• Thomas Anderson 4 months ago

    Kid”if there’s a dead body”
    Xbox”you can’t do that on Minecraft ”
    Red writing pops up “or on YouTube”

  • StarWars Dog 3 months ago

    Why don’t u play with master of luck?

  • #PUGSFORLIFE 3 months ago

    lol so funny

  • TH Anims 3 months ago

    Do fortine

  • Cosmin Popescu 3 months ago

    pennywise ahhhhhhhhhh is scare

  • Ilda Minty 3 months ago

    Does anyone else think that IT was bearly scary?!?

  • RiiHANNAH 3 months ago

    I watched da trailer just a few mins ago and it not dat scary

  • Alliana watches 3 months ago

    Lmfao I went to the movies 2 times to see IT I thought it was funny not scary😂

  • kane bone 3 months ago

    Hey Xbox can you troll demi owens

  • Caden Sixkiller 3 months ago

    Caden is my name

  • 11snow-pea 3 months ago

    good job i was lol so much

  • Mission Master 123 123 3 months ago

    I’m mission Master nice vid if anyone in spare time could meet my channel I do gaming on ps2 ps3 ps4 xbox Original and Xboxone.Thankyou all.

  • NekNoExtreme 3 months ago

    Xbox please I beg you to do more of the fortnite trolling so please do it that would be amazing who ever agrees likes

  • Gaming with Dave 3 months ago

    That’s my friend

  • Kimster 00 3 months ago

    Good video from Bertil Karlsson on xbox 360

  • WISDOM KID 3 months ago

    8:23 another pop up and a zoom in on something ….WHAT THE

  • JennyFromNorway 3 months ago

    this is how far I came

  • Xbox remember the kid waddle trol him again plz

  • CoolDude1246 3 months ago

    Part 2?

  • Truthfulness 3 months ago

    Poor kid.

  • Kumar Cruz 3 months ago


  • Fuzzycat 3 months ago

    It’s funny how the skeleton went into the nether like a millisecond before you broke the portal. 👌

  • All Football 3 months ago

    Who likes Minecraft anymore?

  • Luigi8573 3 months ago

    Maybe I can help you troll people add me on Xbox it’s Luigi8573

  • ExoticLuck 3 months ago

    this channel is better than netflix

  • Panda_Playz_MC_RB 3 months ago


  • Fudge Cakes 3 months ago

    Bro bro

  • KingCrazyJam 3 months ago


  • Christian Feldkircher 3 months ago


  • john L 3 months ago

    Still watching you great trolls

  • Gaming Lol 132 3 months ago


  • Monet Tolliver 3 months ago

    Pranks are cool sacary clowns 🤡 scary HAHAHAHAHA

  • NubzZillaGT Nubz 3 months ago

    Part 2 kid get a heart attack after pennywise kill himself

  • X_Ploit_Spect 3 months ago

    Ey I don’t play no kid’s game.

  • Mae Borowski 3 months ago

    You trolling channels with your low like goals

  • Genji is I 3 months ago

    Me: bruh he like 7 feet away from u and not even punching

  • Jevofdoom 1234 3 months ago

    Kids are dumb

  • Kristen Moore 3 months ago

    Show us Day in life video please you probley live a ex life

  • Enchanted Alissa 3 months ago

    Creeper be like: “Heyyyy!’

  • Kyle Vang 3 months ago

    This video is so funny I already watch it it’s not that scary the funny part when he leave hehe

  • Tall Thingy 3 months ago

    rip xbox adicktions

  • Me & TheDopeyPotato 3 months ago

    How come some many youtubers have such a low like goal. Is it a way to get likes

  • some smug doggo 3 months ago

    What the hell im five fucking days late fml

  • nightmare in action 3 months ago

    Wtf a kid trying to have sex with a cat thats just weird try a dog instead jk thats also weird some kids just mess up their sex life from young now they are broken broken parents

  • SadVlogs! 3 months ago

    “Did I just see spiderman?”
    “DiD i jUsT SeE SpIDerMaN?”
    “DiD i jUsT SeEee SpIDerMaN?”
    “D i D i jUsT SeeeE SpIDerMaN?”

  • KUBA XXD 3 months ago

    Damn daddy your voice😍👅

  • William Gray 3 months ago

    Do more video plz

  • Samurot Gaming 3 months ago

    Can u get a ps3 or do u have one

  • Flowey The Flower 3 months ago

    16:21 the most coolest spideman echo

  • Wizzy Rasta 3 months ago

    Did I just see spiderman
    Did I just see spiderman
    Did I just see spiderman
    Did I just see spiderman
    Did I just see spiderman

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