Relax as I battle the mobs around my castle. As you already know, I


  • PyrusDoesLife 6 months ago

    This is the kind of dude who’s so nice and kind that he will rebuild an ants nest if it fell

  • Grant Smith 6 months ago

    By the way, “monsters” can spawn or appear within 20 blocks of you. So you might want to expand the land near the battle trench farther into the water so the “monsters can spawn then they’ll come over and you can kill them

  • Hugh Mungus 6 months ago

    Hey there relaxing asmr, I think the first video that I watched from you would be the one where you complete your drawing of some train. I’ve been watching you ever since, and due to my reborn interest of Minecraft caused by these videos, I’ve wondered: do you think there is any chance of you creating a Minecraft server for your viewers? I think it would be a great idea, however I also believe that precautions would be required to avoid forms of trolling/immaturity within the server.

  • DDoS420 6 months ago

    Maybe you should try OBS

  • Vicente Temes 6 months ago

    The Shift key is more powerful than you ever imagined. When holding it, you can stay put in the midle of a ladder, so you can mine or build while holding on to one. Speaking of ladders, at some point you will want to explore the ocean floor. Ladders occupy a full block where you can’t build anything else, but you can still enter said block freely. This basically means ladders and other similar blocks create pock!ts of air.

  • Robbie Green 6 months ago

    These Minecraft videos are my favorite on YouTube they’re very interesting and relaxing please continue to do them

  • Norman 6 months ago

    Fun fact lava burns you! Don’t use it as red water!!

  • Sethurai 6 months ago

    Very glad you decided to continue this series. I could watch one of these for 5 hours straight and not be bored. Super relaxing and looking forward to more of them.

  • Sethurai 6 months ago

    You sir, need a shield.

  • dylanb0509 6 months ago

    Yes! This better be a regular series cuz u will always get a thumbs up from me

  • Dogma 6 months ago

    Endermen won’t attack unless you look directly at them and they die in rain/water. You can also kill creepers with the bow without them exploding, they’ll drop gunpowder which you can use to craft TNT.

  • Jhony Roi 6 months ago

    I’m almost ready to watch this relaxing video… -let’s begin-
    By the way… I want more crosswords and drawings, please… the paper and the pens make everything perfect.♥

  • Operational Operator 6 months ago

    WHAT!!!! Minecraft! I didn’t know you even knew what Minecraft was or that you even had an interest in video games. Haha

  • As Mr 6 months ago

    You probably know this, but just in case; spending some time in your settings menu testing things out can be incredibly useful (particularly going through every sub menu and making sure everything is how you want it) just understanding the settings really helped me back when I started Minecraft 8 years ago 🙂

  • Meow Meow 6 months ago

    this is gold

  • RelaxingASMR Btw you dont have to be scared of that skeleton horse! They are peacefull. You can tame them and do a saddle on them and ride them!

  • Jen C 6 months ago

    I am so happy you’re continuing this. <3

  • Summer Balmora 6 months ago

    You’re a natural gamer. Love these!

  • Jamie Stewart 6 months ago

    When you see fluff on your screen but it turns out it’s on his😂

  • TheCobraNine 6 months ago

    your voice give comforts me in a way only my old grandma gave me. dont get me wrong. your story telling is the best. i enjoy this channel and most of its content <3 thx alot!

  • female feet,wrestling&games 6 months ago

    if you would like one of those “good bows” that some of the skeletons had, you must have a regular bow, craft an enchantment table, and then use the enchantment table to create a powerful bow. (book shelves surrounding the enchantment table will increase the chances of getting an extremely powerful bow)

  • oxocube5000 6 months ago


  • SammyGaming 6 months ago

    I Dont play Minecraft or watch it but this video and your voice is so relaxing i cant stop

  • Christos Georgiou 6 months ago

    Υou mite be old but your minecraft server is voctoryous and relaxing 😀

  • Clancy 6 months ago

    I love your videos, may I suggest 7 Days to Die, similar concept. I think you’d enjoy it. On or off camera.

  • Conrad Welle 6 months ago

    You should use that nice supply of 50 diamonds you have and make some diamond armor! it lasts much longer than iron and is much tougher. Diamond tools are much better as well. For instance, the iron pickaxe only breaks 250 blocks before it itself brakes and is no longer usable, whereas the diamond pickaxe can break 1562 blocks before it brakes, and it mines faster than the iron pickaxe as well. Same goes for all your other iron and stone tools, the diamond variants are much stronger and faster, so I’d recommend that you use some of your diamond supply to craft some diamond armor and a set of tools. Hope this information helps! Enjoy minecraft and keep on playing, it’s a great game!

  • maybe next video could you lower the game volume a little bit it seems a little too loud

  • Clorox Bleach 6 months ago

    If you jump and In mid jump use any weapon it does critical damage

  • OMFG ZH 6 months ago

    *this is the best minecraft series ever.. for being new he’s not a noob and he has a “battle trench” cutest thing ever and this is very enjoyable*

  • David Pejuan 6 months ago

    Best asmr blog on utube!

  • David Hart 6 months ago

    36:38 plop!

  • Daniel Corregan 6 months ago

    Minecraft vids are your best

  • bcboy0300041 5 months ago

    Get into enchanting and then onto the Nether!

  • Call me a weirdo but bc i have like really bad morning anxiety to the point where i can’t do anything because i feel like im going to be late anyways (usually im like an hour early bc i panic and rush) so every morning while im making breakfast, doing my makeup and getting ready i always listen to these minecraft videos. They remind me of my childhood when i used to play this all the time. So every morning i end up walking around my apartment with headphones on listening to minecraft asmr. What.

  • Sweg Master 5 months ago

    Really like the design of the castle seems simple but has a lot of cool features and functions

  • Connor O 5 months ago

    I don’t know if you are using a track pad or not, but wouldn’t it be easier for you and less jerky in the recording if you invested in a mouse? Completely optional. Keep up the great work 😁

  • KeyBox Creations 5 months ago

    If you want to build a place to keep horses or move that skeleton horse to but don’t know how to move it, craft a lead! it lets you carry animals and is reusable.

  • That Guy 5 months ago

    what do you think about playing with mods? by the way, love these series 😉

  • Devin Redd 5 months ago

    im so glad to see this as a series love this the mouse clicks and the minecraft sounds withh your voice makes for an amazing video keep it up

  • The prophet Of the pasta gods 5 months ago

    Recording the screen with the camera gives it a unique feel

  • giraffelaugh29 5 months ago

    29:28 Take that!

  • ColwellNC1309 5 months ago

    Can you please make ASMR baseball cards part 3?

  • Julian Caldwell 5 months ago

    These minecraft videos you’re doing are honestly my favorite. So relaxing to watch you play this game which is also in itself a really chill game to play as well.

  • kurtis27 getit 5 months ago

    Please don’t research too much. What I enjoy most is your learning as you go!

  • Minecraft Animation 5 months ago

    Nice Video

  • Little Misty-eyed 5 months ago

    I do miss the chore videos. I loved learning something and watching you graft

  • tcgdude707 5 months ago

    Safest minecraft player known to mankind

  • B Frazer 5 months ago

    You have a lot of XP! What’s it’s used for is enchanting! what you do is build book shelves (which first you need books, and if you have sugar cane and leather you can do it) then build the bookshelves in a separate room, leaving room for an enchanting table (obsidian, diamond, and a book are needed). Once you have that, put the enchanting table in the center of the room with the bookshelves and you’re done! when you click on the enchanting table, you can now make your tools and weapons stronger, such as making a pickaxe mine much faster than before, or your sword setting enemies on fire (Or if you kill a cow, instant steak!) Just a thought to make your gameplay even more enjoyable!

  • Zara Sofea Official 5 months ago


  • Aimi_Mochi 5 months ago

    I think this is great and you seem like you’re much better at the game than I could ever be. Keep it up!

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