Relax as I show you around the Minecraft world that I created. I


  • Vodyss 6 months ago

    When people tell me that i’m “childish” if i’m able to play Minecraft at such age as 15 (which is basically nothing lmao), i feel like they simply don’t understand the whole point of the game and they make opinion just because it’s Minecraft. I mean, here you have grown man playing this game, it’s just an amazing game and it’s actually pretty creative. Even tho i don’t really play Minecraft anymore (just occasionally with friends), i still feel like it’s a game for everyone.

  • evilkoolaidman1 6 months ago

    Keep it up 🙂 I love it and I love to see older generations getting into videogames as well, some people don’t believe it but gaming is for everyone who needs an escape

  • Logix 6 months ago

    Click F3 to get your coordinates (may be fn + f3)

  • Logix 6 months ago

    To make colored beds you craft a bed with colored wool. Sheep can naturally spawn with different colors or you can dye them with dye you get from flowers

  • Logix 6 months ago

    Hold left shift to sneak. This allows you to move slower and also not slip of off blocks accidentally

  • Logix 6 months ago

    A trick you can use is when skeletons drop bones, craft them into bonemeal, and right click the two block tall flowers to get more flowers

  • Logix 6 months ago

    I recommend checking out a Minecraft YouTuber named Etho. He is very proficient at the game and I feel like you’d learn a lot.

  • Logix 6 months ago

    Most monsters can’t cross the wall because the wall is 1 and a half blocks high

  • JohnRaa 6 months ago

    This comment section is so nice and cosy

    …Tea anyone?

  • Nils Roy 6 months ago

    Would love too see more off your beautiful world 😇 great job, keep going!

  • Amuduat 6 months ago

    Pretty amazing I like this will there ever be more?

  • Divine Europa 6 months ago

    I would very much like to see more of this.

  • TheGreatNorth 6 months ago

    Just a tip, if you press f3, (I think on a mac it’s function + f3 or something like that) you can see a bunch of coordinates. If you write down the x and z coordinates, you’ll be able to go anywhere and always know where your house is

  • themreverythingman 6 months ago

    If he made a series he could be like PaulSoaresJr

  • CyrenArkade 6 months ago

    This is so noobish, it makes me nostalgic of all the old builds from years ago. Great video!

  • Fireball Frienzy 6 months ago

    U should make a compass so u dont get lost and btw skelly horses are passive

  • WarHero 95 6 months ago

    Great work! Loved the video. Tip: If you press and hold your shift key in your keyboard, you wont be able to fall off from the nice observatory you made. Once you’re done with going up there, simply stop pressing the shift key to not go slowly.

  • Archimedes 6 months ago

    Really appreciate this video! Awesome to see you getting into something you might not have directly been interested in. Great ASMR!

  • dwarf gaming 6 months ago

    This whole comment section is Canadian lol

  • Rick Beare 6 months ago

    You make camcorder LP’s cool. 🙂

  • WolfiePlayz 6 months ago

    Don’t ever delete this world, most of us remember our first world so well, but don’t have the world, it’s a sad thing because we all have so many memories, and nothing to refresh the memories.

  • Pandoras Flame 6 months ago

    Have you considered adding beacons to the towers?

  • CyrenArkade 6 months ago

    Sneak by pressing r-shift, you will move slower and not be able to fall off blocks

  • imobeastify 6 months ago

    I never pictured this guy playing minecraft. I think it’s actually pretty funny.

  • Player ZX 6 months ago

    nice doggo pfp

  • ecks dee 6 months ago

    y’know, i missed when i played minecraft like this, now i try to make farms that create hundreds of thousands of items an hour, this is just a huge nostalgia trip of when minecraft was more of a creative game, not a farming simualtor xD. amazing video tho man, i hope you continue with your style of playing 😀

  • Ryan Buckley 6 months ago

    I love it, I would love to see more

  • CodDoctor 937 6 months ago

    Felt like a tour of the DMZ 😂

  • Jazzy Lucas 6 months ago

    This is a joke right?

  • Wow. That’s impressive. I’m too lazy to build something that impressive.
    Very relaxing video btw

  • Lùcio Correia 6 months ago

    This guy is precious ❤️

  • BowlOfChillyGaming 6 months ago

    When he gets on the watch tower, he has the bravery of 1,000 Viking warriors.

  • Matthew Marquez 6 months ago


  • LunarPRIX 6 months ago

    “I just know the basics”

    *Has built a entire castle and has a diamond pickaxe*

    I wonder what happens once he learns the advanced parts…

  • rosie The Last Gaurdian 6 months ago

    I love the video and i love your world u should do more as u progress more

  • Eli Stewart 6 months ago

    The tower lock like something else also turn off aduo jump

  • Alexis Amico 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! This world is way more impressive than my first world was. Also, your voice is so relaxing! It made me feel like I’d just sat down after a long day and finally had time to unwind. Thank you again!

  • Funamunanagis 6 months ago

    Let me give u advice dont let anyone umder 21 in ur world cuz theyl grief it

  • HanselHazelnut 6 months ago

    Who else had a mini heart attack when that ender jumped out??

  • Nikolai Belinski 6 months ago


    *Read more*

  • Nikolai Belinski 6 months ago


    *Read more*

  • My vlog Style 6 months ago

    It’s amazing thank you

  • Sam Jafton 6 months ago

    This is very good, thanks.

  • Wow Wubbzy 6 months ago

    Donald Trump Would Be Very Proud.

  • CALEBMAESTRO 6 months ago

    I would love to see more of this! Great video, as always. 🙂

  • Little_Cesar 3000 6 months ago

    Lmao gaming in a mac XD… I dont judge, I cant even afford an HP ;-;

  • ben calvert 6 months ago

    Please, more minecraft videos!

  • My name is Jeff 6 months ago

    This is my first time watching your channel and I just have to say you are such an amazing youtuber

  • jcifaldi82 6 months ago

    Hard falling asleep when I’m too interested in looking at what you’re describing. Thanks

  • Ufo Plays 6 months ago

    I wish I still had the Minecraft wonder that you have, I got the game 6 years ago and recently stopped since I felt like the magic wasn’t there anymore and that nothing that I would make was cool enough to justify my time. I am so happy to see your world and be reminded of where I started and I really hope that someday I will be able to go back and start again and be as proud of my things that I create without any worries.

    Cheers, and I love your work

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