• izeplays 2 weeks ago

    nHo should know how to grow a large oak tree mate 🙂 bdubs showed us how to do it…two blocks next to the sapling 5 cobble high with torches on it on the sapling side…then bone meal it. they sometimes grow really nice with intricate branches and all! #nHo

  • Mason Dean 2 weeks ago

    To boat cave!

  • DasVERMiT 2 weeks ago

    I like the boat cave idea, though I’d make it a little more of a tunnel through the wall so you launch your boats over next to the green shop rather than right next to the stairs. I think it would be more interesting. You could also possibly have some vines hanging down over the edges of the openings. Then maybe make a little wooden walkway from the bottom of the stairs around the left wall to that little island-y bit that you worked on at the start?

  • Sa Ool 2 weeks ago

    Make the boat cave with vines that somewhat hide it. It would be cooler then just a plain jane dock. At ths the same time remove a little bit of that wedge of the mountain

  • The Zebesian 2 weeks ago

    Boat cave!

  • Kitty Creations 2 weeks ago

    The boat cave sounds awesome

  • DreamyDuskywing 2 weeks ago

    Nananananana Boat Cave!

  • Marilyn Gleason 2 weeks ago

    Yes to boat cave. And leave the wedge.

  • Stalker Bleach 2 weeks ago

    one of the few youtube series that i could watch a video for a long time and not get bored

  • Nicolas Meunier 2 weeks ago

    Yes bot cave

  • Mr Mustachieo 2 weeks ago

    Oh wow… we/I now know Beefs real name.. waaaat… crazy.. and beef aka is my age 🙂 what a great day this had become. 🙂

  • Timothy Gray 2 weeks ago

    I think it would be cool if you out like a downed ship or like a sunken canoe or something like that in the main water pond.

  • Anthony Williams 2 weeks ago

    Beef you should totally frame the giant banner mural of your self. Vertical quartz slabs or birch wood I think.

  • Ted Pedersen 2 weeks ago

    Boat Cave!

  • Zachary Salcedo 2 weeks ago

    33.39 Classic Chad in chat

  • samuel attias 2 weeks ago

    Just what we come

  • M.A.D Dragon 2 weeks ago

    With the aquatic update you’ll be able to fix the shoreline beef. Water will be able to go over slabs and steps and around fences and iron bars and all that stuff

  • joey cook 2 weeks ago

    beef can you tell us how pause is doing and if he is gonna play minecraft one day

  • Nate Barnes 2 weeks ago

    Bouquet!…oops, I mean boat cave!

  • Taco Salesman 2 weeks ago

    Boat cave that also uses the area underneath the staircase maybe with lanterns coming down from the ceiling for lighting and you could put a little harbor there.

  • Andrew Goodsell 2 weeks ago

    please return the shulker box… It is one of the features that make VB Motors the place to shop.

  • IRONMAN000elas elas 2 weeks ago

    Boat cave with some wood and lanterns and some boats hagging on the roof if you can

  • Chandler Duggan 2 weeks ago

    What are you going to do when you update to the latest version and all of the ocean stuff will only be generated thousands of blocks away

  • Adam Maston 2 weeks ago


  • Martain Pearson 2 weeks ago

    If that is the boat cave, I will become a patron, and build a shop, and also a submarine.

  • astral __ 2 weeks ago

    Boat cave is cool! What if you turned the wedge into an arch? You could keep the neat land at the top but hollow it out underneath.

  • First I just wanna say THANK YOU for fixing that birch tree at the end. Second yes to the Boat cave, I would say wood. Also, the building episodes are my favorite(I just hate it when you make dilapidated structures, like the stairs in Episode 26 -Roads Less Traveled >.>).

  • incogcheeto 2 weeks ago

    Yes boat cave!!

  • Mary Goff 2 weeks ago

    Is he done with ni no kuni 2

  • Sahil Jain 2 weeks ago

    Boat Cave hypeeee!!!!

  • Michael Pembroke 2 weeks ago

    I like it l like it a lot and boat cave with wood 👍🏻👍🏻

  • 2Arcticwolves 2 weeks ago

    Do the Boat Cave. Really like what you have done with the Island. 🙂

  • Cyberra 01 2 weeks ago

    Only you could find a skeleton trap on someone’s roof while delivering cars. Lol. The lightning hit the horse to spawn the four horsemen; not sure if it would have hit you. Damn close, though.

    You had nine glowstone. You lost one.

  • TheLiveG 2 weeks ago

    Add stone walls hanging on the silling it will add more detail

  • Cynthia Schwab 2 weeks ago

    Yes boat cave out to the oceanfront.

  • Head Shot 2 weeks ago

    Boat cave is great but remove the edge between path and downstairs it will open up the down way to the water

  • MISTERAMD 2 weeks ago

    What an intro Beef!!!!!! Made my day!!!!
    All those signs… 😀
    Especially your laugh at around 0:40

  • matthew shirley 2 weeks ago

    Lighting above your face. Adds to view of it

  • SILSKY 2 weeks ago

    Subscribed to the podcast. I will be listening today while at work. Been waiting for it to happen since you hinted about it a jillion years ago! 🙂

  • Dante Leon 2 weeks ago

    Where ni no kuni? :O

  • Ben The Scoopist 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone else see the underwater house at 4:35? 😛

  • sadaf nesar 2 weeks ago

    Beef can you do a series on immersive engineering with pause

  • Tim Middleton 2 weeks ago

    Build an airstrip for your planes.

  • Hobart Gordan 2 weeks ago

    Definitely boat cave

  • Nathan Amico 2 weeks ago

    I would love for your “lookout” to be a brown mushroom growing out of the wall.

  • Michael Cobb 2 weeks ago

    Beef, you should try having some trees growing out of the walls. Have the wall have a crack with the tree coming out.would also help break up a flat gray wall and add some color.

  • DragonsSpirit60 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful! Love the boat cave. To keep the character of the little bit of wall you were thinking of taking down, maybe make it into a spire that’s not connected to the outer wall. Like an island in your like that juts out pretty high. Could be a good place to put a mini lighthouse, a mushroom, or statue on top of it.

  • madea j 2 weeks ago

    Oh definitely, Boat Cave.

  • Avaneesh Samsi 2 weeks ago

    Let’s go with the #BoatCave , BoatMan

  • Eamonn 2 weeks ago

    Boat cave all the way!

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