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  • Mystical Flame 1 week ago

    Pacman spawns randomly

  • diamond dragon plays 1 week ago


  • Nicholas Smith 1 week ago

    Do you suffer from Ooh Buddy Ear Destruction Syndrome? If you are also a headphone user, you could be eligible for compensation!

  • Bastion Jose 1 week ago

    Jerome get the slice which is a big Bertha and a iron ingot in the crafting table

  • Rockydawg 1 1 week ago

    how do you play crazycraft??????????????

  • Sarah Scott 1 week ago

    Why does he not duel wield

  • Krish Patel 1 week ago


  • Mohd Owais 1 week ago

    Make of tapes compress cobblestone and dup it for infinite emc

  • Something And Something 1 week ago

    Speed x2

  • GamingbrineMC - Minecraft & More 1 week ago

    +500?? I though big bertha or the slice is like 150 or 100….. if its 500 then royal guardian is… 750.. nvm 500 is big bertha and slice
    666 is queen battleaxe i remembered now

  • MR_oo plai 1 week ago

    Can you use silverfish pet to get thru bedrok?

  • Aaron Bell 1 week ago

    Who else notices how fast they do crazy craft compared to other youtubers

  • Edmundo Atanacio 1 week ago

    pat and jen have the same mods on there series but not the inventory pets mod

  • Farreladam Rhamli 1 week ago

    Jerome tame a prince with block of dimond and grow it wit more block of dimond

  • progamer alhaidar 1 week ago

    people still in chat lol

  • random guy 1 week ago

    Do not fight the queen first kill mobzilla that will get you the mobzilla scale armour and then the king that might get you full royal armour and then the queen the second hardest boss in all of mincraft behind the windigo and the un killable giant worm.

  • Braden Cosier 1 week ago

    Big Bertha cannot be fully repaired because right clicking with it uses durability, and you need to right click in order to repair it with duct tape. So as a result you will only ever be able to make a slice if you use a brand new big Bertha.

  • CMEAC 1013 1 week ago

    When Jerome takes the black panther suit he becomes, The Bearded Panther!

  • Ultimate_Assasin 1 week ago

    do you know jerome that royal guardian armor is better than queen scake armor.

  • Le Cookie Monstèr 1 week ago

    Yo JeromeASF , I have two pieces of advice for you guys
    1) make ductape – string and slime
    2) make a chainsaw- ultimate sword and ultimate axe .
    Hope this helps, big fan subed for long time 😎 .

  • Patrick Mendiola 1 week ago

    I want jerome to do 100 streams tomorrow

  • DraconicGamer 1 week ago

    If im correct, royal guardian is better than queenscale. Just sayin.

  • TomuxLTU 1 week ago

    where to get crazy craft modpack?

  • Daisuke 1999 1 week ago

    hey pls make a “High Energy Pellet Laucher” it power up by red stone and it shoot a buble pullet that can bound to the wall in front of it and Especially that it can INSTANT KILL anything that the bubble touch it,no matter if it a Player,King Or Queen also Mobzilla(but you willl need to do about the abily to break block of it) too

  • Daisuke 1999 1 week ago

    you can make a system from it to farm kill the queen and king for Item

  • vVolley Games And More 1 week ago

    Royal g set is better then Queen scale right

  • LDshadowlady fan 1 week ago


  • Sandra Baker 1 week ago

    Bruh…… Why not put the big bertha sword in the emc table and make lots of them bro!!!!!

  • liam kiwi 1 week ago

    hey jerome just wanted to say that when looking for things in a chest type it in the bar at the bottom and double click the bar it shows if it is in there

  • Aiden Sm 1 week ago

    Jerome… Nobody can beat my dad in ark for reasoning he tamed a spino naked no cheats abd with just a stone arrow crossbow and also he can tame a titanasaur in 2 minutes easily challenge him if you dare

  • liam kiwi 1 week ago

    you easter bunny makes queen eggs

  • Jake Latimer 1 week ago

    Instead of black panther he is da black bacca

  • T Ben 1 week ago

    Captain Uganda

  • Harry Bunce 1 week ago

    Its 252 attack damage

  • Eric Lee 1 week ago

    Those people who say that the Slice has a longer reach, don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Conor Meehan 1 week ago

    Make the ultimate bow

  • Justin Dollery 1 week ago

    Jerome you can get the royal gardin sword but not the armor

  • Pooop Bob 1 week ago

    The meowamere shoots cats and rainbows

  • Abdurrahman Risheq 1 week ago

    i think tewity is ded dead

  • Milei Moo 1 week ago


  • Nerds Forever 1 week ago

    Do the first minuet in 0.5 speed
    If you don’t know how then press the 3 dots and press playback speed.
    Original idea by nice dragon

  • Mia Larson 1 week ago

    Ben at 27:53

  • Gabriel Kopcsik 1 week ago

    Which crazy craft version is this

  • Juan Carrasco 1 week ago


  • Jumat Osman 1 week ago


  • Ethan Bhattacharya 1 week ago

    Get the ultimunt bow

  • SwaggyMrDankman 21 1 week ago


  • ThaGamingPotato2018 6 days ago

    No, repair it then move it out of your hand then open the crafting table then craft it yw

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