• Music_Girl 12 8 months ago

    Cory I am a HUGE FAN. I support EVERYTHING you do. No matter what you post I watch it. I like everyone of your videos because there all AWESOME!! Plz help this be top comment so Cory can see. CORY IS MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER EVER!!!!!! ( well tied with Mithzan).

  • Angelica Ortiz 8 months ago


  • Nicky Chhay 8 months ago


  • pinklove fox 8 months ago

    please make a pt.2

    from yandere roleplay

  • qwexta gaming 8 months ago

    XD its so funny!

  • Kayleigh Stevens 8 months ago

    Who else thought cutie pie when he said Cory pye

  • Anabella Acevedo 8 months ago

    “And everyone will be hitting on my bro

  • Kckitty 123 8 months ago

    XD Cory is sooooo over dramatic about telling people stuff that is true, but nobody believes him!!!!!!

  • Dani Witter 8 months ago

    This is coral —-> 🐬 she can’t swim don’t let her drown In the sea of comments

  • Jonkea The Gamer 8 months ago

    That simultaneous “Uni-San was perfect.”

  • Selena Mendez 8 months ago


  • Trolling Jolteon 8 months ago

    When’s fnaf school comeing back

  • Sans The skeleten 8 months ago

    LOL corey should be the senpai

  • DeeryChubz 8 months ago

    Uni chan is the most mvp when it comes to bow and arrows

  • Cade Irwin 8 months ago

    you should make a yandere roleplay

  • Dog Bunny 8 months ago

    This is why I ship Nick and Ashlie :3

  • Keisha Crawford 8 months ago

    The one in the orange looks like Lucinda

  • JaTaya JaLinza 8 months ago

    More vids plzzzzx!!!!!!!😂😁😀😁😁😄😅😆like this

  • Ashley Quiterio 8 months ago


  • Golden _Leaf 8 months ago


  • Anime Archie 8 months ago

    Yandere sim.exe

  • Athena Life 8 months ago

    I love the part when NewScapePro is like “Is she the killer? Should I kill her?” and then she kills him, and Taor’s like “OH, good guess!” XD I died.

  • BRUH_ IM_DED 8 months ago

    this video was really hilarious

  • CottonCandyGirl_4 Candy 8 months ago

    Cory: Explain Dat Cocconut!
    Me: **In A Adorable Voice** COCONUT, COCONUT!

  • Annie Hendrick 8 months ago

    When the video started, I could not stop snorting from laughter

  • Annie Hendrick 8 months ago


  • sofia A the soul of hope 8 months ago

    omg!yuni~chan kissed senpai

  • filiandsela 8 months ago

    Cool video and im like
    jeff the killer and yandere

  • Kat Kap 8 months ago

    I want Osana to call Taro BAKA

  • DarkDrawer 8 months ago

    confirmed cory ships zreshlie

  • Hyperactive9089 8 months ago

    Is this replacing high school

  • Scarlett Catt 8 months ago


  • Azzie Chan 8 months ago

    lol he was like senpais sister

  • kd cazoe 8 months ago

    Cory 10/10 first try XD https://youtu.be/IM2TdaGMRBg?t=162
    This entire Vid made me feel better, made my Day,

  • HoohooMew 8 months ago

    this gave me cancer

  • YourPal_ DErpyWolF 8 months ago

    more plz I couldn’t stop laughing my lungs hurt so bad

  • Shanley Gabrielle Yuson 8 months ago

    support yuni Chan

  • Shanley Gabrielle Yuson 8 months ago

    I ALWAYS WATCH YOUR VISEOD CORY your my fav youtuber

  • Adrean Coombs 8 months ago

    please just tell me is you be challenged as a debug version of Chris and the Mike

  • Julia Reese 8 months ago

    Baby yandere’ s!!!!!?

  • FuzzTubeGaming - Our Game Play Is Weird 8 months ago

    I can’t hear SPLAT with all the talking XD

  • Forth right Taxes 8 months ago

    Cory I really hate your channel I really think you should delete it and delete your other stupid f**king  channels

  • Madison Toney 8 months ago

    u-goo XD

  • Yendo 8 months ago

    They sound like the REAL voiceacters for Yandere Simulator!

  • IIwonder~WomanII 8 months ago


  • BJ gaming with friends 8 months ago

    hi I’m sailor tato :3 ♡♡♡

  • CRANSTON GAMER 8 months ago

    oohhh…senpai is zres?

  • Corduroyx 8 months ago

    Why tf is youtube still up and running

  • osana vs yandere fnaf mincraft robloxs TURNBULL 8 months ago

    OSANA YOUR THE BEST😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😍😍😍

  • Pery Viss 8 months ago

    What did this channel turned into

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