• 준호 김 2 weeks ago


  • Jimmy Cascet 2 weeks ago


  • Neal #4 2 weeks ago

    I still remember 1v1v1v1 when “Preston said replenish the saddles and carrots cause my fucking pig wasn’t working. And woofles and vikstar123 didn’t even notice so that means he swears all the time off camera.

  • RandomTheBest 2 weeks ago

    Count your video titles that have prestonplayz in them, yea… maybe stop using yourself as clickbait?

  • Coolgames 21 2 weeks ago


  • Stephen Mauricio 2 weeks ago

    why does shot have a saitama skin

  • Alex G 2 weeks ago

    Preston i like your vids but u barely make vids u only make 1 vid a day why u only make 1 vid a day

  • MusicalMagicalGymnast 2 weeks ago

    Can you please pin this comment please? I just want to say that you are my favorite youtuber!

  • Ryan Little 2 weeks ago


  • Brian Ramirez 2 weeks ago

    Ur trash preston

  • trysten2004 2 weeks ago

    next time u do a tat wars build this cannon it is super ez and powerful as nuggets man

  • Bullseye [ Gaming Channel ] 2 weeks ago

    Check this out Preston, I dare you to…
    You would get mad at Spongebob
    Now go to 0:42 to 0:51 on that video
    I was dying when I saw it XD

  • yaboyDerek Merrill 2 weeks ago

    I used to like u but when i saw ur crapy ass distrack with no boom i unsubed cuz u can rap i am 10 and i can roast and rap better than u so get ur ass out u try roasting them u get roasted your self ur probly crying right now ur a duck deported behing donakd trumps wall so dont talk trash to him if your trash

  • Trilussa 2 weeks ago

    I’m sad to announce that i’m spamming my channel XD, can you guys help me and tell me what you think of my videos?

  • Kurdistan Gamer 2 weeks ago

    sab my chanal

  • Gaming Glitches 2 weeks ago

    Can u do a video of who is better Preston or shotgun

  • Andres Aparicio 2 weeks ago


  • drawing master 2 weeks ago

    Mo boi be engaged gg

  • Patrick M. 2 weeks ago

    preston, how did you make that intro at the beginning?

  • x Taxer 2 weeks ago


  • Cristopher Co 2 weeks ago

    Em I first

  • TNT_FLAMEZ playz minecraft 2 weeks ago

    More lucky blocks that’s how I started watching you preston

  • Ann Wright 2 weeks ago

    Play madden 18

  • XFLEMAX Playz 2 weeks ago

    Preston is my master heTeach me how to Parkour like a pro

  • Grant Blanchard 2 weeks ago

    to preston I want you to know that you’re the best YouTuber ever

  • Grant Blanchard 2 weeks ago

    ur awesome ive watched every video on your first YouTube channel to your II YouTube channel

  • John Ramos 2 weeks ago


  • Nic Playz 2 weeks ago

    where is factions

  • Jonathan Todd 2 weeks ago


  • YahBoiJello Minecrafts 2 weeks ago


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  • Adam Elshafi 2 weeks ago

    I don’t like this new type f video. Just show the uncut version and everyone should upload a vid instead of just Preston

  • Temmie King 2 weeks ago


  • Maya- Roblox, SWTOR & More! 2 weeks ago

    heyyy preston U’re My true Idol On youtube ♥ because of u i believed in my self and Stopped being Shy 😁
    And start doing Youtube

  • Matthew Higgins 2 weeks ago

    I love you Preston I am a superfan but I don’t know how to donate on your live streams and I wish I could give you all my savings if it means you can make your YouTube channel even better than it already is (And it is Amazing) Ly ❤️💛

  • Max Millar 2 weeks ago

    I love you

  • Ja ke 2 weeks ago

    Stop roasting ant poke see you more wrost

  • anthony singleterry 2 weeks ago

    God bow ol

  • Evan E 2 weeks ago

    when you see noob you know shotgun is in the vid #unsubfromshot

  • timothy cao 2 weeks ago

    When Preston gets the god bow it’s my favorite parts and btw shot is one punch man

  • Hunter Forrest 2 weeks ago

    Love you prestonAnd hit the like button

  • Silva Animations 2 weeks ago


  • Crazyeloi Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Dudearouni Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Its been so long i havent watched him 🙂

  • Blurrology 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys, I’m trying to start vlogging my daily life, along with car meets, are other non-sense!
    If you guys have a quick minute, go check out my latest vlog and give me some feedback!

  • Xieren Stix 2 weeks ago

    Anyone know what the modlist is? or the plug-ins?

  • Johnny Hennig 2 weeks ago

    Jy is die beste van ooit in die wêreld 😎 hou van jou videos

  • Sisi Li 2 weeks ago

    I wish that when Shotgun is live-streaming, he has a sub count on the screen(like with one of Preston’s videos i saw) and we could all just sub and then unsub as a prank 😂 #unsubtoshot

  • Hunter Plays Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Did you guys know pleb is short for plebian. Plebian by definition is a commoner in Rome.

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