• JackSucksAtLife 1 week ago

    Btw, releasing two videos today! reVamped is out in just under 3 hours 😀

  • AMatthew _ 1 week ago

    the conduit is an underwater beacon, if you put prismarine around it, (not like the beacon), like a temple formation it will give u night vision and water breathing, btw conduit is crafted by putting (i forgot wat its called) and heart of the sea at the middle

  • Sam Teinert 1 week ago

    I want whales!!!!!!!!

  • JustSolar :-D 1 week ago

    Im going to expose u jack (love your vids btw) BUT LOOK AT THIS 0:02 explain that!!! Jk all good fun

  • Thijs Beentjes 1 week ago

    I think conduits will be a way to transport items

  • jonko de coole jonko 1 week ago

    eh wurst?

  • Mallylonglegs 1 week ago

    From the dictionary: A conduit is a channel for conveying water or other fluid. It can also be a tube or trough for protecting electric wiring. The origin comes from the Latin word ‘conducere’ which means bring together. My best guess on what the conduit will be in Minecraft is a way of having redstone travel through water. I’m not sure though.

  • Cats Rule 1 week ago

    Ummm why do u have wurst hack client ????

  • STEPH 1 week ago


  • RippsIsHere 1 week ago

    *C U T E N E S S O V E R L O A D*

  • Wolfewolf Yt 1 week ago

    You said run run run but you were swimming!

  • Sjoerd 1812 1 week ago

    I love how you got Wurst (hacked client) in your versions 😛

  • Sterling Hevs 1 week ago

    Did anyone see the dolphin get stuck on land and die at the end and then the others played with his dead body…

  • Gummybear Games 1 week ago

    Water pump is what the conduit will be

  • Julia Galka 1 week ago

    I’ve went swimming with dolphins

  • Cake Mc 1 week ago

    The conduit acts as night vision, haste and underwater breathing when supplied with prismarine and a heart of the sea (heart of the sea is a new item, I believe they can be found in burried chests)

  • Yagnesh 1 week ago

    You place a 3×3 prismarine block thing and place it one block above, Then it will give you a effect which will have better underwater vision and waterbreathing

  • KiaDaTowncrafter 1 week ago

    who else noticed wurst in his versions? XD 0:02

  • RadiationPlayz 1 week ago

    Its funny how Jack bans hackers but has 2 clients installed 🤔

  • Dark 1 week ago


  • Maddie_Mae27 1 week ago

    Jack goes on a cooking show. @1:07 “I like to experience things raw.” -Jack “You stupid idiot. No.” – Gordon Ramsey

  • dakilla greer 1 week ago

    Conduit is dolphin food?

  • Itz_Djc 1 week ago

    LOL 0:03 WURST

  • CheezeBurger43 1 week ago

    I am pretty sure the conduit is an under water beacon sort of thing that gives you breathing and sight and haste under water

  • Jimmy Hancock 1 week ago

    Next up – the cool animations in reVAMPED will be vanilla!
    Also nice that they’ve fixed the water being pretty much opaque.

  • Matthew Johnson 1 week ago


  • Island Hawkins 1 week ago

    A dolphin died at the end :'(

  • Andex123 1 week ago

    jack you had wurst client hmmmm

  • A Random Someone 1 week ago

    Is there possibly a baby dolphin included in it?

  • TheSlothMonster Toaster 1 week ago

    Underwater lava volcano?

  • ZingKingPlayz 1 week ago

    I saw like three hacked clients as he was scrolling by

  • 100,000 Subscribers With No Vids 1 week ago

    Anyone else remember when these were just mods and stuff

  • Marion LovesKpop 1 week ago

    its sea grass not seaweeds

  • Marion LovesKpop 1 week ago

    place 16 prismarine bllocks around the conduit and it will give u conduit power with 3 effects combined : nght vision,water breathing,and haste

  • Im Just Jisoo 1 week ago

    Which part of Australia did u go to? I’m in Perth ;-;

  • TheECgamer 1 week ago

    pin me

  • Daniel Doherty 1 week ago

    the conduit is for underwater redstone

  • Coolrockstar2006 2nd channel 1 week ago

    The conduit is basically a Sea Beacon, giving you effects if placed in the right place.

  • Toasty Wolf 1 week ago

    The version hasn’t come out yet?

  • Toasty Wolf 1 week ago

    The condutt might be for water houses or underground bases? not sure.

  • TocoStar 1 week ago

    LET GET THIS STRAIGHT BECAUSE IM TIRED OF THOSE “YOUTUBE’S DRUNK” COMMENTS! A viewer has to watch 30 seconds of a video for in to count as a view so when people like and comment the second they click the video the numbers get mixed up

  • Mihai Titiriga 1 week ago

    The water is different like in every biome

  • Kris krzem 1 week ago

    thancc now i want die

  • Cattz Playsss 1 week ago

    I think the conduit is a whatchama call it? Oh barnicles is that how u spell it? Oh well

  • Blamelesss 1 week ago

    Why do you have Wurst and Impact installed?

  • Gloryness 1 week ago


  • NoobOfRblxGame_ z 1 week ago

    you have hacks if you look in the start

  • Cruv - MC And More 1 week ago

    Pyouf sponsored by mojsng

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