• Logdotzip 8 months ago

    What was your favorite pickaxe from this video??? Let me know 😁

  • Rosemary Detwiler 8 months ago

    i liked it for the pig!

  • Sierra Berger 8 months ago

    I het your video

  • Lekso Garsevanidze 8 months ago

    nice background!

  • Deadpool5222 8 months ago

    Where did you find the Resource Pack

  • Kasen Stenersen 8 months ago

    Only 7000 modpacks!

  • CuriousGamer77 8 months ago

    F5 is my city

  • BeCraft Gaming 8 months ago


  • PokeManiac Qolem 8 months ago

    wasn’t branch mining skipping 2 blocks, instead of 3? If you skip 3, you may lose the middle row worth of diamonds…

  • Sophia Pu 8 months ago

    That’a a Green Screen in the Background, right?

  • William Stanton 8 months ago


  • Vicki Starr 8 months ago

    Can you do minecraft pe cause I have a i pad iOS device and mine is 1.1.2

  • Eva Irianti 8 months ago

    pro tip if you use prismarine pickaxe use nigth vision and water breating then you will see clearly under water

  • Gabe Slaton 8 months ago

    Hey logdotzip your my favorite youtuber…..I wanna meet you……😀😀😀…even my cat loves you …..when ever he hears your voice….he comes running in to the room that I’m watching you in…..😺😺😺😺😸😸😸

  • azamfkp 8 months ago

    Logdotzip is a ccrazy man in this world . Because he is so fat .

  • RadAnimations 8 months ago

    Im not going to ask for likes
    Im not going to say something about this video
    I AM going to say 1 word.


    Thats it.

  • Renjestoo 8 months ago

    I have sweaty armpits 0_0
    Even after washing my feet 0_o

  • keyshawn scruggs 8 months ago

    what is the command
    the words covered it

  • Bạch khánh Hiền Bạch 8 months ago

    Is 10

  • Undertale Sucks 8 months ago

    thats some nice greenscreen at your facecam

  • OLiver Morgadyto 8 months ago

    This is so cringy wtf

  • Debie Balanay 8 months ago

    wat is the command name plz know

  • William Nagore 8 months ago

    Uses the amber pick, gets pushed into lava.

  • Ember Hughes 8 months ago

    My favourite was the RUBY PICKAXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALLLL NEED IT

  • jacob pona 8 months ago

    It’s actually possible to insta mine in Minecraft without command blocks
    Efficiency five diamond pickaxe with haste 2 beacon

  • Naviron Ghost 8 months ago

    That Jade pickaxe reminds me of that Aether survival map he did a while back. There was also a pickaxe in that which got faster the more you mined. Also, really cool video!

  • max sundstrom 8 months ago

    can u enchant the pics?

  • pixel defendor 8 months ago

    where u copy the command

  • pixel defendor 8 months ago

    oh and logdotzip plz do a vid on traps with only ONE COMMAND!!/ redstone

  • pixel defendor 8 months ago

    alsooooooo i think ur the best mc YT

  • pixel defendor 8 months ago

    ruby pickaxe was my favorite it is SOOOO much like the giants pickaxe in the twighlight forest mod =D

  • Victuuri_ a 8 months ago

    20-STICKXTEEN 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dark Enforcer 8 months ago

    omg how did i not find this guy before

  • Gloomy Fruit 8 months ago

    why did you record this in a mineshaft?

  • BoltedJames 8 months ago

    what texture pack are you using?? not the command block creation texture pack.

  • rimantas klaipeda 8 months ago

    asowe pickaxe

  • rimantas klaipeda 8 months ago


  • Minecraft Tyler 8 months ago


  • Carol Nelson 8 months ago

    poor Amber pickaxe it lived a full life but was sadly forgotten

  • Llamagirl R 8 months ago


  • DarkHeartGaming_Roblox & more 8 months ago

    why cant you install the command, I don’t like watching other people doing it, you do it in more detail

  • Julie Baker 8 months ago


  • Julie Baker 8 months ago

    nice background

  • Erbb10master 8 months ago


  • Alien M 8 months ago

    What is the command?

  • Magma_Chicken999 8 months ago

    “Look at the X!” (refers to X coordinate on F3)… your facecam is blocking it 😛

  • Cup of Tea 8 months ago

    How do you even find amber underground??? AMBER IS FOSSILIZED SAP!!!

  • blatserbone and his fanny life 8 months ago

    my favorite was the saphire pickaxe.😀

  • aleph infinity 8 months ago

    amber pickaxe elevator!?

  • MrPinappleBoy 8 months ago


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