Today we build a ship for an awesome battle at sea!
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  • Nacho Nightmare 2 weeks ago

    jerome who you think will win Eagles or Patriots

  • Mnignefjollhist LXIX 2 weeks ago

    tfw you can’t afford to buy another game so you just pretend you’re playing it.

  • nser uame 2 weeks ago

    Do a battle dome with the mod that lets you build aircrafts

  • Luna Shkembi 2 weeks ago

    Did you watch Preston to find this map Jerome?

  • Lord Voldemort 2 weeks ago

    78 when vid

  • Flygonics 2 weeks ago

    Why not just play Sea of Thieves

  • Henderman1 2 weeks ago


  • Austin Patton 2 weeks ago


  • Luke Whaley 2 weeks ago

    Jerome’s ohh buddy sounds like Union Pacific 844’s whistle look it up

  • Evante Niehaus 2 weeks ago


  • Emma Slime lover 2 weeks ago


    Except not though so ummm…… hello I guess

  • Boostio 01 2 weeks ago

    Go patriots

  • armed kalev 2 weeks ago

    Pls do more of this map

  • Grace Haywood 2 weeks ago

    Jerome u r the best I subscribed

  • Jay Alfonso Comia 2 weeks ago

    Arpeggio of Blue Ben Season 2 hahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 2 weeks ago

    Bork 196

  • Juno Santy Tolentino 2 weeks ago

    RECREATE IT with the mod

  • kings of the gods 2 weeks ago


  • acethebomb 2.0 2 weeks ago


  • Antwon Miller 2 weeks ago

    Those are some Sea worthy vessels right there πŸ™‚

  • TateBoiiis 2 weeks ago

    31:28 β€œBen we have no balls!” -Jerome 2018

  • Felix Cox 2 weeks ago

    Seeing impractical jokers

  • You can build sky ships, build up tall then break the blocks below so then no one can get to ur ship
    (saw it on Preston’s channel)

  • General Hux 2 weeks ago

    jerome should have made the USS New Jersey

  • Ouma Shu 2 weeks ago

    why cant they play the game itself XD

  • Chops1010 Minecraft and More 2 weeks ago

    Jerome should do a series where him and the guys play Minecraft but doesn’t tell them he’s recording

  • Coding Carlos 2 weeks ago

    This video really good do more of this

  • Alexander Elderhorst 2 weeks ago

    only reason that guy was better was he spawns with 10million bloody balls and you get 1 each

  • Jesse Bramley-Brett 2 weeks ago

    Hello my hero JeromeASF

  • Jesse Bramley-Brett 2 weeks ago

    Jerome I’ve got a cold but seeing Nice seeing you

  • Jeff Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Do you kno de wae

  • Arya Silverleaf 2 weeks ago

    I am hawaii In my opinion it is a tourist shirt….

  • PikaPika 23 2 weeks ago

    Please do this again!!!!

  • javon brown 2 weeks ago

    jerome can you play sea of thieves please you could play with anyone online

  • 29:08

  • Anthony Tanza 2 weeks ago

    This Game was GREAT!

  • Solar Boy 2 weeks ago

    what is this ITS SO COOL AND I HAVENT WATCHED 10 MINUTES THOUGH i spoke too soon

  • Fuk me in the Ass 2 weeks ago

    Do another stream of this game mode

  • Isaiah Mitchell 2 weeks ago


  • Leo Pate 2 weeks ago


    Ummmmmm… YAY

  • Tbnrspider 2 weeks ago

    Do another see of theives and build a sky ship

  • eman playz 2 weeks ago

    Know de way *click*

  • eman playz 2 weeks ago


  • Noah Wycoff 2 weeks ago

    i hope he plays the real sea of thieves when it comes out that would be awesome especially cuz of how goofy sea of thieves is plz Jerome much love keep up good work

  • Side PackCrafted 2 weeks ago

    Do it a gain

  • FIRE SHOOTER 87 2 weeks ago

    Jerome doesn’t even focus on the game he focuses on other things smh

  • Yo Boy' Burgers 2 weeks ago

    please do more of this I really enjoyed the content

  • DaREALchris YT 2 weeks ago


  • DaREALchris YT 2 weeks ago

    Do we need to go deeper again

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