• Ethan Nan 4 weeks ago

    24:51, thank me later

  • VladHelVowanh 4 weeks ago

    У меня 100 просмотр

  • Luis Daza 4 weeks ago

    I love your videos mist

  • Lance Ethan Cabrante 3 weeks ago

    Cool video

  • Highlight Thresh 3 weeks ago


  • Sebastian Tadeusz Kostrzewa 3 weeks ago

    Gupi hirobrain

  • Nguyen Nam Cao 3 weeks ago

    9 1
    ♡k 6

  • Emily Salek 3 weeks ago


  • Zephaniah Isaacs 3 weeks ago

    Max 2man

  • Guilherme Cordeiro 3 weeks ago

    Será que ele e o homem formiga

  • Ve0 Games 3 weeks ago

    the montage is perfect

  • NotToxicLord 3 weeks ago

    Is that dirt or is that a literal piece of shit. The fucking commentary is shit, tho. Also, fucking idiot can fall but no, let’s teleport

  • Riley Evans 3 weeks ago

    I hate realistic minecraft because it’s cringey and his arms are both sticking out


  • Marjay Lastimosa 3 weeks ago

    I’m so noob

  • Smaro Karageorgou 3 weeks ago

    I love your animations dude

  • Time4PlayGames 3 weeks ago

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    Hola! Aprecio el video que haces, puedes visitar mi canal y apreciarlo, muchas gracias.

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