quiff and lake team rocket?or lachlan.

  • tofu right 6 months ago

    the server should do all the evil organization vs each other

  • B and A Duo 6 months ago

    Hi Beijing Canadian

  • jason m 6 months ago

    bajan u plan on adding some *texture packs* so your minecraft video will overall look *better*

  • Kemen Esquivel 6 months ago

    Fix the house entry please my OCD

  • Hax Dragonite 6 months ago


  • XteamerPlays Minecraft 6 months ago

    Can I have 2k subs and kick butt that like button

  • Jack Zhang 6 months ago

    Turn on your exp. share it is not on, your turned it off
    (From episode 4)

  • Cole Larson 6 months ago

    At 1:08:25 is that a shiny venonat or am I crazy?

  • Georgia Boyz 6 months ago

    Mitch when the nether open use blaze rod to cook

  • XteamerPlays Minecraft 6 months ago

    You have aerodactle use it to fly or get a fearow u can fly with it quif does it to find shinyS!!!!

  • Jacob Michalesko 6 months ago

    Fuel inputs to the back of the furnace, and items input to the top.

  • ash camba 6 months ago

    Mitch will get back on the youtube game

  • Where’s ur facecam plsss

  • Use lvl balls

  • WhomstArtThou 6 months ago

    Mitch, to counter a powerful Alakazam or any other pokemon, bring a level 1( or any other low level) pokemon that can learn Endeavor and get a Focus Sash. Let them attack first then use Endeavor. After that, the rest is history.

  • LightningBeastz 6 months ago

    Bro Mitch why u didn’t use roost? And plz train ur aerodactyl

  • Richard Majarucon 6 months ago

    Mitch when you tried to catch dragonite it had roost/roose or something then why didn’t you use it to heal dragonite or did you loose it

  • Wither Slasher 6 months ago

    Ride on Draganite!

  • Carl Fajardo 6 months ago

    mich level up your new pokemon

  • The Great Sage 6 months ago

    Mitch I don’t know if you are reading this but please tell me the ip for the server and I’ll level up a magicarp and show you the secret evolution in a live stream but probably like after a month because it takes time to level

  • My Amazing Life 6 months ago

    Where’s face cam?

  • Kiwi Joe 6 months ago

    You should make a hole team of Dragonite

  • Cristan hernadez 6 months ago

    Lol I tried it it worked

  • Cristan hernadez 6 months ago

    You can also fly on dragonite

  • yash shah 6 months ago

    Am I the only one who is facing lag ??

  • Aftaab Khan 6 months ago

    keep up the good work bro :DD

  • FirebirdKitsune 6 months ago

    1:05:02 I see a dragonair! It’s right above that tentacool!

  • EpicEagle787 Gaming 6 months ago

    Why do you have so little views mitch

  • EpicEagle787 Gaming 6 months ago

    Mitch you are still my favourite YOUTUBER

  • DragonMC 6 months ago

    Mitch the apricorn smelting doesn’t work because you need the hopper needs to be on top

  • asahdd 6 months ago


  • asahdd 6 months ago

    U gotta get a hopper coming from the top that would be the things u wanna cook brah

  • Brendan O'Dwyer 6 months ago

    Mitch you can’t use bone rush on flying Pokémon

  • The Rising Nobs 6 months ago

    Remember 2013

  • Gavin Macneil 6 months ago

    Ahhh Mitch i Raged Quited for you ther loosing to Quiff you could have easily destryed him ther 🙂

  • Rainbow Flower 6 months ago


  • Darkstone _OFFICIAL_ 6 months ago

    How are they playing Pixelmon if the mod got shut down by the Pokemon company?
    #ButtHurt Btw

  • Karen Jernigan 6 months ago

    what is the surever

  • Dragon Champion 6 months ago

    Saveges are cabgis

  • Vokier Da One 6 months ago

    Look at the silver thing on the original machines and then it might work

  • Vokier Da One 6 months ago

    #noob watch

  • Colton Floyd 6 months ago

    Dude Mitch Im serious you missed a shiny bedroll

  • Colton Floyd 6 months ago


  • Kingsman - Aeronology 6 months ago

    Why does Mitch have an artifact with a master ball color and logo?

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