• alexker roblox 3 weeks ago


  • O.K the PowCard Fan11 3 weeks ago

    Jerome:”Have you ever heard of Dra glurg”
    Me: “Wait what Drag Lard? Its Dragalge Also its an evolution of Horsea”

  • Alexander Elderhorst 3 weeks ago

    I had a tyrantrum on a pixelmon reforged server lvl 97 as a gift but then the game deleted him when I claimed a weekly egg. So yeah sad face.

  • Gary Reed 3 weeks ago

    Dragalge is a Pokemon you have to beat to beat omega ruby

  • Alexander Elderhorst 3 weeks ago

    Dasha knows more about pokemon than Jerome but seriously who sees Zygarde and says zy-grade? It ain’t in school Dasha. It’s pronounced zai-guard (I know that’s not the proper spelling for an official pronounciation but that’s pretty much how you say it. zy and then guard as if he’s guarding the land.)

  • Roslyn Morgan 3 weeks ago

    Do more Pokemon

  • Vadoseharpy 3025 3 weeks ago

    Accelgor is from the generation black and white

  • derren derren 3 weeks ago


  • Andrew Cross 3 weeks ago

    omg zourak is one of my favoret pokemon

  • Handy Rust 3 weeks ago

    TheMightyWolf​Ok, I’m partially paying attention atm, leaf me alone >.>

    destroyer t​move relearner

    XHellRetrieverX​am I back yet

    killerwildcat 21​☝☺✌

    D Hayes​Hi

    Minecraft Miner​what miss


    Trav the dark Being​leaf are fun to play in

    TheDailyUploads With the freinds​JEROME PLS PLS PLS say AUSTIN IS peanut


    Theresa Mishoe​Jerome Jerome go Pokemon

    thomas olomon​no sandcastles

    Wilber Huang​wait do you know where paige is

    sam kim​move relaerner

    sam kim​plz

    Shujinkō Gaming​i just applied to be a lifeguard at sesame place

    Skyangelwar 176​Jumanji

    Sloth Does Weekly Gaming​Hello Mods how’s your days going?

    Kyle Woodring​hello

    Temmie milner # 2​how many channels does Jerome have

    goodgollyitsmol​I assume at he

  • rackie trinh 3 weeks ago

    Is that map avalible to play by us?

  • Kaleb Hardison 3 weeks ago

    They should do a pixemon battle dome were they have a sertan amount of time to collect stuff to make Pokeballs then a sertan amout of time to catch Pokemon

  • Jade Guo 3 weeks ago

    Rotoms a legendary

  • wizardofwar 04 3 weeks ago

    I have a dragangle pokemon card and hes great

  • Blazerod Nobody 3 weeks ago

    been watching some Naruto lately. Is it just me or does Shiftry remind you of Jiraiya

  • Myles Tooson 2 3 weeks ago

    Jerome i hope this dosent untill like 50000 yrs later but when cookie R.I.Ps u should post a cookie montage for all the great moments u had with her😊

  • Jayonis Schein 3 weeks ago


  • Dark Alakazam11 3 weeks ago

    I love ur vids Jerome

  • #proudtobeblack 3 weeks ago

    Why he deliberately went over dragon pulse and said he’s ready !!!!!!😠😠😠😠😤😤😤😤

  • geeta kanyal 3 weeks ago

    Malamar a lengendary?

  • Green Gamers 3 weeks ago

    Jerome thinks pokemon That look cool are good and if they have 1 good move they are good NO plus inkay turns into malamar and is not legendary. And crawnaw is a good poke

  • Space Rainbow 3 weeks ago

    No malamar is not legendery

  • Green Gamers 3 weeks ago

    The way he pronounced dragalge is alarming dragl really

  • Toxic Rebirth 3 weeks ago

    Lol what’s mini deers relationship with these guys?

  • Green Gamers 3 weeks ago

    Skrelp turns to dragalge

  • Kian Kheirabadi 3 weeks ago

    I love the achievement at 20:47 comment if you get the reference

  • Leo 13 3 weeks ago

    “I think I got a legendary” no you didn’t

  • emeraldgamer norsk 3 weeks ago

    Pokemon fact: growlithe cant learn growl WHY growlithe growl growl ithe growl WHYYYYY

  • Zoe Singer 3 weeks ago

    You should play more table top simulator games such as Exploding Kittens and/or Secret Hitler!

  • Owen Taylor 3 weeks ago


  • Owen Taylor 3 weeks ago

    159 coment

  • DelsinGaming 3 weeks ago

    Jerome,return to your old hommies.You channel is dying homie.This is the only thing Can bring your channel.

  • Kaiden McGillivary 3 weeks ago

    Jerome the move Meganium used was Petal Blizzard, Austin just led you to believe it was Blizzard.

  • Kaiden McGillivary 3 weeks ago

    Oh someone, corrected him, thx to however corrected him.

  • the pokemon master pokemon 3 weeks ago


  • Duke_ 120 3 weeks ago

    Pixelmon bingo plz

  • Foxy King 3 weeks ago

    Malamar is not a legendary Pokemon

  • Alexander Chen 3 weeks ago

    who wants to go to the office where jerome records and yell in his ear that malamar isn’t a legendary? i do

  • jason jack 3 weeks ago


  • Dad Bob 3 weeks ago

    Do who your dady

  • Shadow Scyther 3 weeks ago

    You should do a troll one where you get extra good Pokémon!

  • Raif Manesia 3 weeks ago


  • Dylan Vig 3 weeks ago

    What about when a flygon uses dig, and the pokemon uses bulldoze or earthquake. Flygon has an ability called levitate, therefore it wouldn’t be affected according to the game. EVEN THOUGH IT IS UNDERGROUND AND THE POKEMON USES EARTHQUAKE OR BULLDOZE, it wouldn’t be affected.

  • Just Don’t 3 weeks ago

    Ok to be honest… i think only blade, tewity and bean know how to play pokemon comp

  • Heather Cohen 3 weeks ago

    Malamar is not a legendary

  • Heather Cohen 3 weeks ago

    Sugarcane is a legendary with a weird evalootion

  • Mobile Thunder 3 weeks ago

    Did anyone know Dasha Won every 1st battle

  • Legend Matter 3 weeks ago

    Zygrade dasha no plz

  • Liam Cabrieto 3 weeks ago

    If i had a shedinja and a pokemon Editor that i can only use on 1 pokemon, Oh this will be awesome… I would definitely change the Wonder Guard to Sturdy so I would win on every game

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