• The Donut Bros 1 month ago

    Jerome was the first thing I ever watched on YouTube

  • Riley Cahill 1 month ago

    Broke arm

  • mary beggs 1 month ago

    good job buddy

  • Paul Chen 1 month ago

    Ye I remenber

  • TheSavage Killa 1 month ago

    Jerome:Wow I found a wild gardevoir that’s a bit strange.
    *Doesn’t even decide to catch it and just wrecks it.

  • John Tirkes 1 month ago

    Jerome around 9:10 you missed delphox it was in the desert right before you teleported to Dasha i think you even looked at it

  • prithvi guy 1 month ago

    U missed a shiny

  • Quentin studios 1 month ago


  • Cameron Barnes 1 month ago

    Jerome. LUcario is a special attacker. so though Close combat is stronger base power wise. Aura sphere is the better choice and you don’t have to suffer any negative effects

  • Mike Culp 1 month ago

    You should level up your scyther to cath pokemon with

  • Greninja Playz 1 month ago

    Jerome do u now u can ride gengar? Cuz I’m very sure you can ride it

  • Dog Sword 1 month ago

    Guy said been a fan for 7 years oldest video was 6 years ago LOL EXPOSED

  • Sir Scaldava 1 month ago

    Jerome I know I’m not in the stream but I’m hoping you see this if you fight audinos the pink and tan ones with the curly ears they give tons of exp they are the chanseys of gen 5

  • Ugandan Knuckles 1 month ago

    I’ve been here eight years

  • MikeL 1 month ago

    I liked pixelmon season 2 better cause he trolled ppl and had lvl 100 on ep 6 don’t catch Pokémon

  • Michael Angelo 1 month ago

    Jerome get a garchomp please

  • Andrew Knute 1 month ago

    Ive been here since late 2011 going on 2012

  • Ishan Acharya-Gangopadhyay 1 month ago

    Trade ur kadabra to get an alakazam which u have a mega stone for

  • MythicalGamer13 1 month ago

    Btw he gave himself reshiram because when Jerome and him fought all of his Pokémons were in a normal poke ball including the reshiram, catching a reshiram with a normal poke ball is near impossible, but obviously there is always that one person that likes to cheat and lie his way though thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • Ethan Frank 1 month ago

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Jerome is the only person in the series without a legendary

  • Space Rainbow 1 month ago

    Milk tank

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming 1 month ago

    Is anyone else sad that Jerome is forgetting to call gengar Purple Booty, and Amphirose Chief Amp?

  • Kevin Heineken 1 month ago

    Torterra is gen 1 Pokemon

  • THEBOSS LOL 1 month ago

    Jerome do u remember armesan

  • loginnever 1 month ago

    Get a ralts

  • Uganda Knuckles 1 month ago

    Where do you get your mods

  • TZEATS 1 month ago

    the discord notification though i always hear it and i though it was my notification but is just the video

  • Zak Hatherley 1 month ago

    I’m new

  • Jesus Raya 1 month ago

    Can you pleaser playing fortnite on ps4

  • Adam Siddique 1 month ago

    Jerome please stop catching Pokemon from the poke decks it’s so boring

  • Chris Balatsas 1 month ago

    Jerome you sould make dusk balls for night time

  • Lilly Wright 1 month ago


  • Xgaming 2120 1 month ago

    jerome you should have snorlax in your team

  • Valli baden 1 month ago

    plsi jeromeasf can you make a vid how to install pixelmon i just love pokemon so mutch and i really think you shud make a vid about it

  • King T 1 month ago

    He keeps going in to a battle to instantly use a pokeball and it is triggering me

  • Ian Lee 1 month ago

    i wish he wouldn’t try to catch all pokemon

  • Aballer 1 month ago

    You missed a delfox 9:03

  • Awesome Gamer 1 month ago

    jerome you can just press i on new pokemon and then it will register in the pokedex
    ur welcome i saved you so much time

  • Aballer 1 month ago

    Jerome you did this in the last episode to you missed a Ralts under you at 20:03 and a little before cause you could see it when you were catching the clefairy.

  • Chester Mills 1 month ago

    He missed a shinny mew

  • supergamigmonkey 1 month ago

    Don’t use the confuse ray on the Pokémon you try to Git it doesn’t help your ketch rate and they can faint them self becose of it also use hypnosis it makes it easier to ketch them than when there paralyzed

  • Channel Cancelled 1 month ago

    im so happy echos are under maitenance cuz my dad yells whenever i open a video cuz he always echo buddies at the begining

  • SummerGirlGamer 1 month ago

    I saw Steve’s vid, He cheated to get Reshiram!

  • Victor Perez 1 month ago

    Wow all the Pokémon in his team can mega

  • Xiang Lin 1 month ago

    Your team is pretty scare of ground type

  • David Rassoli 1 month ago

    Jerome quits easily

  • M_Splosive 1 month ago

    what pixelmon is he playing

  • Lakin Johnson 1 month ago


  • Hung Nguyen 1 month ago

    You could have just killed metapods so they give u string then u can make wool

  • Luke Tan Ken Ho 1 month ago

    Get a golem use self destruct and explosion

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