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  • Optimus Prime 2 weeks ago

    Do more hello neighbor!

  • paige bennet-roberts 2 weeks ago

    Dan can you please do more horror maps I love them and I love you so much I love your video’s I watch them every day there so amazing!!

  • dantdm' s side kick yousef 2 weeks ago


  • Shaine Sarmiento 2 weeks ago

    Wow dan this video is 35 on trending

  • Ceferino Gonzales Jr 2 weeks ago


  • Alison Hughes 2 weeks ago

    dan in 2009 i was born! Plus I was day old becuase my birthday is July the 7th

  • S for mulji 2 weeks ago

    Of course

  • Zahran34 2 weeks ago

    Dan you should play more ROBLOX than any other games e.g. Minecraft, escapists e.t.c

  • Willow Giles 2 weeks ago

    React to “SMASHING​ IT” by Endigo. It’s amazing!

  • Ratty TV 2 weeks ago

    Dan you still haven’t dunn the new series

  • Jake. Paul 2 weeks ago

    19 TRENDING!!!!! OMG

  • Gabriel Rahardjo 2 weeks ago

    Where is the Hello Neighbor

  • Aryan Hegde 2 weeks ago

    here after a long time nd dan is just as amazin as ever

  • Abby Ferguson 2 weeks ago

    Congrats for 12# on trending

  • Crilex Crilex 2 weeks ago

    Can i get some subs to help me hit my goal of 100 subs you can watch my cringe diss tracks if u want :3

  • YOONGI'S PROPERTY 2 weeks ago


  • Eva Fox 2 weeks ago

    I was born in 2009 on the 14th may

  • SpeakableGaming 2 weeks ago


  • Analisa Orquin 2 weeks ago

    dan where are the brand new series?

  • Norazmira Mohamad 2 weeks ago


  • The Youngest Sibling 2 weeks ago

    Nice your in trending

  • iPushPull 2 weeks ago

    Can you make more Pokémon trinity episodes

  • Elswoof 2 weeks ago

    He sings Yee at the beginning!!!

  • Tracey Holloway 2 weeks ago

    Dan VS Preston
    Dab Police VS Dabbing Criminal
    LET’S DO IT.

  • andrew lariosa 2 weeks ago

    You’re not the only one who have been playing minecraft for 6 years Dan!

  • Davis Turbyfill 2 weeks ago

    I now it is not that kid friendly but could you plz do a lets play of dark souls 1

  • Mewstudios 123 2 weeks ago

    Hello I love cute pokemon

  • Supergamingtoyunboxing Channel 2 weeks ago

    Love your channel dan

  • Redstone Cat 2 weeks ago

    hey dan change ur minecraft skins hair so it has pink hair

  • DT TV Torrance 2 weeks ago

    Play ant farm survival

  • Roblox Girl 2 weeks ago

    Dan, on roblox, please play resturaunt tycoon.

  • Gizzy Jnr. 2 weeks ago

    Hi dan can u play tomodachi life

  • Gizzy Jnr. 2 weeks ago


  • Gizzy Jnr. 2 weeks ago

    Meh joined dab police

  • Suzanne Tucker 2 weeks ago

    I have joined the dab police I hate the dab it is so so so frustrating.😠😠

  • neaty games 2 weeks ago

    13 on trending not bad dan

  • Neil Patrick Jaudines 2 weeks ago

    Dan I Joined you in Facebook!

  • ProudToBeASlytherin _ 2 weeks ago

    It’s raining pigs, hallelujah!

  • Neil Patrick Jaudines 2 weeks ago

    and Followed You!!!!

  • Reuester 2 weeks ago

    I want to die

  • xLImEMErZzXx 2 weeks ago

    YouTube editor

  • gas mask call papa American 2 weeks ago


  • Explosive Kills 2 weeks ago

    SMASHING IT!Dan plz watch

  • Explosive Kills 2 weeks ago

    Watch it!!!!

  • Explosive Kills 2 weeks ago


  • Leanna Exconde 2 weeks ago

    Daniel is dantdm

  • OwLock 2 weeks ago

    Destiny2 Trailer

  • Noah Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    Once I was 7 years old Dan told me,to play minecraft

  • Zinger Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Now play the oldest version of minecraft

  • Greer Shipley 2 weeks ago

    dan umm love your vids call me
    hah jk

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