• Nathan 21506 5 months ago

    First off you people watch this crap when its always clickbait and you have to sit through the video you did not even want to watch. Like if you are mad too

  • Nick Nichols 5 months ago

    Flip I’m late for the store 🙁

  • Cliff smith 5 months ago


  • Cliff smith 5 months ago

    Will I’m not happy

  • ChillNoR 5 months ago

    i like the level 14

  • ChillNoR 5 months ago

    no forget that i say my favorite lever are level 15

  • imachicken 5 months ago

    What texture pack does he use

  • Demon SOU1100 5 months ago

    I love parkour and I’m good at it

  • mitchell ramsey 5 months ago

    Everyone like the vid

  • nikkisisk 5 months ago

    your my favrt YOUTOBER

  • memes xD 5 months ago


  • Ryland Baldwin 5 months ago

    preston is the most handsome cactus ever!

  • Artist Crafts 5 months ago

    I’m sovwosososososososososossosossosoos sad cuz my parents don’t really want me to buy stuff online AND I WANT UR STUFF ALL OF IT OUEEAAHAHAHHAHAHA IM SO SAD AND MAD AND YEAH

  • Gavin Nazarian 5 months ago

    Why did u listing to unspeakable

  • Meghan Harris 5 months ago


  • NoahGaming85 5 months ago

    Hey preston im a big fan just wanted to know if you have some gaming merch like a mic or headphones or something. can u reply if yes or maybe pin this comment

  • crazy gamerz 5 months ago

    Happy December every beautiful chunk of skin and I hope you

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  • Tonya Dishman 5 months ago


  • Lps Kenziw 5 months ago

    If i get pinned i will subscribe to preston

  • Mai Thao 5 months ago

    HOW O_O

  • Busterfly 5 months ago

    Why does he look like a creep in the start of the video??

  • Jacob Hicks 5 months ago

    New sister fryday😊😊😊

  • Manny Valdez 5 months ago

    The rainbow one for sure

  • SgtFoxx 5 months ago

    music at 7:24? its so bootyful…

  • John Tony Sandoval 5 months ago

    Plz like the comment. My birthday is tomorrow on December 12

  • Logan Franz 5 months ago

    Omg I haven’t seen you since you had 1k subscribers

  • Ibed Valencia 5 months ago

    What was your first video

  • Logan BRON 5 months ago

    6:36 i laughed so hard

  • Christian Strader 5 months ago

    Preston loves everyone no ginder assuming here

  • MrSaLtY 5 months ago

    2:30 well, too bad cuz I’m depressed.

  • brooklyne steward 5 months ago

    December 2017??

  • Abraham Rivera 5 months ago


  • Devin Perdue 5 months ago

    Preston i luv your vids

  • Kinharu Souphaphone 5 months ago

    I got new merchants on Minecraft I made you as a character

  • MissKenzie2000 5 months ago

    Preston my friend thinks he’s better at parkour than you.like if you think Preston’s better comment if you think my friend is better.

  • Brandon Kissinger 5 months ago

    Do Try-Hard mode pls!!! so subscribe!!!

  • motocross 5 months ago


  • Maisa Ayu Muliawati 5 months ago


  • motocross 5 months ago

    He’s growing a moustache

  • CorruptedCow FTW 5 months ago

    i dont understand, you dont want to do the parkour and u say 1 like = no more sad preston… if u like he will be sad preston. 50/50 #SADPRESTON

  • dare me 5 months ago

    The king of jumping is here

  • Itzlarissa 5 months ago

    Sub to me=popularmmos
    all of the above=preston

  • Aidan Leech 5 months ago

    #Sell out

  • Helaena Rose 5 months ago

    prestonplayz i watched unspeakablegaming do this months ago check it out (he raged really bad) check it out for a try not to laught video (you can compare your video to unspeakable’s) it would be so fun

    from a lava-mob-parkour-king fan

  • Dario Lau 5 months ago

    IM HAPPY 😀

  • Noel James Cabrera 5 months ago

    you suck pleclom

  • Dallas Walker 5 months ago

    hi preston ur my fav parkour king

  • FoxGaming 5 months ago

    i didnt like

  • Julian Kirner 5 months ago

    i have coke……………. does that count?????????????

  • Julian Kirner 5 months ago

    peston when u built ur parkour, u could break the red stained glass

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