Today we play Old School Cops and Robbers!


  • robert jordan 1 week ago


  • BiffleWiffle 1 week ago

    I’m laughing so hard I’m sweating out of my eyes!

  • Ethan Rogers 1 week ago

    Liberry, liberry, liberry, liberry

  • Shadow_Stalker 3 1 week ago

    The original gangster cops and robbers… Does that make sense to anyone?

  • Suzanne Hartmann 1 week ago

    What library what is he saying

  • crazy minecraft girl bysasha 1 week ago


  • Liuxin Huang 1 week ago

    Do this with the mods and with Ben Alex tewtiy

  • Theboss 12988 1 week ago

    34:00 the vacuum cleaner from teletubbies just killed me
    Circling about behind them😂😂
    I almost fell off my bloody chair

  • sean braun 1 week ago

    I loved this!!! I died laughing so hard!! XD

  • Matt MTG 1 week ago

    Is this even cops and robbers
    I’m still dying of laughter

  • WysWolf 68 1 week ago

    Ryan Renolds walked into a Liberry grabbed a book and turned blue to the title of the book

  • Wacky Watermelon 1 week ago


  • _Insta_Me_ 1 1 week ago

    Don’t do this way since like it better if it is the normal way 🙂

  • FiveXTrouble FXT 1 week ago

    Finally a original one

  • FiveXTrouble FXT 1 week ago

    I don’t like this version I want the old version

  • McKenna LeVasseur-Tripp 1 week ago


  • Yaseen Alsofari 1 week ago

    Me too

  • painkiller 101 1 week ago

    I am the bone of my sword

  • Game Hosting 1 week ago

  • Code Monster 1 week ago

    I want to ho the like button 9 miillon times

  • Kayla ann 1 week ago

    14:00 mins in and im dead

  • Ryan Lee 1 week ago


  • Garrett Campbell 1 week ago

    i lost the try not to laugh
    challenge 20 mins into the stream

  • RAINBOW DonKeYs 1 week ago


  • Ray Ray 1 week ago

    Jerome can you play the original cops and robbers because it’s more funny

  • Jaydon Gordon 1 week ago

    I love cops and robers it’s one of my favorites

  • Dylon Pitcher 1 week ago

    The evil enderman

  • Dylon Pitcher 1 week ago


  • Amy Louise Wilson 1 week ago

    laughing and crying again every time i watch jerome this happens

  • Kaegan Hayes 1 week ago

    Please do normal break out mode again
    I love the chaos

  • Ryan Fazri 1 week ago


  • Ben Thompson 1 week ago

    Austin and Jerome is right about library and libary

  • Dragonclaw*1 1 week ago

    Ryan renolds could of acted in Avatar 2

  • Ur Face 1 week ago

    If u don’t rename this vid to the Hour of TNTF (try not to laugh)

  • Dragonclaw*1 1 week ago

    #Bring back George Foreman

  • Tonemz 1 week ago

    Yeh play the original cops and robbers

  • thenightmare Beast 1 week ago

    We need og cops

  • WysWolf 68 1 week ago

    Rip Blade

  • Ryanj0207 Gaming 1 week ago

    I was lied to the title says OG cops and robbers this don’t look like the original

  • David G 1 week ago

    Time to call Jerome Flat Stanley

  • Nathan Games 1 week ago


  • Lewis Ascott 1 week ago

    Will u ever go back to the old way? Like just for 1 stream? It’s kinda boring just minigame after minigqme. I liked it when u could just break out and the thrill of the warden chasing u or u chasing someone

  • Jaiden Wernock 1 week ago

    what even was this stream XD

  • Bob Smith 1 week ago

    Play more cops and robbers

  • Bekaye Camara 1 week ago

    I can make comments for myself and others to use 0:00

  • ANGEL DELGADO 1 week ago

    This is the most funniest stream I have ever seen from jerome I couldn’t breath for a solid minute

  • Audie Alsopp 1 week ago

    Its called og cop v robbers but its not the og version were they leave when they want

  • Audie Alsopp 1 week ago


  • gt rules 1 week ago

    I can’t get passed 10:00 without peeing my self of laughter

  • Noah Co 1 week ago

    i legit cried for so long

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