Today we play Minecraft Rainbow Lucky Blocks Walls!
Watch my Roblox


  • ANGELIQUE POSADAS 1 month ago


  • Jorge de guia 1 month ago

    I missed it

  • Jorge de guia 1 month ago

    I just watch you other vid

  • Mohd. Azaullah 1 month ago

    why does ben laufs like a pig

  • Isabelo Holgado 1 month ago

    jerome has a bent nose

  • NEMESIS XYZ 1 month ago

    21:13 Peekaboo

  • Dr Detective 1 month ago

    papa jerome give shout out before fish slap

  • incrediblysour 1 month ago

    Use a ray gun more

  • Veerasith Patrayutvat 1 month ago


  • Piggy Gaming 1 month ago

    Jerome I got vid idea juggernaut lucky block walls 1 of you starts with lucky block luck +100 and others have normals he also has res 2 (not if he has ultra op gear) and its point every time juggernaut kills a guy he gets 1 point same to others but if you kill juggernaut u get 2 points edited other than checking everything right plz sub to me im trying to make vids but I dont have mic or peace and I cant edit and ill never remember im doing a vid but still

  • Davon Lowery 1 month ago

    Why so laggy

  • Can we get to 1K subs without Videos 1 month ago

    21:40 no sound for anyone else???

  • mcmaster 9000 1 month ago

    lock bifffle in a closet

  • Isaac Wilson 1 month ago

    I got a new puppy he is so cute

  • Kim Is A Cool Doughnut 1 month ago

    wuss ups

  • Liam Conlan 1 month ago

    Do more traps

  • Demontae Colomb 1 month ago


  • Demontae Colomb 1 month ago


  • Geaner Engelke 1 month ago

    If u sub to my channel I’ll do minecraft

  • JogdenGaming 1 month ago

    check out my channel if you have any spare time

  • burpulee Asphalt8&more 1 month ago

    Here’s a Kill all command that won’t kill items or players: /kill @e[type=!player,!item]

  • Amy Walworth 1 month ago

    Audio was poor near the end of first battle

  • hi2111111111111111 1 month ago

    I got new headphones this was the first thing I watched… audio glitch… great

  • Venessa Nakatani 1 month ago

    Yay it’s back!

  • burpulee Asphalt8&more 1 month ago


  • Vanessa Gonzales 1 month ago

    Did any body else see the other rainbow lucky block wall vid that was 0.1 second long

  • Ned Welch 4 weeks ago

    Orbs OP

  • Teresa Bissett 4 weeks ago

    GO JEROME GO👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Logan Gibson 4 weeks ago

    lol at the start jerome got a villager with jeromes face on it but it also had the huge nose

  • Patrick Vargas 4 weeks ago

    1 sec long?

  • Kiele Tyner 4 weeks ago

    RIP sound

  • Luke Whaley 4 weeks ago

    His mouth is not moving with his voice

  • Kelvin Klee 4 weeks ago

    what is this audio ;-;

  • ANTHONY PARKER 4 weeks ago

    Steve was so low in this sream

  • Yvette Romero 4 weeks ago

    #rip audio

  • Brook Woldegrima 4 weeks ago


  • Nicholas Atzingen 4 weeks ago

    Jerome traded his friends for robots duhhhh

  • godman2123 4 weeks ago


  • Franklin Dalmasi 4 weeks ago

    inv see

  • femish remish 4 weeks ago

    Play yughio

  • femish remish 4 weeks ago


  • Edrian sucks lays chips Lei 4 weeks ago

    Audio problems

  • Øyvind Kvam 4 weeks ago


  • Infinite Atmosphere 4 weeks ago

    ben says my armor is unbreakable as chestplate pops

  • Nubby Playz 4 weeks ago

    RIP Audio at 21:45

  • LilxRekt 4 weeks ago


  • Boomy ninja 4 weeks ago

    blame steve

  • Hi welcome to chilis! 4 weeks ago

    R.I.P. audio legend has it it died 10 times-may it git gud in this life or the next

  • FlameUser05 -Gaming 4 weeks ago

    The audio is dying

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