• Médical Clement 3 weeks ago

    “Get a room you two.”

  • Cybo_Vampire 3 weeks ago


  • Waxican 3 weeks ago

    They remind me of them Skewer’s from the Darwin IV documentary

  • Danibossmen YT 3 weeks ago

    Paul, I think the slow fall potion worked on your dog and cat, check it out if u can

  • Noctis 3 weeks ago

    Great to see another video, Paul! Keep em coming. I like to watch these while my zombie farm fills up.

  • The Goat 3 weeks ago

    Hey Paul at 19:00 it looks like Floki slow fell so I think it works on pets!

  • isaac bordewyk 3 weeks ago

    It seems kinda silly to have to travel 500 meters just to brew two potions

  • Advance493 3 weeks ago

    I certainly hope they turn down the damage the phantoms do

  • Dinner-fork tongue 3 weeks ago

    This is making me wanna play vanilla MC again. These changes are making the game feel fresh once more.

  • Thompson Kids 3 weeks ago

    Play Undertale!

  • Skulls Empire 3 weeks ago

    Paul if you try sprinting in the water then you start siwming and you get a worsem animation!

  • Lord Rael Scion 3 weeks ago

    BdoubleO is *VERY* familiar with Phatoms lol

  • Richeh 3 weeks ago

    didnt know this guy was still relevant

  • Andrew Pravecek 3 weeks ago


  • Toe Bar 3 weeks ago

    Loyalty and riptide don’t work together

  • CrashStudios 3 weeks ago

    Ragnar probably misses you and Lagertha

  • SamShawn Stephens 3 weeks ago

    Cats don’t take call damage

  • Max Xiong 3 weeks ago

    I thought cats don’t take fall damage lol

  • GrimGeorge 123 3 weeks ago

    Paul you can swim by sprinting in the water

  • GrimGeorge 123 3 weeks ago

    You forgot the turtles!

  • SangheiliWarrior 3 weeks ago

    You should travel far away and check out new ocean terrain! Also use bonemeal on blocks underwater to get sea grass!

  • 333Liger 3 weeks ago

    Paul Sprint In Water There Is A New Swimming Mechanic!!!

    You Go Much Faster At The Cost Of Saturation & Stuff:D

  • Момчил Любчев 3 weeks ago

    Am I the only one noticing combat is gone back to its original state – witch I fully support?

  • MAGA MAN 3 weeks ago

    You should have started a new series for this video so it could be called

    Episode 1 – The Phantom Membrane

  • Durpy Ran 3 weeks ago

    8:58 skeleton horse in the day?!

  • Ali Joseph Brain 3 weeks ago

    Maybe you could make the red bed in the Viking long house pink 💗

  • Jacob Knight 3 weeks ago

    A drowned can drop a trident if it isn’t holding one but it has the chance to drop two if it is holding one. One chance originally and one chance because it’s holding one.

  • Zohm B 3 weeks ago

    Paul did you know that if a zombie is in the water long enough, that it will turn into a drowned.

  • Cyberra 01 3 weeks ago

    There’s a bug with the cats.

    Paul! GO THROUGH THE END GATEWAY AND FIND AN END CITY! Get shells from the shulkers and make shulker boxes! They function like ender chests in that you can pick them up without them dropping their contents, but you don’t need a silk touch pick to do it!

    The Riptide + elytra flying only works when it’s raining.

    Those potions will also save your butt if the shulkers levitate you.

  • Ksuperboy MTU 3 weeks ago

    That sounds so cool a sever with the one and only Paulsoaresjr

  • CraftyMCFish 3 weeks ago

    Hey Paul the Drowned does not need to be carrying a trident and with looting three it has a 5% chance of dropping im not sure if you got one because i wrote this before watching all of it

  • Kenneth Loft 3 weeks ago

    He published on my birthday on may 3

  • HeadPhoneGamez 3 weeks ago

    Paul did you die or something? your xp went down quite a bit

  • knus1959 3 weeks ago

    Hi Paul 🙂 In 1.13, you can only repair your Elytra with the drops from the Phantom…… you can’t repair it with leather anymore.

  • Shining Dawn 3 weeks ago

    “every time I read it I see ‘phantom menace…'”

    Little bit of a Star Wars fan? May the 4th be with you.

  • big game world 3 weeks ago

    In the m 21:02 there were a croos

  • Draco Arcane 3 weeks ago

    Paul cats normally don’t take fall damage.

  • Eyal Levy 3 weeks ago

    Every drowned can drop a trident, although drowned that hold a trident will have a better chance of dropping it as a hand item.

  • Meow Chan29 3 weeks ago

    Potion of slow fall would be useful in the end when you get hit by a shulker o.o

  • Hadar Caesar 3 weeks ago

    When a new Stardew Valley episode comes? keep up the great work!

  • Adelar Lerigon 3 weeks ago

    19:01 I’m pretty sure that Floki actually fell slowly for that short time, which would mean that the potion works on pets.

  • Johny Dragonborn 3 weeks ago

    What happened to Fallout 4?

  • General WarLord 3 weeks ago

    Hey Paul

    Just thought you might like to know that there’s new types of trapdoor and buttons you can use with the different wood textures. Also there’s new shipwrecks that have treasure maps in to find buried treasure. Hope this helps! Please like so he can see!

  • Rosie Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Aw man! I was hoping Phantom Membranes would be used to craft Elytra.

  • 1wolffan 3 weeks ago

    Riptide launches you without the elytra, but fireworks will allow you to rocket through the skies. You gotta get back to the end, and find the new mini-portals that showed up (saw one in your dragon fight) and through an ender pearl through them.

  • Lynnette Beam 3 weeks ago

    I believe the phantom membrane is also used to repair the elyktra.

  • CrabKing The hermitCrab 3 weeks ago

    You still have to go get Ragnar 😥

  • TheKwachner227 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for finally acknowledging poor Ragnar. Lol

  • רון שלז-בלטרמן 3 weeks ago

    You need to press with the lead first on the animal and then on the fence

  • Coelancanth 3 weeks ago

    Will this patreon server last longer than the punchwood server (close to permanent)? I really love Paul (no homo) and his video but I’m hesitant about donating because of my country’s currency (US$1 = $30) so it is somewhat expensive. There’s no ‘poor people’s program for the MC server’ is there?

    $15 donation would be ideal but even $10 is pushing it since that is ‘$300 per month’ in my country. Hope there won’t be a wallet warrior discrimination within the community (say I get bullied by someone who donated $100 a month and no one can help me out because of his deep pockets) 🙁

    I would feel nostalgic if I get to be the one saying “I’ve supported your content for 30 years” and Paul was still playing games in his 80s ^ ^.

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