• Shanyl Kayle Regner 1 week ago

    i like you funneh

  • Baby Bean 1 week ago

    build a zoo and a water park :))) then a city hall

  • Baby Bean 1 week ago

    statues too plz

  • Rainbow Twinkle Gaming 1 week ago

    rip toast tiger xD also funneh my friend was editing a picture he showed mea pic of tiger i was like what so special about a tiger pic? then he added a toast hat on the tiger and i was laughing hard that my friend snap me out of it by watching this vid
    edit 1: pls give me a shoutout in may 28th its my bday and seems like my fam dint made me a bday vid even tho i told them when my birthday

  • Meia weatherston! 1 week ago

    My favourite animal is a little puppy

  • gasi figueroa 1 week ago

    I miss yandere high so much 😂😍

  • van truong 1 week ago

    You mean Sakura

  • yung Rayツ 1 week ago

    funny can you live in that big tree 🌲 frosty is in please🙇

  • wolf girl 1 week ago

    Yay the krew craft is back is this a dream ha i i love you funneh you make me happy

  • fluffy unicorn 1 week ago


  • Debby Gunawan 1 week ago

    Funneh you can make flower crowns from clovers and flowers the clovers are from the ground with white things

  • wolf girl 1 week ago

    I hope tha yandere high is coming back soon i loved it

  • britania the adventure gamer 1 week ago

    Can u guys make a farm! And make one of ur villager work in the farm! The farm should have fresh vegetables and animals (except cat and dog and tiger and more cuz thats not food xD)

    Make the farm big!
    Ik it takes forever to make it but…it sounds cool to me!

  • Nicola Newell 1 week ago

    What about pleb vill

  • macy kok 1 week ago

    funneh u can team with pixie just them cake it will give power .

  • Abraham Bala 1 week ago

    My sister found her phone, yaayyyy!!!!

  • Abraham Bala 1 week ago

    Build candy shop or ice cream shop

  • Rini Nasution 1 week ago

    Can you go back to the old krewtown I already miss it

  • Geraldine Silos 1 week ago

    yas!krewcraft is backk that tornado stink!and btw where is the candy shop ur home and the meat shop

  • Mya Abraham 1 week ago


  • Mya Abraham 1 week ago


  • Mohammed Alrasheedi 1 week ago


  • Dorothy Ishikawa 1 week ago

    Do more pls

  • 于辉 1 week ago


  • iroel herdian 1 week ago

    Hey can you pleasee build an animal kingdom and your house
    ( Like if you agree)

  • Anime Fan 1 week ago

    I love krew craft

  • Cuteunicorns Anditsfunneh 1 week ago

    I love polar bears

  • Amal AL-shammari 1 week ago

    Ash PlayzYT same

  • Playfulgirl 6672 1 week ago

    Toast tiger original vs toast tiger 2.0

  • seng ratha 1 week ago

    This is better then the last one . But I can’t wait for more!!!

  • Lexy Galaxy 1 week ago

    Travel not safe lol can u pls pls pls go to phillippines

  • Sparkling Galaxy Gamer 1 week ago

    Funneh name ur town into Potato town!Pls!😄😀😘😗

  • Nhelle Vibangco 1 week ago

    Can you do a krewcraft with face cam plss 😘 love you

  • Paula Mikaela 1 week ago


  • S.N.T and sisters 1 week ago

    *krewcraft* I love that name



  • Gabe Star 1 week ago

    Why don’t you use a theme for your buildings and also do you have a wing mod if not pls install it so u can fly 🦋❤️

  • michelle sammutt 1 week ago


  • ASSHYFA shyfa 1 week ago

    Pleseee do more

  • ridwan al ghauts 1 week ago

    Do more Krewcraft plz

  • James Pio Terrado 1 week ago

    Krew craft is back in business

  • SkyLovePlayz 1 week ago

    i wish i could ever get a heart even though i don’t deserve it…but still, I LOVE UR VIDS FUNNEH! also, ples bring back potato bedwars 🙁

  • AyanoAishiXox • 1 week ago

    I’m eating toast okay….

  • Rompe de Candado 1 week ago

    Guyz u need a bootiful statue for every krew member.
    U guyz should also add a look out tower.
    And last u guyz need a VIP villager hut 🙂 :-).

  • SkyLovePlayz 1 week ago

    *bull chases rainbow*
    Rainbow: (panicking)
    Lunar: wait, he can be our meat!
    Me: Lol. Lunar’s so savage xD

    Funneh: I did not murder a pigeon.
    Me: GUILTY!

    By the way funneh, can you try feeding meet to some wild animals? try petting them. uhm.. but i don’t if this is possible but… try feeding them potatoes….? XD

  • Rompe de Candado 1 week ago

    I forgot to add this but u need an excellent enchanting tower where u guyz will enchant stuff like swords and armours.

  • Sacachiono I don't make vids. 1 week ago

    Great Bepis. :3

  • Reny Sulani 1 week ago

    Can you guys make a supermarket where you put all your food

  • _Gabrielle_ _Mae_ 1 week ago

    I think you should build a tree house 🙂

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