• Herobrine Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Preston can u plz reply to this it would mean the world to me

  • X-MAN X 2 weeks ago

    Your innocent

  • Kent Laverdure 2 weeks ago

    Lit vid preston

  • X-MAN X 2 weeks ago

    Your editor

  • Jessica Swift 2 weeks ago


  • AandK 123 2 weeks ago

    It has to eather had to be Kenny or Jerome

  • Wyatt Wickesberg 2 weeks ago

    I believe im you Preston keep up the good work

  • Tyson Lee 2 weeks ago


  • Gianna Pagliocca 2 weeks ago

    Your innocent

  • James Max 2 weeks ago

    You are going to prison because of your dabs

  • Superwomen_ 2 weeks ago


  • TrollGamer 1023 2 weeks ago

    I’m a map creator… I’m currently working on a map… If you every wanna play it (once I finish) that would be GREAT.
    BTW you are hecka great.

  • MoonDust 2 weeks ago

    Priest on the thing that you did rong was not dabing

  • Trevor Nicholson 2 weeks ago

    Preston i can always count onn you to make my day i laugh every second of every vidio i watch love you

  • KAMEREX 75 2 weeks ago


  • Clark Genesis 2 weeks ago

    It was Nickbarbarian

  • Rebecca Craps 2 weeks ago

    When my grandma died after the funeral I watched you to cheer me up

  • Rafael Sebastian 2 weeks ago

    Your the god youtuber also at minecraft games and at fortnight keep on going prenston you are the best youtuber i ever known you also make me laghf and cheer me up when im sad thank you for that prenston best youtuber ever in the world.I subribed to your rolblox chanel prenstonplayz chanel even your fortnight chanal

  • Jodie Waddington 2 weeks ago

    Do unfair Minecraft with Rob and Wall Street

  • Shawnaya Gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    if u never escaped we all would pitch in to help bail u out brianna would never no

  • grey1492 2 weeks ago

    I like you

  • Jesudason Films 2 weeks ago

    Shotgun put you in prison cuz you unsubscribed

  • Candoino Adame 2 weeks ago

    It was nico

  • Shawnaya Gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    ur awesome i love u and the whole office and ur whole family u r all amazing i am subbed to ur siblings with youtube channels u and the other ppl from the office

  • Evan Gao 2 weeks ago

    Johnwicks put you in prison

  • Attack Pat123 2 weeks ago

    I think it was….


  • kameron hulbert 2 weeks ago

    Nah ur not innocentur in there for being an illegal lava monster jk

  • zanemoney 29 2 weeks ago

    Your not innocent but I’ll subscribe and like the video

  • Alex Wood 2 weeks ago

    I put you in there for killing me in bed wars.

  • preston recca 2 weeks ago

    i blame nick beacuse preton locknick outside maybe he is seeking a revenage

  • I love Cheese 2 weeks ago

    The floor is Preston
    Me: *face flops*

  • Frenzy 88 2 weeks ago

    Congrats on ur marriage dude, It’d be great to have a shout out the next video or two..we all luv u:)

  • evangeline magalong 2 weeks ago

    That is so easy nico is not a pro

  • evangeline magalong 2 weeks ago

    Oh wait nvm

  • GoodPerson 249 2 weeks ago

    GUILTY. Have fun Preston.

  • Dianne Amor Galman 2 weeks ago

    It is Nick i think

  • Haircut Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Is this just me or did it sound like he said a bad word while actual saying bench.

  • Drag Fors 2 weeks ago

    Dont curse

  • KellyTV 2 weeks ago

    Sorry Preston. I keep putting you in the Prisons cause I love challenging your brain. :> But keep up the good work Preston! <3

  • dynamite chef 2 weeks ago

    Shot is the one whom sold you out.

  • Louis Darien Hendyson 2 weeks ago

    Its shotgun

  • Jack Dempsey 2 weeks ago

    It was lachlan

  • Panos Gamimg 2 weeks ago

    Hi preston thanks to u if i am sad i get a smile thx:)

  • MegalodonGaming 2 weeks ago

    hey preston plz pin this love your vids i watch every video you make i also watch your roblox and fortnite vids

  • Vivien the fox 2 weeks ago

    I bet ya it was nick

  • Nicholas Maligad 2 weeks ago

    Lucky🍀 😔

  • Samantha Campbell 2 weeks ago

    hi preston keep up the good work shout out plz im a really big fan

  • Thebluegamer 360 legit 2 weeks ago

    Wow Preston keep up the good work and those funny vids congrats for being married

  • Zachery Wu 2 weeks ago


  • Daniel Henson 2 weeks ago

    Ur innocent

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