How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Davies Croston 10 months ago

    Quit youtube

  • WillxClarke 10 months ago

    Why don’t you silk touch diamond ore using super breaker then place all the ore out and silk touch it again with superbreaker

  • CamSeptic 10 months ago

    Vik u got roasted by KIS big brother

  • HECKT2401 10 months ago

    Has anyone seen Dejis diss track about vik and the sidemen overall it’s fucking mad he’s just started a war

  • Abdirahman Yusuf 10 months ago

    best Minecraft
    person how

  • Osama Bin Fartin 10 months ago

    You fucking corny shithead lol MINECRAFT!!!! wtf

  • Dayle Smith 10 months ago

    Andrew Nelson is SICK?!?!?!?!!?!??!!??!

  • Ultimategamer 1234 10 months ago

    You are with ksi

  • Grisha che 10 months ago

    Have a chicken pen which hoppers linked to a dispenser use chickens to train up mcmmo

  • Grisha che 10 months ago

    Prank doni by placing poppys from ig around his house

  • TropicalPanther Gaming 10 months ago

    Casino episode at all possible?

  • Josh Phillips 10 months ago

    vikk place all those emeralds down then super break them so u get more
    like so he can see

  • shane Gallagher 10 months ago

    vikk help generzon cause he got hacked and all of his stuff is gone

  • shane Gallagher 10 months ago

    if you help him ill give you 1000 pounds like andrew nelson

  • henry blackberry 10 months ago


  • Corn On the cob 10 months ago

    so vick how is dejis diss treating is it giving you a lot of L’s

  • Zahadad Jarif 10 months ago


  • Blacklight Star 10 months ago

    You got diss by JJ brother bro your out of the game

  • Strike YT 10 months ago

    Vikk I watched to about the 40th minute and I went on Minecraft and I did this I got fat stacks and then I came back and watched the rest

  • LAKERS FAN 23 10 months ago

    Why are there slugs above your eyes

  • Tias Blias 10 months ago

    OMG Vikk that was sick more than 64 diamons

  • IsaacOrr4 10 months ago

    Deji dissed u so hard

  • MAXYMOK 10 months ago

    Who is watching Minecraft in 2017?


  • A month until season ends 🙁

  • _harry_ 10 months ago

    Vikk u are amazing 😃😃

  • aalqallaf2003 10 months ago

    Vikk can you re-place the ores and re-super break them or it doesn’t work like that
    Like so Vikk can see please it’ll make him so much money if he does it and it works

  • Kalvin Cochran 10 months ago

    200k, riiiight vik

  • FusionFlame456 10 months ago

    They should make an armor enchant that buffs durability

  • I have a feeling Andre Nelson is using a stolen credit card.

  • Suicidal Boat 10 months ago

    1 mil in a vid never done before
    Canada is my city

  • John Marshall 10 months ago

    Does he think he came up with that mining technique?

  • darren robertson 10 months ago

    Why don’t u fortune it

  • Jehezekiah Reign Paguio 10 months ago

    No to viks savoge plays

  • Finnesed Gaming 10 months ago

    Vikk why dont you just super breaker it and place it back down and super breaker unless its not allowed/doesnt work

  • omar zeineldin 10 months ago


  • Alec Snyder 10 months ago

    Hey Vikk. You have been keeping me entertained with your videos since around 2010. Keep up the great work man, we all appreciate it!

  • jikogi 10 months ago

    best episode

  • The Big Trixter 10 months ago

    Who saw the game tag @1:16:19 ?

  • ArticSnow 10 months ago

    Put a pick axe in a furnace and makes an mcmmo pick

  • Lucas Ullmann 10 months ago

    is this a record?

  • Hey Itz Camo Playz 10 months ago

    _This LAVER is slightly annoying tho_

  • Grisha che 10 months ago

    Make a shooter dispensers buttons 5k an arrow

  • Htoo Nay Ling Thaw 10 months ago

    2 ep later…. GUYS IM BROKE

  • Sam Moore 10 months ago

    You should take a rubbish pick with you for this so you don’t risk breaking the good ores

  • Bill Mabudi 10 months ago

    That haste is like my internet

  • BarnikleSquid 99 10 months ago

    Use Pistons to move or closer for super break

  • Shpati 323 10 months ago

    He basically made 10k a minute or 100k every 10 min

  • MRK Sports 10 months ago


  • G3ron!mo 2005 10 months ago

    Vikk had silk touch on his pick. He could’ve mined the diamonds/emeralds and brought them closer.

  • Zen God 10 months ago

    Vikk you have the most amazing luck

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