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  • TheCrafterGirl 8 months ago

    ☀ ☁☁ Have a
    🍃 /\ 🎈 good
    / 🌴\ 🍃 day❕
    /\/🌻🌻 \/\🌴
    24/7 Keep smiling 😄

  • Š 8 months ago

    Find the difference 😈😈😈😈👿😈😈😈😈😈😈like if you find it

  • Robo Collins 8 months ago

    Love it

  • Rage Gamer 8 months ago

    Dan you are a gay😂


  • Roloco MAN 8 months ago

    the one you fought in splegg is preston plays

  • Sa1Black 8 months ago

    Before I opened the video I was hoping for hide n seek soooo (:

  • Norma Urquizo 8 months ago

    who thinks he could play castle crashers on the Xbox 360

  • Janet Hughes 8 months ago

    i sub😉

  • Agame 8 months ago

    YAS!!it’s nice to see some old minigames. Especially Splegg and Super Minecraft Maker. The Lab is also pretty good,but i started watching you around the time when you were doing mod reviews, scary maps and minigames, of course. P.S. I did the teleportation dance in The Lab. 😀

  • Dani Ashraf 8 months ago

    Do another fidget spinner video

  • Sean Boon 8 months ago

    play clash of clan

  • Peyton Lenker 8 months ago

    Sub if u love dan and his cute accent! He’s funny too 😂👍🏻 And if dan TRULY loves us, he’ll pin this and sub to me! I’m sorry that I really want subscribers 😛

  • Parvaneh Christensen 8 months ago

    splegg splet sploof

  • MeziMal 8 months ago


  • ProSonicAlena AAX 8 months ago

    I love your videos Dan, and I love you, but your videos have gotten boring. I’m not saying your videos are bad, but to be honest… I just watched your Roblox videos. You never played it. In a while anyway. I also watch your interesting Minecraft vids. Sorry to say that Dan. 😢

  • David Moore 8 months ago

    I subscribed!!!

  • Narrow Colt 8 months ago

    ( ⚫️⚫️ )
    / > 💣
    Can you hold this for me?

  • Dylan Forbes 8 months ago

    Dr Zuk Is Hungry…………………….Apparently

  • Dylan Forbes 8 months ago

    Eat Dat Potato (▰˘◡˘▰)

  • Dylan Forbes 8 months ago


  • Dylan Forbes 8 months ago


  • Dylan Forbes 8 months ago

    Don’t forget Lenny Needs Potatoes To ( ° ʖ °)

  • Dylan Forbes 8 months ago


  • Bryan San Miguel 8 months ago

    can you pls react to blackpink

  • PatrickD326 8 months ago

    dan you play Minecraft more then Roblox but i love your vids you

  • LO Tracer 8 months ago

    Could you play some more minecraft horror maps?

  • KH Rehan Mahmud Mahmud 8 months ago

    wow mingmes are old

  • RainbowBlade64 8 months ago

    / >🎈

  • lanceylance TRG 8 months ago

    thats preston!!!

  • KΛZZER 8 months ago

    Dan this video cheered me up. I was thinking about my kitten dying. And now we have a new one to replace it but the other kittens just hiss at it. And hate it. And i was slowly crying with no noise in the kitchen thinking about it. I never wanted the new cat to be hurt by the others. This video made my day. Thank you dan. Your the best.

  • Fergal McDonagh 8 months ago

    dan my dad hates you

  • Christal Coetzee 8 months ago

    the “28”is a”2″NOT “28”

  • Frances Jenna Marie Flores 8 months ago

    im sorry for being a bit rude but i thinks his in such a hurry but not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing…..😑

  • YandereDZN 8 months ago

    hy is my internet so slow today?? 🙁

  • Paul Josef 8 months ago

    i subcribe

  • Darek Synek 8 months ago

    majn Neum darek

  • Anønymøus Nøbødy 8 months ago

    omg Dr.Zuk 😂
    the nostalgia 😂

  • FUSE YOUTUBER 8 months ago

    dantdm pleas subscribe to me

  • ALLABOUTTHEGAMING 67 8 months ago

    / O

  • Gaming Gaming 8 months ago

    dan make more vids of this!

  • MinecraftGamer Runas 8 months ago


  • Gaming Gaming 8 months ago

    dan play more parkour

  • Alfie Browm 8 months ago

    why not you life stream

  • Jatz 848 8 months ago

    Yes he comes back

  • Alfie Browm 8 months ago

    l mean live stream

  • PowerSporeAJ 8 months ago

    Potatoman meant “Stop being a coward!”

  • Zlatan Ibrahimović 8 months ago

    Play evolution

  • SirBlue 8 months ago

    Subbed to Dan since his other channel PokeDan lvl.56

  • aboody x360 intro 8 months ago


  • Luna_ Gaming776 8 months ago

    Happy b-day to me and anyone else! I don’t want likes 😑

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